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Friday, 22 June 2012

Cleansing Oracle Cards & Developing my Coaching Energies

Hi all,

Well there really hasn't been an update on here since we took part in the wonderfully popular Blog Tour that we played host to that featured the wonderful Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Since then, as a spiritual counselor and Self-Taught Life Coach, I have been working behind the scenes on developing new ideas, new blog tutorials to follow on from the successful "Words of Love" series I ran a few weeks back, and also spending time connecting with all my oracle cards.

I have quite a large collection of Oracle Cards and this weekend, starting today, I am taking the time to cleanse, empower and energize all of them. I'll be using White Sage to remove any negativity or energies of "lack" from them, then I'll be placing each deck in my Singing Bowl to really cleanse and energize them. Lastly, I'll bless them with a prayer, and ask my guides, Angels, Faeries and all spiritual beings to infuse them with accuracy, love and positivity. Then each deck is placed on my special oracle shelf with crystals surrounding them to keep their energies high. I don't like to cover them up by wrapping them in a cloth (Although MANY, MANY people do - and everyone has to find their way of doing things) as I like to think that the blessings and energies coming from them are free to travel and roam around my homes auric field.

Also, I do have an update with regards to my Life-Coaching/Spiritual Counselling role. Next FEBRUARY (2013) I will be beginning two new exciting modules at University as part of my degree. They will be covering Counselling and it's role in dealing and coping with depression and bereavement, thus exploring fear and sadness in our lives, and they will also be covering, the biological aspect of psychology. This side to psychology will be delving a little deeper into what happens when people are diagnosed with a Mental Health illness such as schizophrenia. Although they are "sad" topics, they are also topics that interest me a great deal as at the end of the study of them, I will have a deeper academic understanding of some of the topics I deal with when working with clients, especially when helping those who are coping with a bereavement.

I have found that as my own romantic relationship has strengthened and deepened through my work with gratitude and Living a Life of Blessings, I have become a stronger, happier and healthier person. It's this level of positivity that motivates me to continue with my planning of exciting Blog Tutorials featuring my Spiritual Soul Life Coaching for you all to learn from, be inspired by, and live your life with greater blessings.

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