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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Finding Spiritual Love

We live our lives searching, searching for love, searching for the right career, searching for enlightenment, searching for the perfect home, but searching for happiness is the common thread amongst all the searches.

At some point within our lives we are searching for someone special whom we regard as our Soulmate or Twin Flame. We all want to share our lives with someone who makes us feel whole and complete, perfect together as we are alone. Some of us spend so many years searching for *The One* only to be repeatedly let down time and again, but when you first meet that someone special, there really is no denying that something very special is going on.

Think back to the moments where you have been in the early stages of romance with a partner. It may be an ex of yours, it may be your current lover, perhaps it is your husband or wife. Travel back to those moments where you would recall every word they spoke to you as if they were speaking some sacred truth that you just HAD to remember. Think back to the first time he/she ever held your hand and freeze in that moment. How did you feel? Happy? Peaceful? Tranquil? Euphoric?

I recall the moment that my hand was first held in my current relationship, a scene that was re-created by us quite recently. He took my hand and entwined his fingers with mine and simply held it, not wanting to let it go. He even went so far as to not letting my hand go to open doors or get his phone from his pocket, he even said how much he wished he could have held my hand as he drove the car (Of course he didn't, you have to drive responsibly!). But even right at this moment in time as I think back to the freeze frame of him holding my hand, no words exchanged in that brief moment, just a unity, a togetherness, a closeness, a Godly Oneness, a smile creeps across my face just as it did in that brief moment.

The reason I want you to remember those moments is because when we find ourselves seemingly separated from Love (In truth we cannot be separate from all that is because we are all that is) and feeling alone and unloved, we forget just how magickal being in love can be.

This is the same when we find ourselves lost in life and upon our spiritual pathway. When we feel separate from God, all we need to do is think of a moment in our lives where we felt true deep happiness and love, capture that moment, freeze ourselves within the memory (remember your mind cannot comprehend what is happening right now or what you are imagining), then we can begin to walk back on the path of positivity, the path to true enlightenment, the path to Happiness and Love. The path to the God Source.

Whilst I have been studying Kabbalah, I came across a short extract from a poem which I know that when I can recall those moments of Love, and feel the happiness a symbolic gesture of love from another being as we are united in the God Force of Love, I know that I can say this with my heart and not just my voice.

"I love you not for what you are
But for what I am when I am with you.
I love you not for what you have made of yourself
But for what you are making of me." ~ Anon. 

I truly love this short extract simply because it doesn't give your power of transformation over to others, it simply states that whilst you are surrounded by this person's energy that is made in the likeness of God, you are influenced by this energy and you are becoming a better person, a happier person, a more secure person, a more positive person, and a more loving person. You begin to see yourself just as the other person sees you, as perfect, whole and beautiful. They see you as Loved and you see yourself as Loveable. 


You can use this guidance to help you find love, as thinking memories of love, focusing not on the person but on the feelings you had/have can only enhance your love life making it better, and more harmonious. You can also use this guidance to help manifest anything in our life that you desire by focusing on a time in your life where you felt love, because as you capture that moment and feel that feeling of love and happiness with your deepest being, you can then think of things/people/situations that you want to attract into your life immediately following the memories. This is because a Like attracts Like law, the spiritual law of attraction and manifestation is always present with you and your feelings, thoughts, and hopes. 

Go forth and make your dreams come true, and remember to love with every fibre of your being. 

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