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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

***Doreen Virtue's Blog Tour***

This is a very exciting blog post, and a very special gift to you all from the angels and the universe.
 Doreen Virtue is taking part in a Blog Tour with Hay House, and she has kindly, stopped by, here at the *Living a Life of Blessings* Blog written by me, Aurora Brierley, and agreed to answer a few questions that I feel might help all lightworkers. 

Doreen is taking part in this wonderful blog tour to help promote her upcoming event in London. 

Doreen Virtue will be running a workshop entitled ‘The Angels in 2012 – What Your Angels Want You To Know Right Now’ on Saturday 9th June at the Logan Hall, London. Tickets from £65 -

So, I spoke to Doreen and she told me not only all about her very exciting, and special event, but also all about Mermaids (A passion very close to my heart) along with how all Lightworkers can move forward. Let's see what *The Queen of Angels* ~ Daily Mail, had to say in response to my questions:

 Aurora ~ "Lots of Lightworkers, myself included are so inspired by you, your outlook on life and the work that you do. What advice can you give Lightworkers if they feel that they have a similar mission but are unsure how to begin?"

Doreen ~ "Firstly I appreciate your spirit and desire to help - the more Lightworkers the better! Each of us has an important part to play and just like with the different players in an orchestra, each part fits together to form the ensemble.  Here is the best thing to do: before falling asleep speak to your angel, simply say ‘Angel, please guide me clearly as to how I can help with the worlds healing’. The Angels say that the state of the world now is equivalent to it having cancer and that as with cancer there are two different ways to approach its treatment. We can be aggressive and angry and attack the ‘cancer’ or we can try a gentler and more effective approach by using spiritual high frequencies, love and light. This higher path of healing is our best option, but all of us are needed. So you should send energy to the earth every single day, deep into her core. Ask the earth to stabilize, ask her to forgive us for the things humanity has done to her. For just one person’s power to be directed in this way makes a huge, positive difference and lots of us have been doing this for many, many lifetimes and so we are very practiced. The bottom line is you are qualified to do this. You are qualified and ready to help the world. Please don't just look to famous or published Lightworkers to do all the work - we have got to all do this together."

Aurora ~ " Everyone knows you especially for your connection and work with the Angels, but like me, you have a deep connection with Mermaids and you are also writing a book about Mermaids "Mermaids 101". What can we expect from this book and how can we work with them?"

Doreen ~ "Well Mermaids represent the waters, which in turn represent the emotions, so my book Mermaids 101 and my work with Mermaids are multi-layered. Firstly working with Mermaids has to do with going deep into your unconscious and being extremely honest with yourself, especially with this energy of authenticity. So don't hold anything back from yourself and admit all of you deep dark secrets, find a way to forgive and come to peace with yourself. The second thing that mermaids represent is a connection to the star system, particularly to Sirius. There is a lot of research in my books Goddesses and Angels and Mermaids 101 on the amphibious deities and this is something I will talk about at my upcoming London workshop. In practical terms the Mermaid’s message for us right now is to speak up for the ocean and environment:  do recycle; do use eco-friendly cleaning supplies (cleaning soaps go right into the ocean); stay away from using plastics; if you go to the beach or lake clean up your trash when you leave; and speak up about any instance of cruelty to dolphins or fish. You know that in Japan they still slaughter our beautiful setations? Speak up and say something about this. The US navy is increasing the volume of their sonar system, which is causing dolphins to breach on the beach and die. Speak up if that is happening. In Peru we had 800 dolphins die on Earth Day, April 22, of this year. Speak up! Write letters and give speeches, boycott, take an active role. We really can make a huge positive difference and there is plenty of time to do this if we act right now."

Aurora ~ "What can Lightworkers expect at your event in June?"

Doreen ~ "The workshop in London will be one of a kind because I am going to unleash new messages from the Angels. I have been receiving messages from the Angels my whole life, but they have been intensifying through the first half of 2012. Many messages are wakeup calls for us personally: things that we can do as individuals, things that will help us stop procrastinating, overcome blocks and help us to find the right path, right now. However they have also given me messages for us globally on how we can help with troubling issues such as the environment and the economy.  The Angels are very political and environmental, but I often don’t cover these topics in my public talks. However at the London workshop I will be revealing some very startling information that the Angels have recently told me concerning the human connection to the ocean, our connection to other planets and our role as caretakers of the earth. I will also provide people with the information that they need for themselves and some instruction on how to connect to the Angels, especially if you are new to it. "

Thank you Doreen, for taking the time to answer these questions, and for stopping by 
*Living a Life of Blessings* xxxx

Now, I am hosting a COMPETITION for readers of this blog. You have until the 9th June to enter and on that special day at 12:12pm I will draw the winner and announce on here and on facebook/twitter who that special winner is. 

So what's the prize? You will will a pack of Doreen Virtue's NEW "Angel Tarot Oracle Decks. 

All you have to do is read this blog post, answer this question; 
"How many dolphins died this year in Peru on Earth Day?"
then, comment on this blog post with your answer, along with your Email Address so that I can contact you if you are the winner! 

Good Luck! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, please feel free to share this blog with your friends if they are a huge fan of Doreen Virtue, as I'm sure they will greatly enjoy reading the guidance from Doreen. 

Many Angel Blessings and Much Gratitude to you all xxx


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  2. 800 :( Poor lovelies, may their souls enjoy home and join us again soon. Looking forward to seeing Doreen in London and hearing the full messages :)

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  6. Great write up Aurora :)800 dolphins needlessly died :(

  7. 800 beautiful dolphins lost their lives on Earth Day.
    A great interview. "Equivalent to the earth having cancer"...time to all work together to make a positive difference !!
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