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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

***Doreen Virtue's Blog Tour***

This is a very exciting blog post, and a very special gift to you all from the angels and the universe.
 Doreen Virtue is taking part in a Blog Tour with Hay House, and she has kindly, stopped by, here at the *Living a Life of Blessings* Blog written by me, Aurora Brierley, and agreed to answer a few questions that I feel might help all lightworkers. 

Doreen is taking part in this wonderful blog tour to help promote her upcoming event in London. 

Doreen Virtue will be running a workshop entitled ‘The Angels in 2012 – What Your Angels Want You To Know Right Now’ on Saturday 9th June at the Logan Hall, London. Tickets from £65 -

So, I spoke to Doreen and she told me not only all about her very exciting, and special event, but also all about Mermaids (A passion very close to my heart) along with how all Lightworkers can move forward. Let's see what *The Queen of Angels* ~ Daily Mail, had to say in response to my questions:

 Aurora ~ "Lots of Lightworkers, myself included are so inspired by you, your outlook on life and the work that you do. What advice can you give Lightworkers if they feel that they have a similar mission but are unsure how to begin?"

Doreen ~ "Firstly I appreciate your spirit and desire to help - the more Lightworkers the better! Each of us has an important part to play and just like with the different players in an orchestra, each part fits together to form the ensemble.  Here is the best thing to do: before falling asleep speak to your angel, simply say ‘Angel, please guide me clearly as to how I can help with the worlds healing’. The Angels say that the state of the world now is equivalent to it having cancer and that as with cancer there are two different ways to approach its treatment. We can be aggressive and angry and attack the ‘cancer’ or we can try a gentler and more effective approach by using spiritual high frequencies, love and light. This higher path of healing is our best option, but all of us are needed. So you should send energy to the earth every single day, deep into her core. Ask the earth to stabilize, ask her to forgive us for the things humanity has done to her. For just one person’s power to be directed in this way makes a huge, positive difference and lots of us have been doing this for many, many lifetimes and so we are very practiced. The bottom line is you are qualified to do this. You are qualified and ready to help the world. Please don't just look to famous or published Lightworkers to do all the work - we have got to all do this together."

Aurora ~ " Everyone knows you especially for your connection and work with the Angels, but like me, you have a deep connection with Mermaids and you are also writing a book about Mermaids "Mermaids 101". What can we expect from this book and how can we work with them?"

Doreen ~ "Well Mermaids represent the waters, which in turn represent the emotions, so my book Mermaids 101 and my work with Mermaids are multi-layered. Firstly working with Mermaids has to do with going deep into your unconscious and being extremely honest with yourself, especially with this energy of authenticity. So don't hold anything back from yourself and admit all of you deep dark secrets, find a way to forgive and come to peace with yourself. The second thing that mermaids represent is a connection to the star system, particularly to Sirius. There is a lot of research in my books Goddesses and Angels and Mermaids 101 on the amphibious deities and this is something I will talk about at my upcoming London workshop. In practical terms the Mermaid’s message for us right now is to speak up for the ocean and environment:  do recycle; do use eco-friendly cleaning supplies (cleaning soaps go right into the ocean); stay away from using plastics; if you go to the beach or lake clean up your trash when you leave; and speak up about any instance of cruelty to dolphins or fish. You know that in Japan they still slaughter our beautiful setations? Speak up and say something about this. The US navy is increasing the volume of their sonar system, which is causing dolphins to breach on the beach and die. Speak up if that is happening. In Peru we had 800 dolphins die on Earth Day, April 22, of this year. Speak up! Write letters and give speeches, boycott, take an active role. We really can make a huge positive difference and there is plenty of time to do this if we act right now."

Aurora ~ "What can Lightworkers expect at your event in June?"

Doreen ~ "The workshop in London will be one of a kind because I am going to unleash new messages from the Angels. I have been receiving messages from the Angels my whole life, but they have been intensifying through the first half of 2012. Many messages are wakeup calls for us personally: things that we can do as individuals, things that will help us stop procrastinating, overcome blocks and help us to find the right path, right now. However they have also given me messages for us globally on how we can help with troubling issues such as the environment and the economy.  The Angels are very political and environmental, but I often don’t cover these topics in my public talks. However at the London workshop I will be revealing some very startling information that the Angels have recently told me concerning the human connection to the ocean, our connection to other planets and our role as caretakers of the earth. I will also provide people with the information that they need for themselves and some instruction on how to connect to the Angels, especially if you are new to it. "

Thank you Doreen, for taking the time to answer these questions, and for stopping by 
*Living a Life of Blessings* xxxx

Now, I am hosting a COMPETITION for readers of this blog. You have until the 9th June to enter and on that special day at 12:12pm I will draw the winner and announce on here and on facebook/twitter who that special winner is. 

So what's the prize? You will will a pack of Doreen Virtue's NEW "Angel Tarot Oracle Decks. 

All you have to do is read this blog post, answer this question; 
"How many dolphins died this year in Peru on Earth Day?"
then, comment on this blog post with your answer, along with your Email Address so that I can contact you if you are the winner! 

Good Luck! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, please feel free to share this blog with your friends if they are a huge fan of Doreen Virtue, as I'm sure they will greatly enjoy reading the guidance from Doreen. 

Many Angel Blessings and Much Gratitude to you all xxx


All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & Living a Life of Blessings. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & Living a Life of Blessings.
Saturday, 12 May 2012

Finding Spiritual Love

We live our lives searching, searching for love, searching for the right career, searching for enlightenment, searching for the perfect home, but searching for happiness is the common thread amongst all the searches.

At some point within our lives we are searching for someone special whom we regard as our Soulmate or Twin Flame. We all want to share our lives with someone who makes us feel whole and complete, perfect together as we are alone. Some of us spend so many years searching for *The One* only to be repeatedly let down time and again, but when you first meet that someone special, there really is no denying that something very special is going on.

Think back to the moments where you have been in the early stages of romance with a partner. It may be an ex of yours, it may be your current lover, perhaps it is your husband or wife. Travel back to those moments where you would recall every word they spoke to you as if they were speaking some sacred truth that you just HAD to remember. Think back to the first time he/she ever held your hand and freeze in that moment. How did you feel? Happy? Peaceful? Tranquil? Euphoric?

I recall the moment that my hand was first held in my current relationship, a scene that was re-created by us quite recently. He took my hand and entwined his fingers with mine and simply held it, not wanting to let it go. He even went so far as to not letting my hand go to open doors or get his phone from his pocket, he even said how much he wished he could have held my hand as he drove the car (Of course he didn't, you have to drive responsibly!). But even right at this moment in time as I think back to the freeze frame of him holding my hand, no words exchanged in that brief moment, just a unity, a togetherness, a closeness, a Godly Oneness, a smile creeps across my face just as it did in that brief moment.

The reason I want you to remember those moments is because when we find ourselves seemingly separated from Love (In truth we cannot be separate from all that is because we are all that is) and feeling alone and unloved, we forget just how magickal being in love can be.

This is the same when we find ourselves lost in life and upon our spiritual pathway. When we feel separate from God, all we need to do is think of a moment in our lives where we felt true deep happiness and love, capture that moment, freeze ourselves within the memory (remember your mind cannot comprehend what is happening right now or what you are imagining), then we can begin to walk back on the path of positivity, the path to true enlightenment, the path to Happiness and Love. The path to the God Source.

Whilst I have been studying Kabbalah, I came across a short extract from a poem which I know that when I can recall those moments of Love, and feel the happiness a symbolic gesture of love from another being as we are united in the God Force of Love, I know that I can say this with my heart and not just my voice.

"I love you not for what you are
But for what I am when I am with you.
I love you not for what you have made of yourself
But for what you are making of me." ~ Anon. 

I truly love this short extract simply because it doesn't give your power of transformation over to others, it simply states that whilst you are surrounded by this person's energy that is made in the likeness of God, you are influenced by this energy and you are becoming a better person, a happier person, a more secure person, a more positive person, and a more loving person. You begin to see yourself just as the other person sees you, as perfect, whole and beautiful. They see you as Loved and you see yourself as Loveable. 


You can use this guidance to help you find love, as thinking memories of love, focusing not on the person but on the feelings you had/have can only enhance your love life making it better, and more harmonious. You can also use this guidance to help manifest anything in our life that you desire by focusing on a time in your life where you felt love, because as you capture that moment and feel that feeling of love and happiness with your deepest being, you can then think of things/people/situations that you want to attract into your life immediately following the memories. This is because a Like attracts Like law, the spiritual law of attraction and manifestation is always present with you and your feelings, thoughts, and hopes. 

Go forth and make your dreams come true, and remember to love with every fibre of your being. 

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & Living a Life of Blessings. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & Living a Life of Blessings.
Monday, 7 May 2012

Words of Love ~ Part Three

Welcome to the final part in the "Words of Love Series" by Aurora Brierley.

Hopefully by now you have learnt how to stand up to your EGO and simply acknowledge it's presence, but you will hopefully also have learnt how to quieten it's voice internally. By doing this you should have found more opportunities to speak more loving to yourself, within yourself and about yourself.

Stick with this and I promise that with practice you will see a positive change within your own life.

Now that you are feeling much more in control of your life and feeling happier, thinking happy thoughts and starting to enjoy life, you may have noticed areas in your life that simply don't make you happy. This might mean that you've realised your job doesn't make you happy, or your relationship is no longer full of passion, or perhaps you really do think your whole style needs a make-over. This generally does happen as we create a shattering of illusions, where everything we have ever known begins to fall apart.

Many of us immediately and perhaps subconsciously react to this shattering of our illusions by trying to hysterically hold onto everything around us and panic about what we are losing. I've done this in the past myself. But over time, I've learnt to truly take a risk, let go of my EGO's need to control everything and Let God guide me. It wasn't easy to begin with, but now whenever I find my life shattering illusions, I actually look forward to them. Before you think I am *crazy*, let me explain.

When I look forward to these shattering of illusions, it means many things to me, one of them being that I am changing. I can either embrace this change or kick, stamp and scream my way through this part of my life path like a petulant toddler or I can be the grown up spiritual peaceful warrior (not WORRIER) that the God Force intended me to be and see WHY my illusions need to be shattered.

There is always a reason for everything that happens in your life! 

Nothing happens for no reason, we attract to us what we need, what we want and what we desire in order to grow and be happier people. When a situation shows up and it's crappy, instead of thinking, "Hang on, I don't want this, give me back my romance, give me back my £100s of pounds, give me back my clothes/shoes/friends/books/ etc" and then go around trying to cling on to them for dear life. It doesn't work. Not in a consistently or continuous way that will benefit you at all.

Instead, you  should say to yourself, "OK it appears to me that ......(fill in the blank)..... is happening right now in my life. That is OK, because for this to happen, it means that I am ready to change and improve my life. Now this illusion is being shattered, there will be room for....(peace/love/joy/happiness/fresh exciting work opportunities/opportunities to talk about my feelings with my loved one/friends).

You begin your self talk with the three words "Appears to be", this is specifically the chosen words I set out for you because it immediately doesn't try to tell yourself something that is untrue. It doesn't say that the situation IS or ISN'T happening, it simply states that it APPEARS TO be happening. Which is what is happening in truth. We each see situations differently and that is down to a psychological perceptions that tie in with the schemas (groups of memories of likeness) that we have been using, and adding to over our whole entire life.

In order to change your circumstance, you first need to change your perception of it

Changing the way your perception of the situation that is causing the stripping of your illusions is the key to becoming more peaceful with yourself, happier and more able to love yourself as you are. When you follow the above guidance of choosing how to IN-teract with your circumstance rather than RE -act to it, you take your EGO out of the situation and approach it with Love.

When you chose to IN-teract with a situation, you chose to examine from within, and when you examine from within, you examine with Love.

I have worked with this method myself over lots of situations, some that have included a shattering of friendship illusions, career illusions, body image illusions, and more. In each instance, the first time you use *The Self Love Method* (as discussed in it's entirety over the 3 consecutive blog posts), it feels as though you are actively taking control of your life. For me it took a few uses, perhaps a weeks worth (if done every day) of using this method, to actually re-train my own brain, to INteract with the illusions as they are shattered, to actually think, "This is OK, It's happening because I am ready for something better to occur in my life experience".

Now, although I am finding at the moment that any seemingly negative situation can be rectified with my *Self Love Method*, I have to admit that I do tend to get excited when I realise that this situation is a shattering of illusions. Before I would have perhaps cried and had a complete melt-down, but now, these situations have no hold over me at all. They don't even really so much as GRAB my attention like they used to. They are now nothing more than a mere observation whereby I say, "Oh, you're an illusion and you are being shattered!! You are being shattered from my life because It's time for me to become even happier, even healthier, even more in control of my own destiny! BRING IT ON!!!" And that statement comes from my heart and not my EGO, so there is no selfishness, no jealousy, no cockiness in the tone in which that Self Talk comes from.

When you reach this stage, and you will, - You will have mastered a magnificent way to use Words of Love within yourself, about yourself, and to yourself.

The key to remember whilst you practice this method (and you can print out the three blog posts, write down the main key points, copy selected sentences from the blog post into your journal etc to remind you), is that "Nothing in your life that comes across as negative is worthy of dripping and oozing from you and all over you, ruining your life. The only way you deserve to be dripping and oozing is with Self Love, which is the Love of the God Force"

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & Living a Life of Blessings. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & Living a Life of Blessings.
Saturday, 5 May 2012

Words of Love ~ Part Two

Following on from my last blog post about how important it is to speak only words of love to ourselves, about ourselves and within ourselves, I am going to discuss a little more from a spiritual perspective and a psychological perspective on how looking for and recognizing the positives greatly affect our lives.

Three years ago I began studying a short course at University about the basics of psychology. I came alive studying that specific module and found that I became more and more fascinated with how our mind works and how our thinking, and our perceptions affect our lives. I learnt a lot about how our memory works and how we come to recognize things and sort them mentally into groups. I won't go too deeply into this as this will be a whole other blog tutorial at a later date. But how we use our memory and our perceptions is what shapes our thoughts and feelings about things, people, situations thus impacting upon our lives.

I learnt so much about how we CAN re-train our brain this re-programming our negative mindsets so that we become much happier and healthier human beings. Richard Davidson et al (2002) ran research studies that showed the difference between happy and unhappy brains and how it linked to our levels of happiness. By having a happy brain, by thinking positive and loving thoughts about ourselves and to ourselves we can increase our levels of happiness in life. Richard Davidson used a EEG machine (Electroencephalograph) to measure which parts of our brains are active with happy thoughts, and which parts are active when we think negatively. He found that when we tend to think more happy thoughts and are feeling happy we have more activity in the front left side of our brain, and when we are feeling more negative and thinking unhappy thoughts, the front right side of our brain is active.

Other ways in which we can encourage a growth in our happiness levels is by practicing the art of meditation. Richard Davidson teamed up with Jon Kabat-Zinn in 2003 to research the effects of meditation on the front left and right sides of the brain. It's interesting to note that Dr Kabat-Zinn had already found a link between meditation and patients who had chronic health diseases were able to manage and cope much easier with their symptoms. During their studies they found that the group of people who had received meditation training and practiced meditation built up a stronger immune system against the flu virus compared to those who had received no training at all.

These small insights to our happiness levels and levels of positivity in our lives suggest that we CAN train ourselves to be happier.

This is when I became more and more interested in Positive Psychology and even spoke with my own GP about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT - Cognitive Psychology). When I was very unwell with the Swine Flu virus a couple of winters ago, my GP suggested that I use CBT methods to train my own mind into being much calmer and happier. I combined this with my already existing knowledge of Positive Thought practice and Kabbalah. It wasn't easy to begin with, I had been programmed to be very panic stricken, negative and worried, so it took a lot of determination and perseverance, but I am pleased to say that it did indeed pay off and I am still reaping the benefits from my training, research, GP advice and study. Before, I would find myself quite easily getting wound up, upset, angry, and very feeling despair over my situations with things, or people. Now, with my daily practice of the above mentioned, I am free of those negative feelings and thoughts at about 75% as I ensure I talk only words of Love to myself and about myself. I still have my moments, but thats all they are, Moments, not hours or days or weeks or even months anymore, just moments.

if you find yourself having these moments whilst you are training yourself to be more loving to yourself, it's OK. Don't beat yourself up about it. Do what I do, I tell myself, "Aurora, that's OK to feel like that, but if you were to feel the Love for all the good in your life, and within yourself, you will see that Love is everywhere and within everyone. Remember how caring you are, remember how loving you are, remember how helpful you are, remember how you smile, etc... Remember that God is everywhere and that includes inside of you."
I also find it very helpful to pray and ask in an affirmative way for guidance from the God energy, I ask for guidance and the patience, and the ability to see and feel the Love within myself for myself and others. In time that strength and inner power returns and I feel immediate peace knowing that I am consistently doing the best I can with the knowledge, love and understanding that I have. That inner peace for me comes from my daily recognition of practicing gratitude, prayer, Kabbalistic thoughts, Hinduism as I call upon the strength and support from the Gods and Goddesses, and the Oneness of Buddha.

I feel that to feel peace within myself, my personal key to this is to take aspects that fill me with love, peace and joy from all world religions. This is my way of finding the soul within, of respecting and honouring myself with love. You may have a different way, and that is perfect for you. The key to loving yourself is embracing YOUR individuality, your Souls calling, and to speak words of love by practicing what fills you with Love. Love of God, Love of the World, Love of the Self.

"The important message here is that while your brain is fundamental in directing your thoughts, and feelings and behavior, you can control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and alter the way your brain operates to live a happier life" ~ (2007) 

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.