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Monday, 30 April 2012

Words of Love ~ Part One

How do you speak to yourself? What kinds of attitudal words do you use when speaking to yourself? Do you put yourself down? Do you perhaps belittle yourself? Do you when thinking about a goal you wish to achieve, tell yourself that "you can't do that. You don't have the brains/the enthusiasm/the time/the money....."?

We are  brought up by parents, teachers and other family members who teach us that in order to live a life of meaning we need to succeed and in order to succeed we need to be ambitious and in order to be ambitious we need to work hard and fight for what we want. Yes? Does that sound about right? Well you have basically been told, along with millions of others, along with... myself (by teachers not my parents in my personal case) that you really HAVE to listen to your EGO.

Your EGO hears the tiniest whisperer that you might just have to listen to it and guess what? It gets all excited and very domineering. Your EGO is a very very well trained Manager of your thoughts and feelings. I'll show you why and how in a minute. Your EGO is the equivalent to the boss that you really don't gel well with. Your EGO really does get ahead of itself and puts all these impossible restrictions and adds to your list of things to do, THINK, SAY and BELIEVE. Your EGO can be one nasty vindictive beast. If you agree, say it to yourself right now.

"My EGO is a nasty, vindictive and domineering horrible beast .... AND.... I refuse to listen to it from now on."

How does that feel? Do you feel energised and in control of your life? GOOD!

If not, don't despair, we can work on that. There is always hope for your future.

Your EGO has one main priority in your life - to take you further away from GOD, The Source,  The Infinite Mind & Spirit. The EGO will do whatever is necessary in order to achieve this goal. Your EGO will even stoop so low as to tell you any number of the following things;
  • Your are stupid
  • You will never amount to anything
  • You aren't clever enough
  • You don't have the money
  • You will lose everything
  • You can never achieve that
  • You aren't lucky enough
  • No body loves you
  • You are ugly
  • You're a horrible person
I really don't think we need to add anymore to the list, although your EGO would be here for eternity if it listed all the degrading comments it has for you.

In order to over-ride and remove your EGO from ruining your life, you need to bring more LOVE into your life and within yourself. You need to start speaking positively to yourself about yourself. It really is the only way. There is no use in trying to improve your life is you affirm one minute "I am happy, healthy and living my dream" if the second you say it, you hear our EGO in your head syaing "Yeah right, you'll never be happy, healthy or living your dream, you're too stupid, you haven't got the brains....etc". You can't simply turn your EGO off to begin with either... not at first. You need to retrain your mind first.

You can imagine a switch that says "EGO ON" and "EGO OFF", mentally visualise this switch being turned off. You can even imagine that a light goes out and leaves your EGO completely in the dark.

You can also begin noticing when your EGO is speaking and say "Thank you for your opinion". Then immediately dismiss the opinion of your EGO and replace it with "Actually, I think, that I can be happy, I feel happy about.....  in my life, and I think I am healthy because I haven't been ill for.... (weeks, months, days, hours,) and I think I can live my dreams because I deserve to".

You also need to remove the EGO's list of vocabulary and replace it with more postive affirmations.

  • I am happy
  • I am deserving of happiness
  • I am beautiful
  • I am helpful
  • I am thoughtful
  • I am supportive of others
  • I am loving
  • I acheived ....... at...... college/work/university/hobby club/etc
  • I am lucky (You can give yourself examples of this too)
  • I am LOVE
The words you speak affect your life.  It is so important that we learn to speak to ourselves with love.

(In Part Two I will be taking this further to help you with *Words of Love*)

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5 Readers Musings:

  1. I love following your blog. This is such an important message, I hope everyone really reads this and understands the power behind positive words and how you talk to yourself.

    Fae blessings to you xx <3 xx

  2. Thank you Willow xxx I am so so pleased that you follow my blog and love the messages I write about. Feel free to share with your friends if you feel so strongly about the message contained in this blog post. Spread the Love xxxx

  3. Thank you Aurora...
    I work hard at this...but so does my ego.
    I it a matter of awareness for me.
    Catching the negativity in time to turn it around.
    Looking forward to the next part.
    TY so much !

  4. Very very good post! I definitely need to be more positive with myself because my EGO is mean and nasty and negative.

  5. @ Judy ~ Thank you so much for reading xxx Perseverance will pay off for you hun xxx

    @ Tamara Thank You !!! I am so glad you enjoyed this! I enjoyed writing it for you all. Yes, Tamara, your EGO is mean and nasty and negative, and it has no power over you unless you give it the permission to! xxxx