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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Prosperity Consciousness

When I say the words *prosperity consciousness* to you how do you feel? Do you tense up, do you raise your shoulders to your ears? Do you sit back and cross your arms? Perhaps even thinking the about the words and what they might mean to you makes you want to sit cross with your legs crossed, arms folded and think about the *LACK* in your life?

Well, if that sounds like you. STOP!!!

Prosperity Consciousness has more to do with your evaluation of your own self worth and willingness to allow good into your life than it ever will have to do with money or the things you can/can't afford.

Prosperity Consciousness also has a lot to do with honesty. Not the honesty that says, "Yes I did finish all the cereal" or "Yes, I did once fancy that boy in school". I like to think of those honest comments as *Fun Honesty*, as when you think about them much later on, they bring a smile to your face as you recall the moments.
I'm talking about the honesty that comes from your own voice within that speaks to your own inner being. The voice that says "I truly love you as you are", "I love the way that you look at me in the mirror, your eyes are beautiful", or "I deserve all the happiness in the world and I am open to receiving that which makes me happy".

So be honest with yourself right now, no one can hear your thoughts, no one can feel your feelings, it's YOU right now spending time with YOU. So are you really honest with yourself? Have a think for a few minutes.

How honest are you? Are there elements of honesty? Could you do a little better? Do you feel uncomfortable praising yourself? Do you feel uncomfortable thinking, wanting, wishing yourself the best in the world?

It's OK if you do, if you do it's good that you've recognized it, we can work on that. That can change. You CAN start loving yourself enough to want the best for yourself. You have already begun the transformation by admitting to yourself that you are a little hard on yourself.

The first thing you need to do now is take a piece of paper and a pen and write at the top "I am willing to allow myself to be kinder, more loving and supportive of myself". Then underneath write me at least 3 (but between 5 and 10 things would be ideal) things you LIKE, and LOVE about yourself. Then add 1 thing that you are / have / or done that you are proud of. At the bottom of the sheet of paper, write "I am willing to love myself and allow all good into my life".

The re-read through it all and at the beginning and the end where you have written the affirmations, read them either aloud or within you mind with feeling, conviction and a true desire to improve your life.

So why haven't I told you to write things to make you feel more prosperous or about money? Well in truth I have, because YOU are the most WORTHY and EXPENSIVE energy within your life and you are the INVESTOR in your life. Yes you! Every thought you have about the things, situations and people in your life brings more of that to you. Every feeling you have about the things, situations and people in your life brings more of that to you. Every Thought and feeling you have about YOURSELF brings more people, more things, more situations to match that Thought, Feeling and Self Worth Evaluation of yourself into your life.

So you see, begin with yourself, begin with the divine life force energy within yourself, and then the other areas in your life will become more prosperous. All areas of your life will begin to fill up with Prosperity Consciousness and you will live a more abundant and happy life.

Prosperity Consciousness is about the self invested thoughts, feelings, honesty and desire to achieve true happiness within which will then be reflected back to you within your life in ALL areas of your life.

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