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Monday, 16 April 2012

Pagan Blog Project ~ Week 15 ~ Ascended Master Hilarion

Hi everyone, 

This week I wanted to discuss the Atlantean Ascended Master, Hilarion. 

Hilarion is currently Master and Chohan of the 5th Ray. The 5th ray is actually the orange ray but Hilarion also works with the Mind Ray colour energy, Yellow. He is very much connected with health, healing and all technology. 

Hilarion's energy is very much what surrounds all new and modern technological inventions. Master Hilarion also spent time in Atlantis where he worked in the Temple of Truth. He also works very closely with Master Marco whom represents the highest Galactic confederation of our Solar System. 

I recently connected with Master Hilarion whom has guided me that he is working with me at this time as I begin to recall my incarnations in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and also Ancient Greece. Apparently his influence was with me during my time in Atlantis as I worked in the Temples of Healing and channelled Yellow vibrations into patients who required healing of that colour vibration. 

In Hilarion's Ancient Grecian incarnation he established the Oracle of the Delphi, so it seems that I have long connections with the energy of Hilarion. 

Hilarion is infact the Ascended Master whom guided me to begin conducting Ascension of the Ray's psychic readings which so far have provided people with a sense of purpose, a re-awakening of their soul mission and life purpose. This reading vibrates at an immense higher level than what I now deem my *Standard* readings.  

Hilarion also guides anyone who is interested in working with Sacred Geometry, as he has witnessed the intricate detailing of the manifestation of a Spider's Web with full Sacred Geometry with it. Master Hilarion works in partnership with Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary. 

I would urge anyone who has felt a close connection to Hilarion through reading this blog to research and request his energy and presence in your life. When Hilarion showers you with his blessings in your life, you will find an immense amount of happiness, peace and joy. 

Bright Blessings, 


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2 Readers Musings:

  1. Very interesting. It is rare for me to find folks who even know about the Ascended Masters. are you a student of Agni Yoga or Alice Bailey?

  2. Hi Flora,

    No I am not a student of either. I learn through meditation and books. I also travel a lot during my dreamtime xx