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Monday, 23 April 2012

My Shape Up Challenge Returns

Hi everyone,

Well, I am pleased to say that my *Shape up challenge* has returned as I really need to shift this excess weight once and for all. Although I feel much better than I did in January last year, I still have lots to do to improve my self esteem and health.

I have begun the *Slim Fast 3, 2, 1 plan* as it really fits around my day allowing me two shakes a day, 3 snacks each a maximum of 100 kcals, and then my main meal for a maximum of 600 kcals (although I VERY rarely) have any meal that would total to that much. I am a snacker and like to graze at food, so it's a good idea that I can graze on snacks throughout the day.

I publically admitted to starting this yesterday, although I did start on Friday. Already, I have lost a lot fo retained water giving me a boost loss of 6lb so yay go me!

I'm focusing also on toning aspects of exercise, as I walk for about an hour or more at least 3 days a week as part of my fitness regime. The toning is what I love to do, it's slow, controlled and doesn't have you jumping about everywhere. Don't get me wrong I LOVE aerobics, but I also like the calming aspect of a good Pilates or Yoga session.

Lets hope that next week I can report a total weight loss of around 9-10lbs. Although, I know after that, it will slow down considerably to around 1-2lb a week which is the healthy aim.

Im so glad that I've finally found a plan that I find mentally easily to comprehend. I can't be doing with counting points or syns... this way I know what I have each day!

89 lbs to go has become 83 lbs to go!!!

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