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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Discoveries in the Sea

Merry Meet,

I wanted to blog today about a dream and meditational experience I've had today along with my current thoughts vibrating from my heart.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a group of underwater sea-diving explorers. Anyone who knows me, knows that diving and indeed swimming is not a huge passion of mine due to childhood experiences with water. Anyway, there must have been around 8 of us approximately. We were gathered in some sort of forest, possibly a rainforest type location, I know we were hot and were in shorts and tank tops, kind of like when we go on safari. We were discussing where the dive would take place.

The next thing I recall is being underwater but without scuba gear. We were clearly communicating and breathing easily. We came across what seemed to be a huge rock at first sight, and upon closer inspection the lead explorer declared to us that we had just uncovered the largest amount of Sea Jasper in an unknown area. Now this was cause for celebration, not for the ego of the find, but for what we had found. Next we really explored this crystal by entering inside the crystal, walking through it's many facets - it was that huge! We spent time in the inner sanctuary's and we literally felt the crystal and all its awesome energy. It was said to us by the lead explorer that this was the purest and highest vibrating specimen of Sea Jasper he'd ever come across - and he'd visited ALL the Sea Jasper founding sites.


When I awoke, I was stunned it all and dashed to find my sea jasper. I held it and felt the love and telepathically told it that I had just been underwater and found it's Source of Oneness.


 Earlier today I had a lovely experience whilst meditating. I was sitting in a field when all of a sudden the land opened up to reveal a hidden mass of water, it appeared out of no where. There was no sign at all that there was water nearby.  Mermaids appeared out of the water and called me into the water and I told them I couldn't as I wasn't dressed for swimming.

 They surrounded my in a shield of pink light and my legs transformed into a blue - turquoise tail. I dived right in and swam with them. We splashed each other playfully until one mermaid gasped and said "Look!" and pointed to my chest area.

I looked down and the other mermaids looked and my skin had turned a beautiful grassy green and right in the middle of my chest, in my Heart Chakra area, a lime green sea shell appeared that was the brightest lime green I've ever seen. At first it was hard and felt *physical* and then it melted into my skin and became a translucent light energy there.

When I came back from my meditation, I looked down and saw silver glitter-like particles in between my toes that looked like the way bath bubbles looks when the light reflects upon them.


As my direct connection with the Mermaids is being strengthend and my past memories of past lives in Atlantis and my current life come flooding back, it seems that the Mermaid Kingdom is very much happy with how I am clearly embracing my Mer-Faerie-ness.
My mum whom I refer to as my Mer-Mother as she is a Piscean with a love of the sea, mermaids, sea horses and even had a tortoise when she was a little girl, told me that she believes that the Mermaid Kingdom have bestowed an initiation token of love upon me for my recent mer-faerie developments. She believes the green shell is a true gift of Love from the Mermaid Kingdom.

I tend to agree and feel very blessed.


My heart thoughts right now are acknowledging that just like many lightworkers who are here from other universes and dimensions to assist in the ascension of Gaia (Earth), I believe I am here for the same reason. I also believe that like many Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star and even Blue Ray children, tend to feel, I am also feeling the same - the feeling of not fitting in completely. This is I believe due to my own frequency rising as I welcome in 5th dimensional energies into my life. 

I enjoy seeing the bond between  fellow thinking lightworkers and the links from their hearts to each other and around the world is amazing. It makes my heart sing.
However I don't have many similar connections and feel as though I am part of a Soul Group who are working in the same area of the Earth's Ascension. I do have Soul Family here, and connect with them very deeply, but we are on different missions.

Sometimes upon our missions, we meet like-minded people and instantly gel with them, othertimes we don't and can feel alone. If you are a lightworker who feels alone on their mission, please don't be sad, embrace the independance and know that you are not truly alone for there are many others like us out there. Send a beam of love to them, even though you don't know of them directly or personally, and I shall beam some love right back you.

Also, remember at those times when you may feel alone, you can always go within yourself and speak telepathically to your Soul Family Group wherever they are in the universe. Love knows no bounds or limitations.

Peace & Universal Love to all fellow Lightworkers out there, whatever your life mission may be,

Aurora xxxx

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