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Monday, 30 April 2012

Words of Love ~ Part One

How do you speak to yourself? What kinds of attitudal words do you use when speaking to yourself? Do you put yourself down? Do you perhaps belittle yourself? Do you when thinking about a goal you wish to achieve, tell yourself that "you can't do that. You don't have the brains/the enthusiasm/the time/the money....."?

We are  brought up by parents, teachers and other family members who teach us that in order to live a life of meaning we need to succeed and in order to succeed we need to be ambitious and in order to be ambitious we need to work hard and fight for what we want. Yes? Does that sound about right? Well you have basically been told, along with millions of others, along with... myself (by teachers not my parents in my personal case) that you really HAVE to listen to your EGO.

Your EGO hears the tiniest whisperer that you might just have to listen to it and guess what? It gets all excited and very domineering. Your EGO is a very very well trained Manager of your thoughts and feelings. I'll show you why and how in a minute. Your EGO is the equivalent to the boss that you really don't gel well with. Your EGO really does get ahead of itself and puts all these impossible restrictions and adds to your list of things to do, THINK, SAY and BELIEVE. Your EGO can be one nasty vindictive beast. If you agree, say it to yourself right now.

"My EGO is a nasty, vindictive and domineering horrible beast .... AND.... I refuse to listen to it from now on."

How does that feel? Do you feel energised and in control of your life? GOOD!

If not, don't despair, we can work on that. There is always hope for your future.

Your EGO has one main priority in your life - to take you further away from GOD, The Source,  The Infinite Mind & Spirit. The EGO will do whatever is necessary in order to achieve this goal. Your EGO will even stoop so low as to tell you any number of the following things;
  • Your are stupid
  • You will never amount to anything
  • You aren't clever enough
  • You don't have the money
  • You will lose everything
  • You can never achieve that
  • You aren't lucky enough
  • No body loves you
  • You are ugly
  • You're a horrible person
I really don't think we need to add anymore to the list, although your EGO would be here for eternity if it listed all the degrading comments it has for you.

In order to over-ride and remove your EGO from ruining your life, you need to bring more LOVE into your life and within yourself. You need to start speaking positively to yourself about yourself. It really is the only way. There is no use in trying to improve your life is you affirm one minute "I am happy, healthy and living my dream" if the second you say it, you hear our EGO in your head syaing "Yeah right, you'll never be happy, healthy or living your dream, you're too stupid, you haven't got the brains....etc". You can't simply turn your EGO off to begin with either... not at first. You need to retrain your mind first.

You can imagine a switch that says "EGO ON" and "EGO OFF", mentally visualise this switch being turned off. You can even imagine that a light goes out and leaves your EGO completely in the dark.

You can also begin noticing when your EGO is speaking and say "Thank you for your opinion". Then immediately dismiss the opinion of your EGO and replace it with "Actually, I think, that I can be happy, I feel happy about.....  in my life, and I think I am healthy because I haven't been ill for.... (weeks, months, days, hours,) and I think I can live my dreams because I deserve to".

You also need to remove the EGO's list of vocabulary and replace it with more postive affirmations.

  • I am happy
  • I am deserving of happiness
  • I am beautiful
  • I am helpful
  • I am thoughtful
  • I am supportive of others
  • I am loving
  • I acheived ....... at...... college/work/university/hobby club/etc
  • I am lucky (You can give yourself examples of this too)
  • I am LOVE
The words you speak affect your life.  It is so important that we learn to speak to ourselves with love.

(In Part Two I will be taking this further to help you with *Words of Love*)

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Prosperity Consciousness

When I say the words *prosperity consciousness* to you how do you feel? Do you tense up, do you raise your shoulders to your ears? Do you sit back and cross your arms? Perhaps even thinking the about the words and what they might mean to you makes you want to sit cross with your legs crossed, arms folded and think about the *LACK* in your life?

Well, if that sounds like you. STOP!!!

Prosperity Consciousness has more to do with your evaluation of your own self worth and willingness to allow good into your life than it ever will have to do with money or the things you can/can't afford.

Prosperity Consciousness also has a lot to do with honesty. Not the honesty that says, "Yes I did finish all the cereal" or "Yes, I did once fancy that boy in school". I like to think of those honest comments as *Fun Honesty*, as when you think about them much later on, they bring a smile to your face as you recall the moments.
I'm talking about the honesty that comes from your own voice within that speaks to your own inner being. The voice that says "I truly love you as you are", "I love the way that you look at me in the mirror, your eyes are beautiful", or "I deserve all the happiness in the world and I am open to receiving that which makes me happy".

So be honest with yourself right now, no one can hear your thoughts, no one can feel your feelings, it's YOU right now spending time with YOU. So are you really honest with yourself? Have a think for a few minutes.

How honest are you? Are there elements of honesty? Could you do a little better? Do you feel uncomfortable praising yourself? Do you feel uncomfortable thinking, wanting, wishing yourself the best in the world?

It's OK if you do, if you do it's good that you've recognized it, we can work on that. That can change. You CAN start loving yourself enough to want the best for yourself. You have already begun the transformation by admitting to yourself that you are a little hard on yourself.

The first thing you need to do now is take a piece of paper and a pen and write at the top "I am willing to allow myself to be kinder, more loving and supportive of myself". Then underneath write me at least 3 (but between 5 and 10 things would be ideal) things you LIKE, and LOVE about yourself. Then add 1 thing that you are / have / or done that you are proud of. At the bottom of the sheet of paper, write "I am willing to love myself and allow all good into my life".

The re-read through it all and at the beginning and the end where you have written the affirmations, read them either aloud or within you mind with feeling, conviction and a true desire to improve your life.

So why haven't I told you to write things to make you feel more prosperous or about money? Well in truth I have, because YOU are the most WORTHY and EXPENSIVE energy within your life and you are the INVESTOR in your life. Yes you! Every thought you have about the things, situations and people in your life brings more of that to you. Every feeling you have about the things, situations and people in your life brings more of that to you. Every Thought and feeling you have about YOURSELF brings more people, more things, more situations to match that Thought, Feeling and Self Worth Evaluation of yourself into your life.

So you see, begin with yourself, begin with the divine life force energy within yourself, and then the other areas in your life will become more prosperous. All areas of your life will begin to fill up with Prosperity Consciousness and you will live a more abundant and happy life.

Prosperity Consciousness is about the self invested thoughts, feelings, honesty and desire to achieve true happiness within which will then be reflected back to you within your life in ALL areas of your life.

***Keep an eye out for more information and updates on Aurora's Upcoming Book "Spiritual Banking" due to be published with Lulu Self Publishing that will guide you on how to live prosperously and spiritually.***

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Monday, 23 April 2012

Book Review ~ The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

This is the most amazing book! I have read many amazing books but this one is right up there with a book I previously reviewed, "The Source by Ursula James". 

By the amazingly popular author, Rhonda Byrne, famous for bringing us "The Secret" and "The Power", she completely blows my mind with this book. 

You don't need to have read any of her previous works to benefit from this book, you really don't. 

I purchased this for my Mum and she had it from the day it was released here in the UK, and she couldn't wait to recommend it to me. So she bought me a copy and told me "Make your life Magickal sweetheart!".

I initially planned on keeping my knowledge of this book a Secret, as a personal gift to myself, I had no intention or reviewing it and sharing it with the world, but you know when the Universe has other ideas and then you end up writing about it? Thank you Universe :)

I'm only 14 days into this life changing book, so I'm halfway as it contains 28 daily practices. But already my life has become wonderfully full of magick. 

It's too important to know the inns and outs of how my life has improved, what is important for you to know is how your life can improve and benefit from this book! 

Rhonda begins with a rather wonderful first few chapters giving you the basics of the law of attraction, but doesn't rely to heavy on this, as the theme for this book is my favourite thing of all time :  GRATITUDE!

It is SO SO important to live your life full of gratitude and have gratitude for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your life, even the negative stuff! I know it can sound hard and at first you may wonder "Why would I be grateful for having no money?" or "Why would I be grateful for living in this house with horrible neighbours?" I have asked myself both of those questions at some point in my life ... A LOT of times!  But whilst reading this book I have the answers! I really have the answers to some of the most soul searching questions of my life so far (bear in mind i'm early twenties). 

So what are my answers? 

I am grateful to have what money I do have as it helps me focus on what is important for me to have in my life.
I am grateful for the money I have in my life because it allows me to prioritize my purchases. 
I am grateful for the money I have in my life because I have learnt the true value of money. 

I am grateful for the home I live in because I have so many happy memories here. 
I am grateful for the home I live in because it keeps me warm, and safe. 
I am grateful for the home I live in because it allows me to fill it with objects that fill my heart with joy. 
I am grateful for the home I live in because it helps me mentally, and emotionally  clarify what my dream home  will be like when I move into it. 

Do you see how I've instantly turned a very negative situation into a blossoming positive one? And the magic key to this is not just saying the magic words "Grateful" or looking on the bright side of life (although this really does play a huge part in the process), it's explaining WHY you are grateful for the things in your life. 

It's this simple yet hugely effective process that has helped turn my life around even more that I thought it already had. I'm happier, I'm more grateful for EVERYTHING in my life, I'm living life not existing in life. I also feel so in control of my life and the experiences I have. I can either do what I used to do and focus on the negative side to it, even situations where people have truly hurt me more than I thought they ever could, or I can do what I do now, and say "OK, You want me to feel negative about it, that's fine. But I WANT TO FEEL LIKE THIS about it! And then I reel off my positive gratitude's for the situation and/or person. 

I could tell you more about this and how it can help with your health, and relationships and even more ideas about how you can live a RICH life in ALL areas of your life. But, that's not very magickal at all. :) 

You need to experience *The Magic* for yourself! 

So what are you waiting for? Go order/purchase this book now! As my Mum said to me; 
"It's time to make your life a Magickal Life" 

Rating out of 10.0 ~ 10.0 
(it deserves so much more than that - perhaps remove the decimal!) 

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My Shape Up Challenge Returns

Hi everyone,

Well, I am pleased to say that my *Shape up challenge* has returned as I really need to shift this excess weight once and for all. Although I feel much better than I did in January last year, I still have lots to do to improve my self esteem and health.

I have begun the *Slim Fast 3, 2, 1 plan* as it really fits around my day allowing me two shakes a day, 3 snacks each a maximum of 100 kcals, and then my main meal for a maximum of 600 kcals (although I VERY rarely) have any meal that would total to that much. I am a snacker and like to graze at food, so it's a good idea that I can graze on snacks throughout the day.

I publically admitted to starting this yesterday, although I did start on Friday. Already, I have lost a lot fo retained water giving me a boost loss of 6lb so yay go me!

I'm focusing also on toning aspects of exercise, as I walk for about an hour or more at least 3 days a week as part of my fitness regime. The toning is what I love to do, it's slow, controlled and doesn't have you jumping about everywhere. Don't get me wrong I LOVE aerobics, but I also like the calming aspect of a good Pilates or Yoga session.

Lets hope that next week I can report a total weight loss of around 9-10lbs. Although, I know after that, it will slow down considerably to around 1-2lb a week which is the healthy aim.

Im so glad that I've finally found a plan that I find mentally easily to comprehend. I can't be doing with counting points or syns... this way I know what I have each day!

89 lbs to go has become 83 lbs to go!!!

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Pagan Blog Project ~ Week 15 ~ Ascended Master Hilarion

Hi everyone, 

This week I wanted to discuss the Atlantean Ascended Master, Hilarion. 

Hilarion is currently Master and Chohan of the 5th Ray. The 5th ray is actually the orange ray but Hilarion also works with the Mind Ray colour energy, Yellow. He is very much connected with health, healing and all technology. 

Hilarion's energy is very much what surrounds all new and modern technological inventions. Master Hilarion also spent time in Atlantis where he worked in the Temple of Truth. He also works very closely with Master Marco whom represents the highest Galactic confederation of our Solar System. 

I recently connected with Master Hilarion whom has guided me that he is working with me at this time as I begin to recall my incarnations in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and also Ancient Greece. Apparently his influence was with me during my time in Atlantis as I worked in the Temples of Healing and channelled Yellow vibrations into patients who required healing of that colour vibration. 

In Hilarion's Ancient Grecian incarnation he established the Oracle of the Delphi, so it seems that I have long connections with the energy of Hilarion. 

Hilarion is infact the Ascended Master whom guided me to begin conducting Ascension of the Ray's psychic readings which so far have provided people with a sense of purpose, a re-awakening of their soul mission and life purpose. This reading vibrates at an immense higher level than what I now deem my *Standard* readings.  

Hilarion also guides anyone who is interested in working with Sacred Geometry, as he has witnessed the intricate detailing of the manifestation of a Spider's Web with full Sacred Geometry with it. Master Hilarion works in partnership with Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary. 

I would urge anyone who has felt a close connection to Hilarion through reading this blog to research and request his energy and presence in your life. When Hilarion showers you with his blessings in your life, you will find an immense amount of happiness, peace and joy. 

Bright Blessings, 


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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Discoveries in the Sea

Merry Meet,

I wanted to blog today about a dream and meditational experience I've had today along with my current thoughts vibrating from my heart.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a group of underwater sea-diving explorers. Anyone who knows me, knows that diving and indeed swimming is not a huge passion of mine due to childhood experiences with water. Anyway, there must have been around 8 of us approximately. We were gathered in some sort of forest, possibly a rainforest type location, I know we were hot and were in shorts and tank tops, kind of like when we go on safari. We were discussing where the dive would take place.

The next thing I recall is being underwater but without scuba gear. We were clearly communicating and breathing easily. We came across what seemed to be a huge rock at first sight, and upon closer inspection the lead explorer declared to us that we had just uncovered the largest amount of Sea Jasper in an unknown area. Now this was cause for celebration, not for the ego of the find, but for what we had found. Next we really explored this crystal by entering inside the crystal, walking through it's many facets - it was that huge! We spent time in the inner sanctuary's and we literally felt the crystal and all its awesome energy. It was said to us by the lead explorer that this was the purest and highest vibrating specimen of Sea Jasper he'd ever come across - and he'd visited ALL the Sea Jasper founding sites.


When I awoke, I was stunned it all and dashed to find my sea jasper. I held it and felt the love and telepathically told it that I had just been underwater and found it's Source of Oneness.


 Earlier today I had a lovely experience whilst meditating. I was sitting in a field when all of a sudden the land opened up to reveal a hidden mass of water, it appeared out of no where. There was no sign at all that there was water nearby.  Mermaids appeared out of the water and called me into the water and I told them I couldn't as I wasn't dressed for swimming.

 They surrounded my in a shield of pink light and my legs transformed into a blue - turquoise tail. I dived right in and swam with them. We splashed each other playfully until one mermaid gasped and said "Look!" and pointed to my chest area.

I looked down and the other mermaids looked and my skin had turned a beautiful grassy green and right in the middle of my chest, in my Heart Chakra area, a lime green sea shell appeared that was the brightest lime green I've ever seen. At first it was hard and felt *physical* and then it melted into my skin and became a translucent light energy there.

When I came back from my meditation, I looked down and saw silver glitter-like particles in between my toes that looked like the way bath bubbles looks when the light reflects upon them.


As my direct connection with the Mermaids is being strengthend and my past memories of past lives in Atlantis and my current life come flooding back, it seems that the Mermaid Kingdom is very much happy with how I am clearly embracing my Mer-Faerie-ness.
My mum whom I refer to as my Mer-Mother as she is a Piscean with a love of the sea, mermaids, sea horses and even had a tortoise when she was a little girl, told me that she believes that the Mermaid Kingdom have bestowed an initiation token of love upon me for my recent mer-faerie developments. She believes the green shell is a true gift of Love from the Mermaid Kingdom.

I tend to agree and feel very blessed.


My heart thoughts right now are acknowledging that just like many lightworkers who are here from other universes and dimensions to assist in the ascension of Gaia (Earth), I believe I am here for the same reason. I also believe that like many Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star and even Blue Ray children, tend to feel, I am also feeling the same - the feeling of not fitting in completely. This is I believe due to my own frequency rising as I welcome in 5th dimensional energies into my life. 

I enjoy seeing the bond between  fellow thinking lightworkers and the links from their hearts to each other and around the world is amazing. It makes my heart sing.
However I don't have many similar connections and feel as though I am part of a Soul Group who are working in the same area of the Earth's Ascension. I do have Soul Family here, and connect with them very deeply, but we are on different missions.

Sometimes upon our missions, we meet like-minded people and instantly gel with them, othertimes we don't and can feel alone. If you are a lightworker who feels alone on their mission, please don't be sad, embrace the independance and know that you are not truly alone for there are many others like us out there. Send a beam of love to them, even though you don't know of them directly or personally, and I shall beam some love right back you.

Also, remember at those times when you may feel alone, you can always go within yourself and speak telepathically to your Soul Family Group wherever they are in the universe. Love knows no bounds or limitations.

Peace & Universal Love to all fellow Lightworkers out there, whatever your life mission may be,

Aurora xxxx

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week 14 ~ Gratitude

Merry Meet,

A wonderful blog post to follow up the energies of Archangel Gabriel.

Gratitude is something we should all have no matter what we experience in our daily lives.
My Dad would daily tell us what he was grateful for, including the fact that he had both Mum and I. I was brought up to be grateful for everything I had and I recall knowing that some people wasn't as fortunate as I was, but I didn't pity them, as I knew pity was a lower energy and they needed to be on the recieving end of something positive. So I always made sure I felt Love for them. Love that didnt divide us, or separate us but that joined us together as one. Dad called this my *heart of gold*. Mum would reguarly purchase gold heart pins to put on our clothes and the money went to the Heart Foundation. We still have them.


With the highly popular teachings of *The Secret* by Rhonda Byrne being very well known, the teachings of the importance of gratitude is something most of us are very aware of.
We are told that by expressing our gratitude for the things we do have in our life we attract more things that we would be grateful for. This is what they call the law of attraction.
We're also taught that if we express gratitude for the things we do want but don't have at the moment, we can use the law of attraction to bring them into our lives.


Saying *Thank You* daily for the things you are grateful for is a powerful way to ensure happiness within your life. There are many ways in which we can do this. Here are some that I have found empowering;

Thank you for.... the home I live in.
Thank you.... for the love, and respect I give and recieve to and from my parents.
Thank you.... for my perfect health.
Thank you.... for the clean water I drink daily.

I am truly grateful for the positive people in my life.
I am truly grateful for the opportunites that present themselves to me daily.
I am truly grateful for the ability to see, hear, taste, smell and touch.
I am truly grateful for the books I am able to purchase and read.


I have even used the method of finding a rock in nature that felt right to me and decorated it as my *Gratitude Rock*. I was inspired by the picture at the top of this blog post that I found on Google Images when searching about gratitude.

I make sure I hold my gratitude rock daily whilst im brushing my teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil, or simply sitting resting and recite within myself to the universe all my gratitude. At first it felt wierd, but now it feels wonderfully liberating.


For manifesting my desires, I express gratitude for them in a different way. You can use the same above methods, but personally (and we are ALL different), I feel like I'm telling myself fibs. So I found a new method that helps me feel and think positive as I remain true to myself. I do this;

I am in the process of creating the perfect home to live in.
I am in the process of creating my perfect country cottage garden.
I am in the process of attracting more and more wonderful people into my life whom want the best for me.
I am in the process of being the healthiest I can ever be.
I am in the process of achieving my dreams.

Here I am not fooling myself or telling fibs to myself as I recite my affirmations. I am simply affirming the truth, that I AM in the process of creating a wonderful life.

What works for you?

Thank you for reading this and for leaving any comments

Aurora xxx

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Pagan Blog Project Week 13 ~ Gabriel (Archangel)

Merry Meet,

Slightly later than usual, I hope you enjoy.

Archangel Gabriel was one of the first Archangels that I connected with. I recall being almost 17 years old and reading through an angel book called "Angel Therapy" by Denise Brown. I would gaze at this book for many an hour in my room and in the living room with my Mum. We'd read the affirmations and the ways in which the angels could help us.

One day, I was wondering what I could do to help me get my dream career as an Accoutant. It's always been a dream of mine. One that I will be following up in September with my University modules. Anyway, we turned the pages (mum and I), and came across Archangel Gabriel. Immediately I felt comforted and heard clairaudiently celestial music. I knew immediately I'd found my help.

I read what Archangel Gabriel helps us with and decided to write a poem. I wrote a poem asking that Gabriel help me find a way into Accounts. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye a bright golden orange light in my hallway. It lit up the entire area and when I looked directly I could see an angel. He was very tall at least 9ft high. I knew Gabriel had shown that my desire would come to fruition.

Not long after that I was guided and accepted onto a professional Accounting Course with the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) and completed the course passing all my exams with help from Archangel Uriel.


Also, Gabriel became a prominent guiding angel within my writing work gently guiding me and supporting me. If I felt blocked, I'd call upon Gabriel and suddenly write with a greater ease. I still work with Gabriel today and for one, I'm extremly excited about the fact that Doreen Virtue is bringing out a deck of oracle cards based around Archangel Gabriel.


Interestingly, Gabriel can also protect you. People think that Archangel Michael is the protector angel, and he is, but so is Gabriel. If you call upon Gabriel, you can say "Archangel Gabriel, I now invoke you to place your protective ball of pure white reflective divine light around me for my total protection".
This helps all lower energies and negative energies to completely bounce off you and cause you no harm. Calling upon Gabriel for protection is especially useful when you are fearful of something or someone. Perfect when you are to undergo travel or perhaps an operation.

Archangel Gabriel works with our Sacral Chakra along with his female counterpart energy, the Archangel Hope.

I hope this has been an enjoyable read for you, and has inspired you to work more with Archangel Gabriel if you don't already. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Angel and Celestial Blessings
Aurora xxx

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Monday, 2 April 2012

Book Review ~ The Source by Ursula James

The second book that I was sent to read and review was
*The Source by Ursula James* ~ RandomHouse Publications

This book changed my life!

I really wholeheartedly believe this and I shall explain to you why.

The book is the most honestly written book on Magick and how to bring magic into your life that I have EVER read, and I've read many. The author is not *fluffy* as a person or indeed as a writer, far from it. She really does show us that she is just as we are. We all have bad days, we all have different stories, we all have different experiences, and we all want to improve our lives. In this book Ursula along with Mother Shipton shows us how to do just that.

Ursula's own story begins with her being a successful professional, who thought she was heading for a spa weekend, not a meditational weekend which is what it turned out to be. In that weekend, a little change occured in her life, one that rippled out into her life and experiences day by day which she rather humanly embraced.

Throughout the journey, one that you are invitied to travel also, at first with her and then alone and independently, she acknowledged her changing self and frequently referred to her *past life self* to make comparisons with her past and present to understand her possible future. This is what I found myself doing with each chapter that I read.

Each chapter contains an *Opening Ritual* and a *Closing Ritual*, along with *trances* that we may also call meditations. Powerfully healing trances I might add. At first, I only read these trances and as I read them I had images within my mind of experiencing the trances, even just this made changes within my own life. I found myself understanding issues in my life, people in my life, pathways I wanted to take but was too afraid to for some reason, and I also found the confidence to *Go for it!* in my life. Add to this powerful aspect of each chapter, there was a personal journey documented from Ursula, which helped me relate to Mother Shipton's teachings in my own life. This is where much of the healing took place.

Along with learning about the Pagan Sabbats and also the Moon Phases and how they relate to our lives, and how we can utilise the power of Sister Moon, you learn so much more. You learn about who you are. Some of it may be good, and some of it may be bad, but you also are given the tools to turn your life into a life filled with Magic.

Whilst reading this book, I found that people who normally *pressed my buttons* no longer had that power. I had taken full control and still remain in control. I have also found an increase in my dreams and the spiritual messages in them, along with my spiritual energy levels rise.

This book claims to "heal your life and make your life special". It succeeds where others fail. Why? Because this is written with heart in mind, not money in mind. This is truly a written masterpiece, and one I will treasure.

*The Source* is therapy for anyone who finds themselves with blocks in their lives in whatever form they take shape. With or without a global recession, the price of this book is the best money you will ever spend on a therapy session.

Buy it, you will only regret it if you don't allow the magic to touch your life.

Ursula James

Rating out of 10.0 ~ 10.0
(Although I would award it 20 if it were possible)

It is available from all good retailers ~ £8.99 (paperback) or £12.99 (hardback)

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.