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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

*The Witch Inside* reviews

Hello everyone,

I have been approached by a publishing house (one that I am not yet naming) to read and review books that they are publishing, and posting the reviews on here. As a writer this is an amazing apportunity and I am blessed to have been asked. I accepted immediately so I now have a couple of books hot off the press on their way to me for me to read and review.

This wonderfully welcome news sparked my writer's brain into 3rd gear (I've been working in 1st gear of late) and got me thinking. I already have read so many spiritually themed books and have lots on my "to read" list, so why shouldn't I review those also?

So this is my plan, I will regularly post reviews of spiritually themed books be they on the topics of crystals, herbalism, angels, wicca, paganism, faeries, afterlife communication, spiritualism, kabbalah, or spiritual healing, If I've read them I will review them.

Now, this also opens a doorway potentially for you. If you are an author of a spiritually themed book and would like me to review your book/s, giving them a rating out of 10, and are willing to get a copy sent to me free of charge, then I will read and review. You will of course get a link to the blog post, and the blog post will get re-linked on my facebook pages & accounts along with getting tweeted.
If this sounds good to you, you can contact me via email

Brightest Blessings,
Aurora )O(

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