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Monday, 5 March 2012

Standing up for Me

Merry Meet y'all,

As you may be ever so slighly aware, I am prone to stress dont roll your eyes at me Missy - I can see you know, which is most likely the cause of my working with children. (Gosh this sounds ever so good doesn't it for a tantalising start!) I am a student Primary Teacher...well, potentially, and I have had enough of the sheer stress of it all. (Please don't think me as pathetic!)

Well, I'm always telling others "if you're not happy at work, then find something that does make you happy" and I've had others, some daily...hourly even, telling me the same thing. Well this weekend, I hit the roof on being stressed and said "Rory! ENOUGH!!!" So I text my mentor and colleague and explained the situation and said, "I'm needed at home right now (Mum is not 100% mobile you see...) so for now, I'm taking some time out if you don't mind" Needless to say I'm still alive to tell the tale, and I'm now "off". I need this time off to be ME and find myself, and actually just be happy. I stood up for myself everyone! YAY!!!!!

So what will I be doing with my time off? I am so glad you asked.... you did ask right?

Anyway, I plan on studying really hard at Uni and completing the modules I am currently undertaking. (I've already been a smarty pants and done some this morning before 12pm!) I plan on sorting my home out, along with the garden.... I'm amazed at how every year I always end up starting all over again with the garden. I have big ideas for the garden this year, and a lot of it has been fuelled by my obsessed reading of two books by two equally fantabulous witches; Ellen Dugan & Tess Whitehurst. I read these for self love and also the Pagan Reading Challenge 2012

I have planting ideas for my front garden!!! I never have those kinds of ideas!

I plan on hanging a windchime by my front door this year to welcome in the positive energies and such, I have a planting plan... and I even spent the 1st March sweeping, washing down my doorstep and front door with a Witchy Blend! I swear, one day the postman will greet me with parcels whilst I am in 4 inch heels, 1950s tea dress, pinny, broom and witches hat to boot! Ha! He would LOVE it! he's used to my wierd ways... he already talks to my trees and tells them to keep my parcels safe until I come home.... hmmmm yep... he's very AWARE of my neighbours... scoundrels they are!

I will be browsing for some spells, charms and enchantments I can do to keep my noisy and NOSEY neighbours quiet and the heck away from my home, garden and family! If you guys and gals have any ideas, PLEASE do tell!

I've also felt and found that I'm becoming more domesticated now...(since I've been fixed!- JOKE!) I've started to enjoy cleaning (especially with lemon scented products) and hoovering.... my god I love my hoover right now! It makes my carpets all crispy so it's like your stamping on crisps as you walk over it *OOOOHHH it makes me excited thinking about it*

Right my little witchlets, I am off on my broom to go magick up some more knowledge of how to fix my darn neighbours! Perhaps a spell to encourage them to move.....or even to help me move to my dream home!!! Hmmmmmm Decisions, decisions!


Aurora )O(

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1 Readers Musings:

  1. I'm a big fan of Ellen Dugan - she has some great tips and info in her Herbal Witchery book too if you can get your hands on it.

    Good for you for taking some time to yourself - enjoy!