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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Power of Healing

Many people receive healing everyday, just like many people get ill every day. But how many of those ill people turn to Spiritual Healing? Here we have a true story about a lady who was very ill in hospital and with the help of distant healing recovered 100%. Unbelievable? Don’t judge just yet, read on first.

Chrissie was admitted to hospital with severe back pain and fetching up blood. Doctor’s put her on drips and monitors. They called her family to her bedside and were told that Chrissie hadn’t got long left to live because of how serious her condition was. Her husband was very distressed and upset which is understandable and on several occasions he went to the Chapel within the hospital to pray for Chrissie. Another patient’s visitor, who happened to be my Mum could see how upset this poor man was and asked him for his wife’s name. A text message was sent to myself explaining the situation. I then went online straight away and posted messages on a healing forum and asked for healing to be sent to Chrissie.

During that night Chrissie was took to Intensive care and things didn’t look good as her health had deteriorated even more. My Mum arrived at the hospital the following day and asked staff about Chrissie’s condition. She was told that things were looking bad for Chrissie as there had been no improvement.

The following day Mum was at the hospital when Chrissie’s husband came into the ward. He was smiling as he approached her and thanked her for sending the healing as she was much better and they had even took her off the ventilator and drips.

My Mum sat down with Chrissie’s husband and talked with him in detail about healing and Spiritualism. Chrissie’s husband said he was very grateful for the help as he loved Chrissie very much and didn’t want to lose her, which is completely understandable.

Many people go into hospitals everyday and even come away feeling a miracle occurred, but on that one occasion, Chrissie and her husband witnessed what the power of healing and prayer can do.

*It is also worth noting that the work of the medical team including Doctors, Nurses, and many unseen helpers, are also to thank for Chrissie's recovery. Healing is not a replacement for medical treatment but is complimentary*

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