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Friday, 16 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week 11 ~ Faeries and being the Faerie Whisperer

*My OFFICIAL Faerie Whisperer Logo designed by Karen Kay of FAE Magazine

Merry Meet everyone,

For me this week was an obvious choice of topic as I both love and work in partnership with the faeries. I thought I'd tell you what faeries are and mean to me and how I work with them.

Faeries are nature angels, and there are many different beings within the faerie realm. The faeries first appeared to me many many years ago when I was a child and in the garden. The would gently land upon my hand in the guise of a butterfly. They would sit there quietly and a sudden rush of warmth and peace would descend upon me. I would recieve messages in my head from them and they would say "We love you dear child". I would feel a sudden urge of such joy that sometimes I would shed a tear of happiness at the power of love. Throughout my childhood they let me grow up enjoying the beauty of the earth around us. I have always lived with a beautiful cat, first Tinkerbelle (Whom Mum had before she even had me), then Ginger, and now Pepsie and Magick. Where-ever there are animals there are faeries for the faeries are the natural faerie guardians (Like a guardian angel) of all animals.
I spent my childhood growing up the countryside of Shropshire. Many days and weekends were spent in Bewdley, Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, bromsgrove to name but a few. But my heart lies between the River Severn in Bewdley and the Clee Hills in Ludlow. From sitting along the riverbank watching the swans, ducks and fish swim past, and listening to the breeze gently whipping the willow branches as the air elementals otherwise known as the sylphs flutter on by, to gazing at the views of the valleys, fields and meadows as we sat on top of Clee Hill. Everywhere is filled with Faeries. Mum taught me that. She has a great love for Dragonflies, a very special faerie companion, and I share the love for them, along with butterflies for reasons I will mention a little later on in the post.

It wasn't until 2004, the year my Father passed away with Cancer that the faeries began to make themselves more known to me and began guiding me along a pathway that would forever change my life. Mum had been shopping and when she came back, she had brought me my first ever set of Faerie Oracle cards by Brian & Wendy Froud, along with a meditation CD and a book called "How to Catch Faeries" and explained to me that My father and she had decided to purchase them for me as they felt it was important for my spiritual development. I think they both knew that the faeries were somehow to play a huge part in my life as I grew up. At 16 years old, I was slightly unsure as to how I would be viewed when I began giving free psychic and mediumship readings to people all over the world via the internet from the faeries. However I needn't have worried as everyone was touched by their magick that I channelled through my readings. I always tell clients when it's something I'm seeing/feeling/hearing and when it is a spiritual being showing/telling me something.
I was pleased with how supportive my parents were and how my Mother still is with my work with the faeries as one can imagine some people may endure a tough time when admitting they work with faeries. Dad passed away November 2004, and at 16 years old, although I knew very much that he was still around and that I had the loving support of Family and Spiritual Guides of all kinds there to support me, it does not replace the fact that in one sense, a little girl's father is no longer there.

In 2006 I was guided to work with the trees and took my Celtic Reiki 1 and 2 training. This healing system works perfectly with my own beliefs and values along with my spirituality as you connect with the tree energies and Dryads (faeries within the trees) to channel healing energy to animals, people, plants, oceans and also the universe. I've found that Celtic Reiki works extremly well especially when healing with Animals as I've seen the results with my own pets. I finally became a Celtic Reiki Master in 2011 and am working now with my Celtic Reiki Guide to put together a manual and course for others to be attuned by me.

I began to work more and more with the faeries behind the scenes with private clients and friends whilst working more publically about angels and our loved ones in the afterlife. Again I wasn't sure how many people would take my working with the faeries. Luckily, the faeries supported my background work with them and one day told me it was time to let people know that I was indeed working with them. I questioned them about how they could be so supportive of me yet I was seemingly hiding my knowledge of them to a certain degree. They lovingly replied that I was about to find out.
A few days later I encoutered a rather tough experience where my beliefs and abilities were questioned. I knew that I had nothing to prove and so handed it over to the faeries. At once Queen Mab appeared before my very eyes with her chariot and consort. She told me matter of factly that all wrongs would be put right. I had nothing to fear. I believed her and cried with appreciation. The issue was dealt with and never became a problem again. It wasn't long after this that Queen Mab asked me how I felt since being initiated as a Faerie Priestess. I was puzzled and thought she had in fact gotten me confused with someone else. She smiled and told me to relax so I did as I was at the time sunbathing in the garden. She took me on a journey to faerieland where they performed the blessing ceremony of my becoming a faerie priestess. She crowned me with roses and placed upon the crown my *Faerie Priestess Emblem* ~ The Butterfly. She told me of its significance to me, the magick it carried for me and my work and said that over Earthly time I would infact gain more Faerie tokens of power as I developed along my preistess pathway.  Her word was kept as I have been given a Faerie Heart, a Dragonfly, a Raven and a Tree emblem.

Fast forward a few years and in 2010 I became known as *The Faerie Whisperer*, the name was given me by Queen Mab as she said my faerie teachings would touch people with such strength yet be spoken as a whisper. She showed me how my teachings would be gentle and full of love and light, yet they would carry such immense power. Even now I sometimes think my teachings are too soft, yet I know that I channel teachings of love and wisdom from the feeback I recieve so I have learnt not to question the faeries now. I trust them wholeheartedly for which I am rewarded. During the Rememberance Sunday at around 10:50am November 2010, I was offered the pathway that has changed my life for the more positive. Karen Kay of FAE Magazine asked me to become a part of the FAE team as the *Faerie Whisperer* columnist in FAE Magazine. I accepted gladly as I knew this was the next step the Faeries and in particular my faerie guide and mentor, Queen Mab had mapped out for me in my destiny.

Since then, I have worked with wonderful people connecting them to faeries, their own faerie guardians, I have performed healings using Celtic Reiki, I have become a Elven Shamanic Healing Master and began special healing work with the Soul Faeries. I have had wonderful feedback from the clients whom have been touched the Soul Faeries in my healings. I have other projects currently being worked on behind the scenes with the Faeries. Details will be revealed as and when the faeries ask me to. I am a very busy Faerie Priestess right now and just know that in a positive way, I am only going to become even busier.  

In the last 24 hours I have been receiving more information from my Faerie Mentor and from external sources whom have been guided by the faeries to communicate with me about my next mission giving me information and guidance on what needs to be done and how to go about it. All this will be revealed in the Summer Issue of FAE Magazine out in the UK May 1st.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on how I work with the faeries and how faeries are very much a part of who I am and a part of my destiny. I would love to read your thoughts/comments

Lots of love filled with Faerie Blessings

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6 Readers Musings:

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    I've always been drawn to nature and I do sense nature spirits/fairies, but I have yet to see any. I hope I do one day. Celtic Reiki sounds good too.

  2. I'm glad I am not the only one they seem to take a shine to!

  3. Your are very welcone Marie, I;m glad you enjoyed reading it <3

    Dydan, Thank you for taking the time to read and comment <3

  4. Sincere posting, it's nice to know the spirit of faeries lasts eternal - Blessed Be

  5. Awww Bless you Billy, that's lovely of you to say. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, it's greatly appreciated xxx