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Friday, 9 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project ~ Week 10 ~ Entrances of Magick

Hi all,

How many of us think that we have the *basics* of protection and empowerment covered? I know I've long thought that I had, until I read a book and took the time between reading the lines and evaluated my own portal of power. OK I mean my front door, but my front door no longer feels the need to be called a 'front door', it is no seen to me and mine as the *Portal to our power*. Let me explain.

I would say that any housewife... especially a "Bree VanderCamp" one  would know that the "Front of the home is the face to who you are". But I guess, every pagan witch should know this. If you didn't you do now! That single idea made me stop for several days and really evaluate what the "Face of my home" was really portraying to outsiders. I knew what I wanted it to portray and what I didn't. I found through very honest and dare I say rather painful scrutiny (Im no good at admitting i'm wrong about something so personal to me), that my front was a mask! And not a very nice one at that. (I will not go into the personal life story about my front garden - I would inflict such pain upon you!)

Now, I saw that my *face* was a little plain, slightly bare, dare I say.... *neglected* (Ouch that hurt to say) and rather, well unruly. From the pathway/sidewalk, people could barely see my front door because of the conifer hedging we have. (Now, just to note, the conifer hedging is still there and I have been unable to even trim them as of yet as I am allergic to the sap from them - BUT, they are booked in to be "dealt" with, i.e, they are going to have a haircut!).

I'm rather happy with the front door to be honest, I painted it last year from a White to a cosmic whimsical royal blue which it used to be, and it still looks fabulous. It adds country cottage charm to our home, and a nice red brick step to compliment it.

I've sat with a herbal book and looked at herbs and plants that I would like planted in my front garden and have decided on the following;

We are keeping the Buddleja bush (even though it's named after an ex of mine *Shudders*) It's a beautiful plant, encourages butterflies and for that reason it stays!

We are also keeping the Camelia bush as it was planted 7 years ago in memory of my Father.

The bottle brush which looks rather like this when grown, is staying also.

We are keeping this gorgeous plant for sentimental reasons as well as it's beauty. My Uncle gave us a cutting many many years ago and as he's since passed (before Dad) we've kept it going for him.

We are planning on getting a new Hydrangea plant as she is so protective of her *family* when asked to protect you, she will. She also manages to suss out the people whom are approaching your home whether in person or in energy. She can also return all ill will back to the sender. So a lovely plant for a witch to have.

You can also plant herbs depending on the kinds of things you want magickal help with. Perhaps lavender to soother visitors and energies as they approach your home?

Basil to bring prosperity to your door, along with marigolds?

Sage for protection?

Grab yourself a good herbal book perhaps by Scott Cunningham or Ellen Dugan and you'll soon have your planting sorted.

Now, this year I also plan on hanging a lovely windchime out under my door canopy this year to gently mix up the harsh energies and transmute them to positive ones. (We have heavy traffic of lorries daily). I had my eye on these as they look so welcoming.... but I might just have to hang these in the kitchen/dining area!

Another thing to consider is the colour of your door. Do you want to have a watery, whimsical and magickal feel to your home like me and paint it blue? Or perhaps you want a bit of strength and passion and paint it red? Red is also very good in feng Shui. If your more inclined to wanting to draw prosperity, then green maybe for you. Or you could try black for protection. (At least we now know why Number 10 Downing Street is painted black? )

A doormat is not only practical but some can be picked up with a wonderful welcoming message on which instantly sets the tone to your home. Not only that but as your visitors wipe their feet, they are also wiping the negativity off their shoes.... you could of course empower your doormat for this purpose.

There are no end to magickal charms you can do to empower and protect your home. And how it looks on the outside sets the tone for the inside. It's like the primer of paint!

I know by setting these things into place with my home and entrance to my home has changed the energy inside my home positively.

The thing to remember is, your front door isn't just a block of wood or dare I say it, PVC, (remains tight lipped) it's YOUR *Portal of Power*. Would allow such a portal to be mistreated? Neglected? Vunerable? I hope not.

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6 Readers Musings:

  1. Love your post and your humorous bits tossed in here and there!

  2. Awww Thanks Polly. i'm so glad that you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for taking the time to comment. xxx

  3. Words of wisdom. Makes me think about our front door. Out home is inviting and cozy enough. Hanging over the doorway, inside, is a charmed sprig of rosemary. But the entrance just look like everyone elses. Red, dented door, no mat (been wanting one). However our complex does plant flowers which is awesome and the last people before us had planter hangers on the fence of our patio. But I will utilize the soil inside our patio, too, for herbs and flowers. :-)

  4. awww that sounds wonderful Witchfire xx

    Well you already have a very strong door, feng shui wise, and getting a mat will instantly lift the energy.

    Perhaps you could hang some rosemary ro lavender on the outside of your door, perhaps in a Pentacle shape?

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, much appreciated xxx

  5. Thank you for your inspiring post - you've got me ready to go and get rid of those tow empty pots on my front porch and get some life going out there again.

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