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Friday, 2 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012 ~ Week 9 ~ Elementals

Merry meet,

Week 9 and I struggled with what to write about believe it or not. Then it hit me, *ELEMENTALS*. It really shouldn't have been such a shock to me but it was. I have worked with the faeries for a good many years now and having teaching and writing about them I wanted to pick my favourite article I wrote quite some years ago about them that I think is still Elemental Gold when it comes to advice on how to work with them. I hope you enjoy it.

Faerie Faerie, with your guiding light, guide me to the path that is right.

Faeries are pure elemental spiritual beings that are known as nature angels. They constantly look after our animals, plants, woodlands and guide us on environmental concerns. However they can guide us on our daily life as we all have the ability to accept help and guidance from these nature angels if we take just 5 minutes a day to connect with the elements.

Faeries can be split up into four main categories that represent our elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In each of their elements they are called; Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines respectively. Although there are thousands of types of faeries vary between countries and cultures they always correspond with the four elements. Let’s look at these now;


The Gnomes are the earth elementals that look after our gardens, gems, crystals, rocks, the sandy beaches and can help us in our material life with our foundations. We each have a household gnome works with us whilst doing daily chores, and home improvements. This is why something’s tend to go wrong as the brownies, pixies or goblins like to be slightly mischievous but generally mean no harm. If things go missing, chances are your household gnome moved them. So ask for them back.

To connect with your gnome, you could dedicate a small area such as a shelf on a bookcase as an altar. It will preferably be a small space in the kitchen. On here place fallen leaves, a vase of flowers, conkers, pictures of woodlands, trees, and perhaps a garden statue of a squirrel and gnome. Write a request to your household gnome for any help you may need for example; help paying your bills, help to locate a missing item, to help you keep on top of the housework, or perhaps to just say thank you for all their help and support. To say thank you place a small gift such as honey, cream, milk, butter or cake. You can be sure that he’ll find it when he does a spiritual tidy up.


The air elementals look after our atmosphere and encourage our intellect and ideas. When the wind blows through your hair, it is accompanied by the sylphs. We each have a sylph guardian that encourages us to get more fresh air, to change yourself or environment you reside in. They bring you ideas to inspire you in the magickal breeze.

To connect more with these air faeries perhaps place a couple of wind chimes in your window or in places throughout your home in which they can catch the breeze. When they chime, it’s the air elementals way of saying “hello, we’re here”. And don’t forget the garden. Place wind chimes and anything to represent air there such as a weather vane, windmill, and figurines of birds. Also feed the birds by hanging a couple of bird feeders around the garden.


The fire elementals remind us of how important it is to cleanse regularly, and devote time to our passions. They are the folk that keep us warm in the cold evenings when we’re cosy by the fire; they are the warm in the sunshine that shines down upon us.

To connect with the salamanders light a candle (remember to be safe) and talk to the spirit within the flame. Write a request for help with areas in your life you need help cleansing, for example; finances, family trouble, career worries etc, and place underneath the candle knowing they will help if they can. To ignite the fire of passion, stare deeply into the flame of the candle and visualise the passion you have deep in your heart (dreams you wish to come true, creativity you wish to express) of being true and present in your life.


The water elementals also known as mermaids or mer-faeries are connected with rain, our bathrooms, and our emotions. They are the beings that bless us with the privilege to be able to drink fresh clean water daily, and to be able to feed our plants and trees. Undines are depicted as goddess type beings with long flowing hair and fish tails. They inspire us to take a long hot soak, and to beautify ourselves.

To connect to the mermaids, place pictures of them in your bathroom, sea shells on the window sill, wear sea shells as jewellery. Talk to them in your mind as you bathe, feel them massaging your aching body and soothing your cares away. You can also have a water feature in your garden or a fish pond.

There are of course some faerie basics;

  • Feed the birds and stray animals
  • Never mow the grass until you ask permission (faeries live in the grass you know)
  • Never drop litter
  • Leave gifts of milk, butter, honey or cake for them as a thank you
  • Keep your environment tidy
  • Always have fun daily
  • And never step inside a faerie ring      

This article was written by me, Aurora Brierley for More to Life magazine

    All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.

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