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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Faerie's and Children

Working in a primary school, I see faeries daily as they are naturally attracted to children because of their natural innocence and openness to new experiences and fun. I’ve even had fun loving faeries play hide and seek with a girls’ sparkly headband. Luckily after my request to the faeries to bring back the headband before home time, the little girl went home happy headband firmly in place. However faeries also strive to protect our little ones from all harm.
I can understand that as a parent or carer of children our instincts are to protect them. So how can we work with faeries to protect our innocents?
At bedtime we can call upon the Dream-Keeper Faerie to sprinkle magickal sleeping & dreaming dust upon our children to ensure only good dreams – protecting our child from bad dreams. Night terrors can be upsetting for both parent/carer and child with boogie men appearing after dark from inside the wardrobe or underneath the bed (which usually means that you’ve got a darkened corner gathering negative energy that could be easily cleansed by placing some Rose Quartz in these spots to act as a shield). Nothing can permeate the force of *Love*, only *Love*. The Dream-Keeper Faerie acts as a faerie Dream Catcher, filtering out all the bad dreams to ensure a perfectly peaceful nights sleep.
When you set off for school you can ask your child’s faerie guardian to guard, guide, inspire and protect them throughout the day. This can be especially comforting to children who find going to school difficult or frightening. Also a good idea for children’s first day at school or the “Back to School” week. As a teacher, I have experienced many young children crying on their way into school through fear of leaving their parents. The thought of having a secret faerie guardian by their side throughout the day who can keep them safe and happy can be a comfort to both Mum/Dad/Carer and Child.
Talk to your child about faerie guardians, helping them to take responsibility for their own magickal protection. This can give our innocent faerie children confidence in themselves, plus they get to do a bit of faerie magic. There is lots of ways that you can connect to your Faerie Guardians with your children. I will be producing a leaflet soon on this that will be available via Email. Why not sit and talk about them, asking your child to describe what they look like, draw and colour a picture of them, make a collage or have fun finger painting them. Then you can hang them on the wall of your Child’s bedroom helping them feel safe, loved and just a little bit *faerie* special.
We all have ethereal faerie wings. Why not sit, talk and meditate with your child to find your faerie wings. You could even draw your faerie wings so you can remember what they look like. Visual images and creating them are very good for enhancing both play and memory in children, so you are not only having fun, you are creating faerie magick and helping your child to grow and learn through play.
Call upon the Earth Elementals by encouraging your child to carry a protective crystal or two. Tiger’s eye, amethyst and red jasper are all especially good for this. Of course rose quartz is a fantastic crystal for children to carry – ensuring faerie love truly is all around them.
Shhh! don’t tell anyone, but these Child Faerie Friendly tips are also fabulous for Grown-up Faeries too! Teehee!
Faerie Kisses & Unicorn Wishes

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  1. I have a rose quartz, and an amethyst in my girls' window. ^_^ And today we planted Canterbury Bells for the fairies to enjoy. We're going to make all sorts of shiny fun things for the fairies to enjoy once all the flowers are settled into their permanent home.