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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Daily messages for 11th March 2012

Hi all,

Here is your daily messages for today ~

ƸӜƷ Unicorn Message for 11/03/2012 ~ Happy Thoughts

Unicorns are fast becoming one of our main spiritual guides this year as they help us to lift our own vibrations to a level that helps us move forward and rise on our ascension pathway. I...t's no coincidence that *Law of Attraction* teachings have been rising over the past few years as these tools are there to help us live as we should be. The teaching the Unicorns want to bring to your awareness this morning is that of *happy thoughts*. It's important that we only ever think of happy things, so as to lift our vibration. You can remember happy times, places, people etc, to make you smile. Smiling automatially lifts our energy to a more positive level. The unicorns want you to have a little competition with yourself, make a pact that today you will notice your thoughts and replace every negative immediately with a positive and you will count your smiles. ƸӜƷ 

★ Faerie Message for 11/3/2012 ~ Rise above problems

The faeries want you to realise that no problem in your life is too big to fly over. With help from your faerie guardian you are able to use all your intentions and positive thoughts to ...surmount any difficulty within your life. Faeries are super at manifesting and know all the tips and tricks for winning the battle against negativity. Ask your faerie guardian to help you open your faerie wings and fly with you as you learn to rise above all difficulties. In the eyes of Faerie & Spirit in truth there are no problems only solutions filled with love. Send love to your issue of difficulty and see it as a child that knows no better and watch as your life becoms problem free. Faerie blessings x ★
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  1. I love when you do these! They are always so insightful!