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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Book Review ~ Light from Silver Birch

Hello all,

In this blog post I am going to be reviewing the first ever spiritually themed book I ever read. It was almost 10 years ago now when I purchased this from my local Spiritualist Church; Light from Silver Birch.

This book could have quite literally saved my life. I won't go into my personal history to much as this is about the book, but I had gone through a hard time and was wondering why it had happened to me. This book didn't give me all the answers, yet it gave me what I needed at the time.
It was inside this book that I learnt about the spiritual law of cause and effect, however I didn't know that 10 years ago I would have just been given the key to living the life I always dreamed of. I was yet to understand to what effect this knowledge of this particular spiritual law would have in store for me.
I had one of those epiphany moments whilst reading this book where I now understood that this issue in my life had been the effect of some energy condition I'd caused - now i know to explain it as many Law of Attraction books state it ; I had given out an energy, I'd expected this issue to happen and the universe had been my genie and said, "Your wish is my command".

It was very comforting to know that some spiritual God wasn't punishing me! Yes, I may have been a psychic from birth, but even I thought at some point that a higher power had it in for me! I've been there, so I know how some people can believe this.

However, this book is much more than a book on the Law of Attraction, it teaches you about the Spiritualist view of life as Spirit see's it. I should also mention that the content is channelled from a Spirit Guide called "Silver Birch". There is a whole seris of these books, but this one was the one I read. It was the last ever book full of the medium's channellings before he passed away, but I think that as a last book, it contains a very powerful message.

It also discusses how there is no death as we may view it, just a shedding of "old clothing" no longer needed to live a full life. It describes the afterlife and how we transition to the spirt world, what happens when we get there etc.

It's a lovely book if you want reassurance or spiritual understanding of the spirit world and the laws of cause and effect. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the afterlife.

It costs £8.50 from Silver Birch Publishing

Rating out of 10.0 ~ 10.0

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