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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Book Review ~ *Hands of an Angel by Helen Parry-Jones

Hello everyone,

I was sent this book by the lovely people at Random House who asked me if I would kindly read and review it for them. I gladly accepted as I am somewhat of a book-worm and love all aspects of spirituality. Here is my open, and honest review of the book.

This is not just the story of a young girl and woman's spiritual journey who is now an inspirational lady to many. It is more than that. This book contains over 345 pages of true spirituality. There is a real deep and truly enlightening message in the pages of this book. A message that needs to be heard, that needs to be read, that needs to be known. By everyone.

The book begins with a rather *flash* introduction of the life of Helen Parry-Jones as it is now which is lovely to read, however the read story of how this gifted lady got to where she is now begins from chapter 1, page 1. Marking the life of a young girl born into a family full of love, yet unsure of how to express that love to each other perhaps would have been enough for many to ignore their spiritual gift of being able to heal. But not Helen. She began seeing spirit very young when her Guardian Guide Sam made himself known. Visiting her throughout her childhood, teaching her many things that she already knew before she incarnated upon the Earth plane to begin her journey of spreading healing and love, Sam became perhaps her best friend and confidant in the tough times that she was to face.

Encountering many people coming and going in her young life, this did not deter Helen from continually trying to love and heal wherever she went. Even though it wasn't until she was in her late twenties with two young children that her Mother did not begin to open up to the fact that her daughter, Helen, did in fact have spiritual sight, Helen maintained her belief in the spirit world from childhood to the present day. A strong spirit in an Earthly body, this lady is not one that will be swayed easily. Her detemination, trust, belief and love for the Spirit World, I believe has sustained her throughout her life and will continue to do so.

Through reading this book my own spiritual abilities have had a re-awakening that could be likened to having a Spring Clean. I recalled messages from my own guides and angels, along with the many messages, visions and in fact experiences I'd had as a child and young adult. I have managed to read this book in around about a week as it was gripping to read as I desperately wanted each chapter to provide more knowledge, more healing and in fact the ong thing I feel Helen wanted as a child and indeed a young adult, her parents to fully believe that she could see and speak with spirit.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in not just *how people started their spiritual journey*, but are interested in true, honest and non-jaded teachings from the Spirit World. This "extraordinary" story of a woman's power to heal and speak with spirit, doesn't just give you a feeling of hope within your hearts, but also a knowledge of how we can live a meaningful life knowing that Spirit walk with us and if we open our hearts, we can knowingly walk with Spirit in harmony.

Helen Parry-Jones

Rating out of 10.0 ~  10.0

 It is available from all good retailers, RRP £11.99

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1 Readers Musings:

  1. I love reading spiritual books and wanted to buy a new book and this book really stood out so I bought it and it was one of the best books I bought and thought it was amazing. I have passed it on to one of my sisters and she is in the middle of reading it and she too thinks its amazing