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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week 12 ~ Finding the Self

Merry Meet,

Firstly I appologise for being slightly later than usual for my blog post for the project, I have had one very busy week where I feel so dizzy as I haven't stopped... and this time there was no alcohol involved! haha

I must admit, I wondered what I could write about, and ever stubborn I told my guides "I will work it out". They nodded, looking slightly amused and let me toil with the ideas in my head. In the end, I said, "OK, I'm ready to listen now". And they happily shared with me their thoughts for my blog post. So here it is.

No matter what pathway we find ourselves upon be it Paganism, Hedgewitchery, Spiritualism, or even Hinduism, we are all searching for the one thing that will complete us. Our self. It may take us a short while into the journey to realise that what we are infact searching for is *Our Truth*, or we may already be aware of that, or we may even only become aware of the fact some many years down the line. When we have this *aha* moment, really does not matter. What does matter is that at some point in our lives and upon our journey we want to really find our self.

For me, I've always had jigsaw pieces of who I am, right from childhood. Pieces included; Psychic, Medium, Healer, Child of a Psychic/Mediumstic family, Child decended from a long line of witches, brainbox at school, studious, helpful, kind, thoughtful, daughter, spiritual teacher, Faerie Whisperer,  daughter of a police officer and scenes of crime officer .....the list could go on.... All these labels spun around me within my auric field *defining who I was*.

I'm really not one that likes labels, I hate those online form thingy's where it says; "About Me". To sit and write one of those where I have to list who I am, what I do, etc, really narks me. I think in future I will simply write "I am me! Who are you?"

Right about now in this post, I should be writing a piece about "how to find your self". But in truth, how do I know how you can find YOUR self? I am merely me finding ME, you are finding YOU. We each walk a different path. We may walk with another on their path for  a while, helping them with their life, but at some point we return to our path. Our very own exclusive pathway that no one else has. It's totally unique and magickal, because we are too.  I can of course share with you how I found me... or the me I am today.... the me that will be very different in a year from now, in 10 years from now, I'll have changed, I'll have grown spiritually.

Who am I?

My perfectly honest answer is, I have no idea how to answer it simply as I AM.

Simply and powerfully, I just AM. I AM energy, I AM the Goddess, I AM nature, I AM all that is.

I am perfectly comfortable and content with acknowledging the fact that I am energy, I am a spiritual being embracing the journey of Earthly life with it's twists, and turns, it's ups and it's downs. I am growing. I am peaceful in that knowledge.

So what about those labels from before? Well, I still AM all those things and more, but they are just tiny facets of the the diamond Spirit that I am. Your own labels, they are just tiny diamond facets of who you truly are.

Is there a map to where you find yourself? Not in the sense that we use maps today, but there is a divine universal blue-print to who we are. But it's our job to still ourselves enough to find it in order to find our self.

My own blue-print is at the moment in time unravelling more *clues* and teachings to me about who I am, all I can say is that as it's unfolding within me right as I write this blog post, watch this space.

I must appologise for the way in which this blog post is written as it seems rather *bitty*. My only explanation is that my own spiritual frequencies are rising quie rapidly and as I embrace the process, I am finding it hard to capture my thoughts and experiences into words right now as the energy surrounding me is rather strong and vibrating at such a high frequency it almost renders me in silence.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, and will continue to visit to see what progresses.

Aurora xxx

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ostara Blessings

★ Ostara Blessings to you all. May the Spring Faeries dance love into your life and illuminate you so that you shine bright. The Faerie King & Queen send their immense blessings for many wonderful and enchanting days ahead.

Just like Mother Nature we are awakening to our true selves with each passing day and eve full of solar and luna energies.

Give thanks to Sister Moon this evening for the many blessings in your life, and celebrate this day with joy and love in the presence of our Sun God.

★ Butterfly Love and Moonshine Sprinkles

Aurora ~   Faerie Whisperer

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Saturday, 17 March 2012

Book Review ~ *Hands of an Angel by Helen Parry-Jones

Hello everyone,

I was sent this book by the lovely people at Random House who asked me if I would kindly read and review it for them. I gladly accepted as I am somewhat of a book-worm and love all aspects of spirituality. Here is my open, and honest review of the book.

This is not just the story of a young girl and woman's spiritual journey who is now an inspirational lady to many. It is more than that. This book contains over 345 pages of true spirituality. There is a real deep and truly enlightening message in the pages of this book. A message that needs to be heard, that needs to be read, that needs to be known. By everyone.

The book begins with a rather *flash* introduction of the life of Helen Parry-Jones as it is now which is lovely to read, however the read story of how this gifted lady got to where she is now begins from chapter 1, page 1. Marking the life of a young girl born into a family full of love, yet unsure of how to express that love to each other perhaps would have been enough for many to ignore their spiritual gift of being able to heal. But not Helen. She began seeing spirit very young when her Guardian Guide Sam made himself known. Visiting her throughout her childhood, teaching her many things that she already knew before she incarnated upon the Earth plane to begin her journey of spreading healing and love, Sam became perhaps her best friend and confidant in the tough times that she was to face.

Encountering many people coming and going in her young life, this did not deter Helen from continually trying to love and heal wherever she went. Even though it wasn't until she was in her late twenties with two young children that her Mother did not begin to open up to the fact that her daughter, Helen, did in fact have spiritual sight, Helen maintained her belief in the spirit world from childhood to the present day. A strong spirit in an Earthly body, this lady is not one that will be swayed easily. Her detemination, trust, belief and love for the Spirit World, I believe has sustained her throughout her life and will continue to do so.

Through reading this book my own spiritual abilities have had a re-awakening that could be likened to having a Spring Clean. I recalled messages from my own guides and angels, along with the many messages, visions and in fact experiences I'd had as a child and young adult. I have managed to read this book in around about a week as it was gripping to read as I desperately wanted each chapter to provide more knowledge, more healing and in fact the ong thing I feel Helen wanted as a child and indeed a young adult, her parents to fully believe that she could see and speak with spirit.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in not just *how people started their spiritual journey*, but are interested in true, honest and non-jaded teachings from the Spirit World. This "extraordinary" story of a woman's power to heal and speak with spirit, doesn't just give you a feeling of hope within your hearts, but also a knowledge of how we can live a meaningful life knowing that Spirit walk with us and if we open our hearts, we can knowingly walk with Spirit in harmony.

Helen Parry-Jones

Rating out of 10.0 ~  10.0

 It is available from all good retailers, RRP £11.99

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Friday, 16 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week 11 ~ Faeries and being the Faerie Whisperer

*My OFFICIAL Faerie Whisperer Logo designed by Karen Kay of FAE Magazine

Merry Meet everyone,

For me this week was an obvious choice of topic as I both love and work in partnership with the faeries. I thought I'd tell you what faeries are and mean to me and how I work with them.

Faeries are nature angels, and there are many different beings within the faerie realm. The faeries first appeared to me many many years ago when I was a child and in the garden. The would gently land upon my hand in the guise of a butterfly. They would sit there quietly and a sudden rush of warmth and peace would descend upon me. I would recieve messages in my head from them and they would say "We love you dear child". I would feel a sudden urge of such joy that sometimes I would shed a tear of happiness at the power of love. Throughout my childhood they let me grow up enjoying the beauty of the earth around us. I have always lived with a beautiful cat, first Tinkerbelle (Whom Mum had before she even had me), then Ginger, and now Pepsie and Magick. Where-ever there are animals there are faeries for the faeries are the natural faerie guardians (Like a guardian angel) of all animals.
I spent my childhood growing up the countryside of Shropshire. Many days and weekends were spent in Bewdley, Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, bromsgrove to name but a few. But my heart lies between the River Severn in Bewdley and the Clee Hills in Ludlow. From sitting along the riverbank watching the swans, ducks and fish swim past, and listening to the breeze gently whipping the willow branches as the air elementals otherwise known as the sylphs flutter on by, to gazing at the views of the valleys, fields and meadows as we sat on top of Clee Hill. Everywhere is filled with Faeries. Mum taught me that. She has a great love for Dragonflies, a very special faerie companion, and I share the love for them, along with butterflies for reasons I will mention a little later on in the post.

It wasn't until 2004, the year my Father passed away with Cancer that the faeries began to make themselves more known to me and began guiding me along a pathway that would forever change my life. Mum had been shopping and when she came back, she had brought me my first ever set of Faerie Oracle cards by Brian & Wendy Froud, along with a meditation CD and a book called "How to Catch Faeries" and explained to me that My father and she had decided to purchase them for me as they felt it was important for my spiritual development. I think they both knew that the faeries were somehow to play a huge part in my life as I grew up. At 16 years old, I was slightly unsure as to how I would be viewed when I began giving free psychic and mediumship readings to people all over the world via the internet from the faeries. However I needn't have worried as everyone was touched by their magick that I channelled through my readings. I always tell clients when it's something I'm seeing/feeling/hearing and when it is a spiritual being showing/telling me something.
I was pleased with how supportive my parents were and how my Mother still is with my work with the faeries as one can imagine some people may endure a tough time when admitting they work with faeries. Dad passed away November 2004, and at 16 years old, although I knew very much that he was still around and that I had the loving support of Family and Spiritual Guides of all kinds there to support me, it does not replace the fact that in one sense, a little girl's father is no longer there.

In 2006 I was guided to work with the trees and took my Celtic Reiki 1 and 2 training. This healing system works perfectly with my own beliefs and values along with my spirituality as you connect with the tree energies and Dryads (faeries within the trees) to channel healing energy to animals, people, plants, oceans and also the universe. I've found that Celtic Reiki works extremly well especially when healing with Animals as I've seen the results with my own pets. I finally became a Celtic Reiki Master in 2011 and am working now with my Celtic Reiki Guide to put together a manual and course for others to be attuned by me.

I began to work more and more with the faeries behind the scenes with private clients and friends whilst working more publically about angels and our loved ones in the afterlife. Again I wasn't sure how many people would take my working with the faeries. Luckily, the faeries supported my background work with them and one day told me it was time to let people know that I was indeed working with them. I questioned them about how they could be so supportive of me yet I was seemingly hiding my knowledge of them to a certain degree. They lovingly replied that I was about to find out.
A few days later I encoutered a rather tough experience where my beliefs and abilities were questioned. I knew that I had nothing to prove and so handed it over to the faeries. At once Queen Mab appeared before my very eyes with her chariot and consort. She told me matter of factly that all wrongs would be put right. I had nothing to fear. I believed her and cried with appreciation. The issue was dealt with and never became a problem again. It wasn't long after this that Queen Mab asked me how I felt since being initiated as a Faerie Priestess. I was puzzled and thought she had in fact gotten me confused with someone else. She smiled and told me to relax so I did as I was at the time sunbathing in the garden. She took me on a journey to faerieland where they performed the blessing ceremony of my becoming a faerie priestess. She crowned me with roses and placed upon the crown my *Faerie Priestess Emblem* ~ The Butterfly. She told me of its significance to me, the magick it carried for me and my work and said that over Earthly time I would infact gain more Faerie tokens of power as I developed along my preistess pathway.  Her word was kept as I have been given a Faerie Heart, a Dragonfly, a Raven and a Tree emblem.

Fast forward a few years and in 2010 I became known as *The Faerie Whisperer*, the name was given me by Queen Mab as she said my faerie teachings would touch people with such strength yet be spoken as a whisper. She showed me how my teachings would be gentle and full of love and light, yet they would carry such immense power. Even now I sometimes think my teachings are too soft, yet I know that I channel teachings of love and wisdom from the feeback I recieve so I have learnt not to question the faeries now. I trust them wholeheartedly for which I am rewarded. During the Rememberance Sunday at around 10:50am November 2010, I was offered the pathway that has changed my life for the more positive. Karen Kay of FAE Magazine asked me to become a part of the FAE team as the *Faerie Whisperer* columnist in FAE Magazine. I accepted gladly as I knew this was the next step the Faeries and in particular my faerie guide and mentor, Queen Mab had mapped out for me in my destiny.

Since then, I have worked with wonderful people connecting them to faeries, their own faerie guardians, I have performed healings using Celtic Reiki, I have become a Elven Shamanic Healing Master and began special healing work with the Soul Faeries. I have had wonderful feedback from the clients whom have been touched the Soul Faeries in my healings. I have other projects currently being worked on behind the scenes with the Faeries. Details will be revealed as and when the faeries ask me to. I am a very busy Faerie Priestess right now and just know that in a positive way, I am only going to become even busier.  

In the last 24 hours I have been receiving more information from my Faerie Mentor and from external sources whom have been guided by the faeries to communicate with me about my next mission giving me information and guidance on what needs to be done and how to go about it. All this will be revealed in the Summer Issue of FAE Magazine out in the UK May 1st.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on how I work with the faeries and how faeries are very much a part of who I am and a part of my destiny. I would love to read your thoughts/comments

Lots of love filled with Faerie Blessings

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Faerie's and Children

Working in a primary school, I see faeries daily as they are naturally attracted to children because of their natural innocence and openness to new experiences and fun. I’ve even had fun loving faeries play hide and seek with a girls’ sparkly headband. Luckily after my request to the faeries to bring back the headband before home time, the little girl went home happy headband firmly in place. However faeries also strive to protect our little ones from all harm.
I can understand that as a parent or carer of children our instincts are to protect them. So how can we work with faeries to protect our innocents?
At bedtime we can call upon the Dream-Keeper Faerie to sprinkle magickal sleeping & dreaming dust upon our children to ensure only good dreams – protecting our child from bad dreams. Night terrors can be upsetting for both parent/carer and child with boogie men appearing after dark from inside the wardrobe or underneath the bed (which usually means that you’ve got a darkened corner gathering negative energy that could be easily cleansed by placing some Rose Quartz in these spots to act as a shield). Nothing can permeate the force of *Love*, only *Love*. The Dream-Keeper Faerie acts as a faerie Dream Catcher, filtering out all the bad dreams to ensure a perfectly peaceful nights sleep.
When you set off for school you can ask your child’s faerie guardian to guard, guide, inspire and protect them throughout the day. This can be especially comforting to children who find going to school difficult or frightening. Also a good idea for children’s first day at school or the “Back to School” week. As a teacher, I have experienced many young children crying on their way into school through fear of leaving their parents. The thought of having a secret faerie guardian by their side throughout the day who can keep them safe and happy can be a comfort to both Mum/Dad/Carer and Child.
Talk to your child about faerie guardians, helping them to take responsibility for their own magickal protection. This can give our innocent faerie children confidence in themselves, plus they get to do a bit of faerie magic. There is lots of ways that you can connect to your Faerie Guardians with your children. I will be producing a leaflet soon on this that will be available via Email. Why not sit and talk about them, asking your child to describe what they look like, draw and colour a picture of them, make a collage or have fun finger painting them. Then you can hang them on the wall of your Child’s bedroom helping them feel safe, loved and just a little bit *faerie* special.
We all have ethereal faerie wings. Why not sit, talk and meditate with your child to find your faerie wings. You could even draw your faerie wings so you can remember what they look like. Visual images and creating them are very good for enhancing both play and memory in children, so you are not only having fun, you are creating faerie magick and helping your child to grow and learn through play.
Call upon the Earth Elementals by encouraging your child to carry a protective crystal or two. Tiger’s eye, amethyst and red jasper are all especially good for this. Of course rose quartz is a fantastic crystal for children to carry – ensuring faerie love truly is all around them.
Shhh! don’t tell anyone, but these Child Faerie Friendly tips are also fabulous for Grown-up Faeries too! Teehee!
Faerie Kisses & Unicorn Wishes

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Daily messages for 11th March 2012

Hi all,

Here is your daily messages for today ~

ƸӜƷ Unicorn Message for 11/03/2012 ~ Happy Thoughts

Unicorns are fast becoming one of our main spiritual guides this year as they help us to lift our own vibrations to a level that helps us move forward and rise on our ascension pathway. I...t's no coincidence that *Law of Attraction* teachings have been rising over the past few years as these tools are there to help us live as we should be. The teaching the Unicorns want to bring to your awareness this morning is that of *happy thoughts*. It's important that we only ever think of happy things, so as to lift our vibration. You can remember happy times, places, people etc, to make you smile. Smiling automatially lifts our energy to a more positive level. The unicorns want you to have a little competition with yourself, make a pact that today you will notice your thoughts and replace every negative immediately with a positive and you will count your smiles. ƸӜƷ 

★ Faerie Message for 11/3/2012 ~ Rise above problems

The faeries want you to realise that no problem in your life is too big to fly over. With help from your faerie guardian you are able to use all your intentions and positive thoughts to ...surmount any difficulty within your life. Faeries are super at manifesting and know all the tips and tricks for winning the battle against negativity. Ask your faerie guardian to help you open your faerie wings and fly with you as you learn to rise above all difficulties. In the eyes of Faerie & Spirit in truth there are no problems only solutions filled with love. Send love to your issue of difficulty and see it as a child that knows no better and watch as your life becoms problem free. Faerie blessings x ★
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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Power of Healing

Many people receive healing everyday, just like many people get ill every day. But how many of those ill people turn to Spiritual Healing? Here we have a true story about a lady who was very ill in hospital and with the help of distant healing recovered 100%. Unbelievable? Don’t judge just yet, read on first.

Chrissie was admitted to hospital with severe back pain and fetching up blood. Doctor’s put her on drips and monitors. They called her family to her bedside and were told that Chrissie hadn’t got long left to live because of how serious her condition was. Her husband was very distressed and upset which is understandable and on several occasions he went to the Chapel within the hospital to pray for Chrissie. Another patient’s visitor, who happened to be my Mum could see how upset this poor man was and asked him for his wife’s name. A text message was sent to myself explaining the situation. I then went online straight away and posted messages on a healing forum and asked for healing to be sent to Chrissie.

During that night Chrissie was took to Intensive care and things didn’t look good as her health had deteriorated even more. My Mum arrived at the hospital the following day and asked staff about Chrissie’s condition. She was told that things were looking bad for Chrissie as there had been no improvement.

The following day Mum was at the hospital when Chrissie’s husband came into the ward. He was smiling as he approached her and thanked her for sending the healing as she was much better and they had even took her off the ventilator and drips.

My Mum sat down with Chrissie’s husband and talked with him in detail about healing and Spiritualism. Chrissie’s husband said he was very grateful for the help as he loved Chrissie very much and didn’t want to lose her, which is completely understandable.

Many people go into hospitals everyday and even come away feeling a miracle occurred, but on that one occasion, Chrissie and her husband witnessed what the power of healing and prayer can do.

*It is also worth noting that the work of the medical team including Doctors, Nurses, and many unseen helpers, are also to thank for Chrissie's recovery. Healing is not a replacement for medical treatment but is complimentary*

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Friday, 9 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project ~ Week 10 ~ Entrances of Magick

Hi all,

How many of us think that we have the *basics* of protection and empowerment covered? I know I've long thought that I had, until I read a book and took the time between reading the lines and evaluated my own portal of power. OK I mean my front door, but my front door no longer feels the need to be called a 'front door', it is no seen to me and mine as the *Portal to our power*. Let me explain.

I would say that any housewife... especially a "Bree VanderCamp" one  would know that the "Front of the home is the face to who you are". But I guess, every pagan witch should know this. If you didn't you do now! That single idea made me stop for several days and really evaluate what the "Face of my home" was really portraying to outsiders. I knew what I wanted it to portray and what I didn't. I found through very honest and dare I say rather painful scrutiny (Im no good at admitting i'm wrong about something so personal to me), that my front was a mask! And not a very nice one at that. (I will not go into the personal life story about my front garden - I would inflict such pain upon you!)

Now, I saw that my *face* was a little plain, slightly bare, dare I say.... *neglected* (Ouch that hurt to say) and rather, well unruly. From the pathway/sidewalk, people could barely see my front door because of the conifer hedging we have. (Now, just to note, the conifer hedging is still there and I have been unable to even trim them as of yet as I am allergic to the sap from them - BUT, they are booked in to be "dealt" with, i.e, they are going to have a haircut!).

I'm rather happy with the front door to be honest, I painted it last year from a White to a cosmic whimsical royal blue which it used to be, and it still looks fabulous. It adds country cottage charm to our home, and a nice red brick step to compliment it.

I've sat with a herbal book and looked at herbs and plants that I would like planted in my front garden and have decided on the following;

We are keeping the Buddleja bush (even though it's named after an ex of mine *Shudders*) It's a beautiful plant, encourages butterflies and for that reason it stays!

We are also keeping the Camelia bush as it was planted 7 years ago in memory of my Father.

The bottle brush which looks rather like this when grown, is staying also.

We are keeping this gorgeous plant for sentimental reasons as well as it's beauty. My Uncle gave us a cutting many many years ago and as he's since passed (before Dad) we've kept it going for him.

We are planning on getting a new Hydrangea plant as she is so protective of her *family* when asked to protect you, she will. She also manages to suss out the people whom are approaching your home whether in person or in energy. She can also return all ill will back to the sender. So a lovely plant for a witch to have.

You can also plant herbs depending on the kinds of things you want magickal help with. Perhaps lavender to soother visitors and energies as they approach your home?

Basil to bring prosperity to your door, along with marigolds?

Sage for protection?

Grab yourself a good herbal book perhaps by Scott Cunningham or Ellen Dugan and you'll soon have your planting sorted.

Now, this year I also plan on hanging a lovely windchime out under my door canopy this year to gently mix up the harsh energies and transmute them to positive ones. (We have heavy traffic of lorries daily). I had my eye on these as they look so welcoming.... but I might just have to hang these in the kitchen/dining area!

Another thing to consider is the colour of your door. Do you want to have a watery, whimsical and magickal feel to your home like me and paint it blue? Or perhaps you want a bit of strength and passion and paint it red? Red is also very good in feng Shui. If your more inclined to wanting to draw prosperity, then green maybe for you. Or you could try black for protection. (At least we now know why Number 10 Downing Street is painted black? )

A doormat is not only practical but some can be picked up with a wonderful welcoming message on which instantly sets the tone to your home. Not only that but as your visitors wipe their feet, they are also wiping the negativity off their shoes.... you could of course empower your doormat for this purpose.

There are no end to magickal charms you can do to empower and protect your home. And how it looks on the outside sets the tone for the inside. It's like the primer of paint!

I know by setting these things into place with my home and entrance to my home has changed the energy inside my home positively.

The thing to remember is, your front door isn't just a block of wood or dare I say it, PVC, (remains tight lipped) it's YOUR *Portal of Power*. Would allow such a portal to be mistreated? Neglected? Vunerable? I hope not.

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Thursday, 8 March 2012

Book Review ~ Light from Silver Birch

Hello all,

In this blog post I am going to be reviewing the first ever spiritually themed book I ever read. It was almost 10 years ago now when I purchased this from my local Spiritualist Church; Light from Silver Birch.

This book could have quite literally saved my life. I won't go into my personal history to much as this is about the book, but I had gone through a hard time and was wondering why it had happened to me. This book didn't give me all the answers, yet it gave me what I needed at the time.
It was inside this book that I learnt about the spiritual law of cause and effect, however I didn't know that 10 years ago I would have just been given the key to living the life I always dreamed of. I was yet to understand to what effect this knowledge of this particular spiritual law would have in store for me.
I had one of those epiphany moments whilst reading this book where I now understood that this issue in my life had been the effect of some energy condition I'd caused - now i know to explain it as many Law of Attraction books state it ; I had given out an energy, I'd expected this issue to happen and the universe had been my genie and said, "Your wish is my command".

It was very comforting to know that some spiritual God wasn't punishing me! Yes, I may have been a psychic from birth, but even I thought at some point that a higher power had it in for me! I've been there, so I know how some people can believe this.

However, this book is much more than a book on the Law of Attraction, it teaches you about the Spiritualist view of life as Spirit see's it. I should also mention that the content is channelled from a Spirit Guide called "Silver Birch". There is a whole seris of these books, but this one was the one I read. It was the last ever book full of the medium's channellings before he passed away, but I think that as a last book, it contains a very powerful message.

It also discusses how there is no death as we may view it, just a shedding of "old clothing" no longer needed to live a full life. It describes the afterlife and how we transition to the spirt world, what happens when we get there etc.

It's a lovely book if you want reassurance or spiritual understanding of the spirit world and the laws of cause and effect. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the afterlife.

It costs £8.50 from Silver Birch Publishing

Rating out of 10.0 ~ 10.0

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No writtern contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Wednesday, 7 March 2012

*The Witch Inside* reviews

Hello everyone,

I have been approached by a publishing house (one that I am not yet naming) to read and review books that they are publishing, and posting the reviews on here. As a writer this is an amazing apportunity and I am blessed to have been asked. I accepted immediately so I now have a couple of books hot off the press on their way to me for me to read and review.

This wonderfully welcome news sparked my writer's brain into 3rd gear (I've been working in 1st gear of late) and got me thinking. I already have read so many spiritually themed books and have lots on my "to read" list, so why shouldn't I review those also?

So this is my plan, I will regularly post reviews of spiritually themed books be they on the topics of crystals, herbalism, angels, wicca, paganism, faeries, afterlife communication, spiritualism, kabbalah, or spiritual healing, If I've read them I will review them.

Now, this also opens a doorway potentially for you. If you are an author of a spiritually themed book and would like me to review your book/s, giving them a rating out of 10, and are willing to get a copy sent to me free of charge, then I will read and review. You will of course get a link to the blog post, and the blog post will get re-linked on my facebook pages & accounts along with getting tweeted.
If this sounds good to you, you can contact me via email

Brightest Blessings,
Aurora )O(

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Standing up for Me

Merry Meet y'all,

As you may be ever so slighly aware, I am prone to stress dont roll your eyes at me Missy - I can see you know, which is most likely the cause of my working with children. (Gosh this sounds ever so good doesn't it for a tantalising start!) I am a student Primary Teacher...well, potentially, and I have had enough of the sheer stress of it all. (Please don't think me as pathetic!)

Well, I'm always telling others "if you're not happy at work, then find something that does make you happy" and I've had others, some daily...hourly even, telling me the same thing. Well this weekend, I hit the roof on being stressed and said "Rory! ENOUGH!!!" So I text my mentor and colleague and explained the situation and said, "I'm needed at home right now (Mum is not 100% mobile you see...) so for now, I'm taking some time out if you don't mind" Needless to say I'm still alive to tell the tale, and I'm now "off". I need this time off to be ME and find myself, and actually just be happy. I stood up for myself everyone! YAY!!!!!

So what will I be doing with my time off? I am so glad you asked.... you did ask right?

Anyway, I plan on studying really hard at Uni and completing the modules I am currently undertaking. (I've already been a smarty pants and done some this morning before 12pm!) I plan on sorting my home out, along with the garden.... I'm amazed at how every year I always end up starting all over again with the garden. I have big ideas for the garden this year, and a lot of it has been fuelled by my obsessed reading of two books by two equally fantabulous witches; Ellen Dugan & Tess Whitehurst. I read these for self love and also the Pagan Reading Challenge 2012

I have planting ideas for my front garden!!! I never have those kinds of ideas!

I plan on hanging a windchime by my front door this year to welcome in the positive energies and such, I have a planting plan... and I even spent the 1st March sweeping, washing down my doorstep and front door with a Witchy Blend! I swear, one day the postman will greet me with parcels whilst I am in 4 inch heels, 1950s tea dress, pinny, broom and witches hat to boot! Ha! He would LOVE it! he's used to my wierd ways... he already talks to my trees and tells them to keep my parcels safe until I come home.... hmmmm yep... he's very AWARE of my neighbours... scoundrels they are!

I will be browsing for some spells, charms and enchantments I can do to keep my noisy and NOSEY neighbours quiet and the heck away from my home, garden and family! If you guys and gals have any ideas, PLEASE do tell!

I've also felt and found that I'm becoming more domesticated now...(since I've been fixed!- JOKE!) I've started to enjoy cleaning (especially with lemon scented products) and hoovering.... my god I love my hoover right now! It makes my carpets all crispy so it's like your stamping on crisps as you walk over it *OOOOHHH it makes me excited thinking about it*

Right my little witchlets, I am off on my broom to go magick up some more knowledge of how to fix my darn neighbours! Perhaps a spell to encourage them to move.....or even to help me move to my dream home!!! Hmmmmmm Decisions, decisions!


Aurora )O(

All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.
Friday, 2 March 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012 ~ Week 9 ~ Elementals

Merry meet,

Week 9 and I struggled with what to write about believe it or not. Then it hit me, *ELEMENTALS*. It really shouldn't have been such a shock to me but it was. I have worked with the faeries for a good many years now and having teaching and writing about them I wanted to pick my favourite article I wrote quite some years ago about them that I think is still Elemental Gold when it comes to advice on how to work with them. I hope you enjoy it.

Faerie Faerie, with your guiding light, guide me to the path that is right.

Faeries are pure elemental spiritual beings that are known as nature angels. They constantly look after our animals, plants, woodlands and guide us on environmental concerns. However they can guide us on our daily life as we all have the ability to accept help and guidance from these nature angels if we take just 5 minutes a day to connect with the elements.

Faeries can be split up into four main categories that represent our elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In each of their elements they are called; Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines respectively. Although there are thousands of types of faeries vary between countries and cultures they always correspond with the four elements. Let’s look at these now;


The Gnomes are the earth elementals that look after our gardens, gems, crystals, rocks, the sandy beaches and can help us in our material life with our foundations. We each have a household gnome works with us whilst doing daily chores, and home improvements. This is why something’s tend to go wrong as the brownies, pixies or goblins like to be slightly mischievous but generally mean no harm. If things go missing, chances are your household gnome moved them. So ask for them back.

To connect with your gnome, you could dedicate a small area such as a shelf on a bookcase as an altar. It will preferably be a small space in the kitchen. On here place fallen leaves, a vase of flowers, conkers, pictures of woodlands, trees, and perhaps a garden statue of a squirrel and gnome. Write a request to your household gnome for any help you may need for example; help paying your bills, help to locate a missing item, to help you keep on top of the housework, or perhaps to just say thank you for all their help and support. To say thank you place a small gift such as honey, cream, milk, butter or cake. You can be sure that he’ll find it when he does a spiritual tidy up.


The air elementals look after our atmosphere and encourage our intellect and ideas. When the wind blows through your hair, it is accompanied by the sylphs. We each have a sylph guardian that encourages us to get more fresh air, to change yourself or environment you reside in. They bring you ideas to inspire you in the magickal breeze.

To connect more with these air faeries perhaps place a couple of wind chimes in your window or in places throughout your home in which they can catch the breeze. When they chime, it’s the air elementals way of saying “hello, we’re here”. And don’t forget the garden. Place wind chimes and anything to represent air there such as a weather vane, windmill, and figurines of birds. Also feed the birds by hanging a couple of bird feeders around the garden.


The fire elementals remind us of how important it is to cleanse regularly, and devote time to our passions. They are the folk that keep us warm in the cold evenings when we’re cosy by the fire; they are the warm in the sunshine that shines down upon us.

To connect with the salamanders light a candle (remember to be safe) and talk to the spirit within the flame. Write a request for help with areas in your life you need help cleansing, for example; finances, family trouble, career worries etc, and place underneath the candle knowing they will help if they can. To ignite the fire of passion, stare deeply into the flame of the candle and visualise the passion you have deep in your heart (dreams you wish to come true, creativity you wish to express) of being true and present in your life.


The water elementals also known as mermaids or mer-faeries are connected with rain, our bathrooms, and our emotions. They are the beings that bless us with the privilege to be able to drink fresh clean water daily, and to be able to feed our plants and trees. Undines are depicted as goddess type beings with long flowing hair and fish tails. They inspire us to take a long hot soak, and to beautify ourselves.

To connect to the mermaids, place pictures of them in your bathroom, sea shells on the window sill, wear sea shells as jewellery. Talk to them in your mind as you bathe, feel them massaging your aching body and soothing your cares away. You can also have a water feature in your garden or a fish pond.

There are of course some faerie basics;

  • Feed the birds and stray animals
  • Never mow the grass until you ask permission (faeries live in the grass you know)
  • Never drop litter
  • Leave gifts of milk, butter, honey or cake for them as a thank you
  • Keep your environment tidy
  • Always have fun daily
  • And never step inside a faerie ring      

This article was written by me, Aurora Brierley for More to Life magazine

    All written content on this blog is the work of © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside. No written contents of this blog may be reproduced in any way (in part or in entirety) without the express written permission of the author, © Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer & The Witch Inside.