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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wordless Sunday ~ Week 2 ~ Hidden Voices

Hi all,

It's Sunday which means it's "Wordless Sunday" time.

I first looked at the prompt from *Pixies Musings* and thought - "How can I write something about that?" so I admit, I walked away pretty peeved that I couldn't stick this challenge through.

at 21:00 (approx 5 minutes ago) I re-found the picture and made it speak to me. For my writing University course we have been told to write from an objects voice... How do I know what an object would say?

Well, this is what I think this building would say.

Hidden Voices

The view of me is protected
Only I can see out there
Surrounded all in hues of blue
Stones aged with wisdom of greying hair

Twists and turns testing my spine
Hidden eyes all on you
You think you see me
When it is I that sees you

Ledges smooth to touch
If only the terror seen was visible to you
Voices say I’m pretty, equisite, even raw
Yet history unknown would shock you

The voices belong to minds
Who stand to look and stare
Some are willing, others forced
Yet opinions are shared with me without a care

Mosaic inspired from country afar
Invaders are not welcome here

Serpents’ teeth stand to attention
My mask of pretty is something to fear

By Aurora Brierley, 19/2/2012

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