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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wordless Sunday ~ Week 1

Merry Meet,

My lovely sister is running her "Wordless Sundays" again on her blog where she posts a picture and we write about whatever springs to mind for this piece. You can view and take part by looking at her blog Pixie's Musings and then linking back to your blog on her comments with your post.

Well as I am needing practice with my poetry for a University Assignment due 23rd February, I thought I'd try to write a poem about this picture.

The Jewelled City

Sunrise and Sky blend as one
Tiny jewels gelled together
Wonderment and Magick - those moments are gone
Magic Carpet hues blending with a feather.

Candy canes and sugar lumps
lay the pathway of the walls
Elegance and Posture rule as opposed to frumps
Dreams of girls finding love at galant balls.

A journey not to be forgotten
feelings and moments captured on frame
to flick through later when feeling rock bottom
re-inspiring you and raising your game.

The heirloom jewels seen many a day
stubborn and secure - refusing to move
Guarding and guiding the City's historical bay
Those Jewels of Mosiac, with their history have nothing to prove.

© Aurora Brierley 12/02/2012

I'd love to know what you guys and gals think? Poetry is not my strength but I am trying to improve as I do like writing poetry. I find it a quick way for me to get my ideas out from start to finish without waiting as I am terrible with *patience*

Im not bowled over by this piece... just for the record. :/

Blessed Be xx


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