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Friday, 17 February 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012 ~ Week 7 ~ Dreams

Merry Meet,

Wow, Week 7 already and I'm still blogging! This is such a huge achievment for me I don't think you could comprehend what it means to me as a blogger as  writer and as a person in society!
Anyway, I want to discuss my knowledge about dreams. So here goes;

I was once told that dreams were very important to me and I agreed, at the time thinking of the dreams I’d had about my then partner being safe and happy ( as he is in the army and was at that time serving in Iraq). This person also told me how they were a communication for me. I just took it that the dreams were telling me that he would be ok. I was right on that one, he was safe and he did come home. However what I failed to realise at the time was how important these dreams were to my life and how I would use these dreams as my special slant on paranormal topics. Let me explain;

I sat down one morning and relayed a dream I’d had the previous night to my mother about an aunt of mine who had passed several years before. The dream itself was about her passing only it was a different scene to the passing that actually occurred. It included many people from the family that had passed before including my uncle who was my aunt’s husband, who I should point out that actually passed before my aunt did, yet in my dream he was still alive, as were my father, and other family members. The intriguing thing in this dream was my eagerness to tell them that the clock had stopped at the time of her passing and it hadn’t started again since. They would not listen and I began to become impatient about this. Back to reality, the time of her passing wasn’t correct on the clock, yet the time on the clock was the time I told my mother about my dream. To add to this the previous night my spiritual guide had been telling me things to write down to do with angelic and afterlife calling cards and place a tick next to those I myself have experienced. I hadn’t listed the phenomenon of clocks stopping at the time of loved ones passing and believe my aunt had given me that dream to remind me of an important one. This particular calling card ; clocks stopping at the time of a passing, was one I had myself experienced when my Nan passed. So to sum it all up my dreams were a connection to the afterlife, my communication just as I had been told. So I want to explain and show you how your loved ones may be trying to guide you through your dreams.

The most common dream that people have is a Precognitive dream which is a predictive dream. I began my afterlife dreaming with one of these dreams when I was 13 years old by predicting plane crashes, which sadly did occur within hours, days, and weeks of my dream. I still remember mum using the old Tele-text service on our TV to show a news story about a plane crash that was exactly like my dream the night before. People have reported of dreaming about the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers before it happened, and have even cancelled trips and flights due to a foreboding dream. It seems that people do take notice of these dreams that are I believe warnings sent to us by our angels and loved ones in the afterlife. As well as warnings, I personally believe that these dreams are asking us to pray for all the souls that will be involved in the crisis.

Dreams have occurred to people that are close to passing in order to prepare them for the afterlife, with many saying that they felt peace and joy and no longer feared death. Many terminally ill patients report of transitional dreams that include a variety of afterlife entering systems. These have included walking through doors, crossing bridges, being guided by a loved one, and even being in a peaceful garden with the most beautiful scenery. My own father prior to his passing reported of seeing my mother with angels, and a visit to the peaceful garden. He even felt as though he had been out of hospital which he hadn’t. Well not physically, but perhaps spiritually he had.

Many people, in fact, 7 out of 10 people will experience the sensation of flying in their dreams at some point in their lives. This is known as an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE). An OBE is where your astral body travels out of the physical one to the astral plane where you are seemingly flying. I can never remember the sensation of flying myself, but I do remember the sensation I feel when I return to my body after an OBE. It feels as though you are falling and then you feel a thud and you’re awake. This is where your astral body is re-entering your physical one. At first when I started to experience this I must admit I found it a bit scary, then I went on to feeling annoyed that it woke me up, but now I really find it quite amusing as upon awakening I wonder to myself ‘where have you just been?’. Have you experienced this?

My favourite type of dream has to be a Dream visitation. Dream visitations are where your loved ones visit you in your dreams perhaps with a message for you. This could be a message to say ‘I love you,’ or ‘I’m ok, please don’t worry’. I’ve had a variety of dream visitations including a message from my father to tell mum that he’s ok and has been healed, which does happen to loved ones who have perhaps had a tough time prior to passing. I’ve also had a dream visitation where I visited my Nan and Granddad in their nice cottage in the afterlife, although the cottage setting was for my benefit rather than theirs.

Another type dream that occurs is a Past life dream, where you dream of your past life, and you recognise it as being such by just knowing and the surroundings being familiar to you. I have experienced a past life dream myself.

I dreamt I was in Egypt where I worked as an embalmer in the tombs. You must realise I have never been to Egypt so I know nothing of the layout of Egypt or the tombs first hand. My job was to embalm the deceased bodies and I refused to place a living cat in one of the tombs. My master found out and I was locked in this tomb over a period of time with no lighting, no food or drink thus dying due to dehydration. Past life dreams interest me deeply and I really think there is a point to them. They can bring up issues from previous lives that need addressing, and when you address them you release yourself from the pain or anxiety it caused you subconsciously. My Past life dream certainly helped me heal from fear of the dead.

Hopefully you can see the interesting paranormal side to dreams and realise they are a communication to you from loved ones and afterlife angels. Remember to write them down, make sure they are dated and keep them in a safe place for in time; they might just hold the key to your destiny.

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  1. Interesting post! Incidentally, I've also had a dream about visiting my great-grandparents in their little cottage in the village they are from. It was a bit like a family reunion, and they were very pleased to see me. Although I've never met them in the flesh, I feel that we've met on another plane back then.

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