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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Finding the light in a Table Cloth

Merry Meet,

I have had a tough few days. We all have those horrible days where we are quite literally knocked off our feet. I have them! I'm not immune just simply because i'm a witch or a psychic or a writer! In fact I think I have more than my fair share of these times.

I'm not going to go into what happened, it's personal, but needless to say that it was something that really upset me, angered me, and has made me withdrawn in myself. I have cried and cried, and now I have those horrible red puffy eyes to go with it.

But you know something, I am so not going to waste any more tears! I am worth more than that. You can advise someone until you are blue in the face but don't make the mistake that I made by enduring their pain from their situation and making it my pain. It really is not my pain to own, they may not have that pain yet... but if you jump out of the frying pan (realising the situation) and then jump into the fire (going back for more) then, im sorry but you are going to get burnt! But hey! Free will an' all. Saying NO more on this subject.

Anyway, I'd say the first day of my painful and very emotional issue, I reached for a book... one that I didn't expect to find answers in, but one that I did. I reached desperately for *God Wears Lipstick*. I began reading and couldn't put it down. Then I read one section that has really stuck in my mind.

What is our purpose for being here?

Many of us search our whole lives for an answer to this question. I even conduct many psychic readings for clients whom want the answer to this. A short spiritual answer would be "LOVE" or "BE HAPPY" or "LIVE". But I got a welcome answer whilst reading this book. "LIGHT".

The purpose of life is to find the light in everything and everyone. Sounds complicating I know. Complicating??!!! Yes it really is! Why do you think many of us find life so hard. We all have times when we can't see the light any anything, not even the lightbulb! But, to delve a little more deeply, but we're meant to SHARE the LIGHT with others. Now what does that mean?

It means, when we have a friend for example, whom gives and gives and gives to us, purely out of love for us. We can sometimes feel blessed, and loved, and well, very happy to have such a friend. But then one day we start to feel uneasy and it's like we feel we're being stopped from being a good person and friend too... we are being stopped from sharing with them... so we try to share with them and they might appreciate it and it might be a perfect friendship.... but then there is always that flip coin... they might not take ti so well. Well this is what *God Wears Lipstick* said.

Now, my intepretation 101 on this, is that sometimes we can feel like we have a wonderful life, wonderful family, friends, job etc, and we can be one of life's GIVERS.... I think I can safely put myself into that category... As a child and still today, I am a giver. If someone at school was my friend, and we constantly had even just had a good week...(We know how girls and playgrounds go together ...*Rolls eyes*) I would feel IMPELLED to give something to my friend, almost as a thank you for being my friend today/this week/this month/this year/my life. Now, that sounds pretty cute.... but what if they dont give back to you? Well, to be honest it never bothered me, and still doesn't really.

what peeves me off is when you are there 24/7 for them, they are always aware that they can come and talk to you, and you'd be there at a drop of a hat for them, night or day. You listen to their woes ... (they might listen to yours), you advise them, you stick up for them, and you literally protect them like your life depends on it... or rather their life... because you aim yourself in the firing line for any trouble. For the first instance they are grateful... feel safe... even thankful. You see their light come back, that sparkle, you pick them up, steady them when they walk... and then they are strong again, they walk unaided and you stand back and smile... not out of ego for saying "I did that!", but to say "God, I'm glad you are happy again".

But then......BANG!!!!!!!!!!! You're down on the floor crying! What happened? Well, everything went so quickly.... and you have to glance back... and you see that your friend/family/colleague/neighbour has gone and ran back to the WOE that caused them to be vunerable in the first place. At first, your shocked, your angry, then you become.... I dunno, in my case... withdrawn... you want to hide from the world, you want to be alone yet you want to be surrounded by people to protect your heart.

What do you do now?

Well, you allow yourself to feel confused, you allow yourself to feel the pain, and you allow yourself to be depressed about it! Then you pick yourself up slowly, and stumble slightly, then you will walk and one day soon you will glide!   WHY???? Because it's part of the healing process, you need to go through this rite of passage so that you can pick yourself up, and start again. But the mistake not to make is to stand for the rubbish all over again because then... you my lovely will be jumping out of the frying pan back into a fire! And we don't want you to get burnt!

So lesson 1 - look after number 1,

lesson 2 - look for the light in everything. The light can be found in EVERYTHING. Take a tablecloth for example.... look for the light in it.... go on.... try it! Especially if you're feeling about as rubbish as I feel!

Ok... I'll start us off... The Light within the tablecloth..... let me list them;

1 - it's pretty
2 - it makes me smile
3 - it makes my table look nice
4 - it makes my room like nice
5- it brightens the place up
6 - it adds comfort
7 - IT PROTECTS MY TABLE  ----this is the important one for this... because if your table is protected, it can carry on doing what it is supposed to be doing.

So you my lovely's if you EVER find yourself in a broken hearted situation -  cry, scream, shout, do what you have to do, but don't forget to look for the light in the tablecloth... and then put that table cloth around you. Take my hand.... and let's try and walk :)

I send you so much LOVE and LIGHT,

I sincerely hope you never have to use this blog post in your life, but if you do, my heart is with you

Love Aurora

PS) *God Wears Lipstick* is based on Kabbalah... bringing Kabbalistic teachings to women!

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  1. I will not waste any more tears! I am worth more than this life literally depends on it, to protect them. Thanks for blogging, I like it.


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