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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Witch Inside Update

Merry Meet,

I haven't blogged in a couple of days because I've been at work teaching some glorious children about *temptation* and baking cookies for selling to raise money for WaterAid!

It's been 35 years today since my wonderful Grandpops went home to the Summerlands. Even though I never met him physically, we've met many many times spiritually and being "A chip off the old block" and getting my "fighting spirit" from him, I can say we are very close. I miss him and Love him with all my heart until the Day I go home to the Summerlands and hug him for the first time <3 Grandpops, I Love you so much <3 This Witch also has some Magickal news to share with you all!!! Jeez I'm so excited. I am on fire this year!!! But it's my DRAGON power coming through. I am going to be a Pagan Columnist for Pagan Friends online magazine where I will be doing a seris of columns based on helping you all find that Goddess within!!! I asked the Goddess for a way of teaching you all how to connect with her power that resides in each of us and she came through for me (As I knew she would). She promises me that there is sooooo much more to come, and being on day 11 of 2012.... and already having achieved so much!! I believe her!!! My first issue will be in the Ostara issue! Yay!!! I am also going to be featured in a UK mainstream Spiritual magazine called *Soul & Spirit* magazine. A special article of mine will be featured in the February issue. Of course I shall post details and links when they are released. Don't forget, my monthly columns with *Magickal Media* which follow my Witchy Pathway, and also Imbolc.... my column as *The Faerie Whisperer* is released, published, and printed in FAE Magazine.

So lots to keep you busy right up until March/April this year! But there will be more!!! Oh so much more!

I am on a mission this year to teach you so much about Inner Goddess Power, Wicca, Magick, Faeries, Angels, Ascended Masters....the list goes on!

So keep your eyes on my pages/websites and blog (No need to turn all *stalkerish* on me though haha)

BTW, the stalker... well she loves my blog.... so freeking much, she's noticed that I've been HEAVILY teaching about my Wiccan Pathway, and Goddess Power that... yep, you guessed it... She has started too!! Gosh I must so inspire her to even get out of bed on a morning! :D It's nice to know that someone only gets out of bed to tap on the pc to see what i've been upto... I think I understand how some celebs must feel being stalked by the paps. But she just needs to learnt to credit me for her so called **Inspirations**... that would be nice, :D But I won't hold my breath although I secretly thinks she wishes I would! ha!!! I'm a good witch.... not one of those negative... let me copy that person and try to bring them down and push myself up kinda witches.... That's bad and certainly in my eyes has nothing to do with walking a true pathway of *Perfect Love, and Perfect Trust*.

The sad thing is, the past week I had genuinly started to feel really sorry for her and even considered letting her know that fact... I know! All my friends and family (including some of Dad's Police friends & solicitors) asked me how I could feel sympathy and sorrow for someone who has quite clearly set out to hurt me and *damage* my reputation... I said to them, and btw they are monitoring my pages for me, because I'm a nice person, I hate to see people upset and lost in life... quite clearly she's lost hence why she switches pathways to follow mine quicker than .... well... (I was going to be rude then...) quicker than.... a comet flies through the sky. And we all know how a comet ends up :/

So, for my stalker... ***HIYA!!!!! *** (waves) ***Thanks for getting out of bed and following my blog! Even if you are too shy to click the follow button*** No need to be shy!!! I might breathe fire but I dont bite! :D Let me know if you see anything on here that you want to twist and turn and change a few sentences or even well, write a blog entry or facebook page about.... I'd gladly help you! I like helping those in need.

So..... for all my other wonderful **Official followers**, I hope you've enjoyed the update, and don't forget that my Pagan Blog Project post will be posted up Friday too <3 Lots of Goddess Blessings, Aurora & her Familiar

1 Readers Musings:

  1. Yeah, it's pretty sad when people set their whole lives on hurting others. How can people not have better things to do? I know a couple people like that and it's just sad.

    On a totally random note...

    I’ve been tagged and now I am tagging you, feel free to choose whether you do this or not (obviously), but if you choose to do it, here is the link!

    Much love hun <3