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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vintage Witchery

Merry Meet,

It's that time of year when I start to think about the changes I'd like to make in my home and garden this year. I also think about what I'd like to keep, or enhance. Around February, especially Imbolc onwards I get the decorating bug and am considering the re-decoration of my kitchen and bathroom to make them more country vintage witch.

So the kitchen I am thinking *pale pink* on the walls so that it goes to something like this;

I love the thought of having a pink kitchen again. I grew up with a pink kitchen as a young girl. We have some fabulous vintage floral patterned items already for the kitchen and I just know the pink will only enhance this.

Now my bathroom, well, I have been browsing catalogues and seen some fabulous wallpaper that would really bring out the tiles we have in the bathroom, and have decided that I simply must have it. I've calculated that I'd only need 3 rolls (as the rest is tiles) so for a fabulous £45 I can have this all over my bathroom.

I have decided against wooden flooring or infact tiles or lino in the bathroom purely because I've "been there done that - and fell on my witchy bum far too many times". So I'm opting either for a nice plush gentle blue or soft pink carpet. I want to walk into my Vintage Mermaid Cove on something that resembles soft pink/blue sand.


Now, my bedroom has been a modern floral deal for about a year or so now, yet as I grow and move into the costume of 'homemaker' that was awaiting me laid on the chenille chair I feel more grown up and the need to actually start making a home now. So I am opting still for florals yet soft and gentle ones now. Yet I cannot decide whether to opt for soft lilac, soft pink or indeed a more floral yet gentle red? :/ It has me in somewhat of a predicament.

Because I have this image within my vintage witchy mind of having blinds (for privacy) with white muslin voiles browly easily in the gentle breeze, the smell of fresh lavender and rose in the bedroom as you walk in, White linen bedding with floral lace draping down the sides,

Over my bed will be a canopy draped with floral lights to really light the faerie *princess* priestess to bed.

  A dainty armchair in the corner draped with comfy cushions and throws with a side table with a vase of pink roses on the side with a tablecloth and doile, just waiting for me to come home and sit to read a fabulous book.  On the walls will be vintage photos of cottage gardens, faeires, mermaids and flowers along with wall lights to soften the main light at night.


Whilst writing this blog I have decided that I would love a pink bedroom... very soft and delicate as I can really add lots of gentle candy colours to the room at different times to bring out the life of the pink.

As for the garden I really would love to create this... as you'll see from the picture this is actually all ons omeones patio.... AMAZING!!

Perhaps more realistically I can add some vintage witchery charm to the front of my home in my front garden by planting strong scented lavender and rosemary, adding a tub of marigolds by the front door to welcome prosperity, lots of scented roses and wild flowers to add to the already existing butterfly (buddleja davidii) bush that I have there. It's lovely mowing the lawn with the faeries permission and dancing with the butterflies at the same time. I may plant some snapdragons/foxgloves, along the front mixed in with my ivy.  
I thought about adding a few wall plaques and hanging baskets on the front either side of the window to add colour and life. I may even go for a window box this year. I shall of course have to do a charm to protect all these lovely things being stolen (not that it's a rough neighbourhood...just that one neighbour whom I have very strong suspicions is a Witch!!! Yes... she has gargoyles on the front garden, ivy trailing over the wall - same as myself - lavender, rosemary, and marigolds next to her door -  well i have sadly caught her ripping my planting from my garden and then planting them in her own :(   ) so that they can grow in the garden and thrive.

It sounds perfectly enchanting don't you think?

I've also decided that I would really love to start a new hobby ... **Scrapbooking**, I feel I can create my own vintage world of love in a scrapbook which can also act as a source of inspiration. I am so fabulously excited now. I even have my Mum eager to begin the home changes now. yay!!

So this Vintage Witch Inside is off to create her scrapbook of ideas for her wonderfully witchy home.

Aurora )O(

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2 Readers Musings:

  1. I'm in love and the feelings are warm and pink. What a dream!

  2. Beautiful, love the photos! My kitchen and dining room are a light lavender and my living room is a soft pink. I must tackle the bedroom next!