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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pagan Reading Challenge 2012

Merry Meet,

I have signed up to a couple of blog challenges/projects so far this year, one of them is the Pagan Reading Challenge 2012, and the reason I chose to do this particular challenge was because I am simply a Book Worm! I love books! I cannot walk past a book shop without going inside and looking to see if they have hidden gems hiding on the shelves. And the smell of a new book...mmmmmm delicious! There is another reason...I am just sniffing the scent of a book Im re-reading for this challenge!

Sorry about that! Ok, so the other reason I wanted to take part in this challenge is because it involves me having to read more books about my pathway to help me expand my knowledge.

So what books have I got in mind for reading this year?

Books by Rae Beth of course, being a HedgeWitch at heart, I simply have to read her books. They have been sitting on my shelves for so long just asking...ok Begging! to be read.

Scott Cunningham is also an absolute favourite of mine, so books like Wicca, Living Wicca, Magickal Herbs, Wicca in the Kitchen etc... they are on my *To Re-Read* list,

As is Kate West's books! I love her no nonesense approach to the craft.

But what am I reading right now? Well, Its a wonderful book that I have read many many times (trust me, this book is so worn, it's unbelievable), but I simply love it and always find it so so empowering! it's very basic but that doesn't mean it doesnt contain some fabulous advice. From learning about the Goddess, to God, making a Love Altar in the bedroom (my Italian Stallion loves this feature in the bedroom...very much!), and creating either a Goddess or God Shrine, to honouring the seven female aspects of the Goddess in your life, this book is amazing!!

So there you have it, Book 1. Will hopefully be blogging soon with Book 2 for you all.

Blessed Be

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