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Friday, 20 January 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012 ~ Butterflies ~ Week 3

Merry Meet,

Today is week 3 of the PBP and my post is all about some very charming and magickal spiritual messengers ~ BUTTERFLIES!!!

Butterflies for me are more than just something that flies around the plants during spring/summer. They are a powerful symbol of spirit energies and transformation which is probably what they are known for. The symbolism of transforming from a catalyst into a beautiful fluttering butterfly is simply enchanting don't you think? They bring with them many hidden messages such as "I love you - I'm OK" from a loved one in the Summerlands/Spirit World, a message of hope - that things can indeed change for the better, and for me, like perhaps many others a symbolic message that the Faeries are near.

Way back in 2006 I began writing more and more publically about faeries and became the *Angelic Faerie Whisperer* as I had been initiated with the blessing of Queen Mab in FaerieLand, which gave me the absolute honour of being a **Faerie Priestess**. You can read in an earlier post of mine about a poem I wrote in 2006 on World Faerie Day on asking for Faerie Guidance. This was written using my priestesshood initiation as my muse. So what's this got to do with Butterflies I hear you ask?

Im so glad you asked me that! :)

Queen Mab, gave me a symbolic Faerie Priestess-Hood emblem which would be my magickal key to FaerieLand when I attend meetings with the Faerie Council. That emblem became also my *official* *Faerie Whisperer* logo/emblem and Faerie Spiritual Tiara/Crown... it was of course a **BUTTERFLY**.

Since my initiation I have worked with the faeries very closely and passed through more initiations where I've been given more symbols to add to my tiara/crown, such as A FaerieHeart, A Dragonfly, and A Raven (the latter a gift from Morgan Le Fay). But although I love and appreciate these gifts so very much, I simply adore and treasure my Butterfly.

Throughout my day I come across Butterflies in many guises, sometimes I'll turn a page and see the word or a picture, I may walk into a shop and see something decorated with butterflies, and even recieve Butterfly gifts unexpectedly. My slippers, bedroom bedding, diary, clothes and even bubble bath bottles all carry the energy of the Butterfly with its pictorial magick. For me, the craft would not be *my craft* without a butterfly.

What do you associate with a butterfly?

Brightest Butterfly Blessings,
Aurora ~ Faerie Whisperer ~ Faerie Priestess )O(

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4 Readers Musings:

  1. Lovely post. Butterflies are joy and freedom to me. A blessing to my Garden.

  2. My mother got me into butterflies when I was really little; she always loved them. When I was 20, I got one tattooed on my back to symbolize freedom, experience, beauty, & transformation, all things which are very important to me. Lovely post!! <3

  3. Indeed they are a blessing Seren, xxx

    Thank you mjlmk!!! xx <3 xx

  4. Wonderful, I do so love butterflies. They were a big part of my life when I was going through some serious transitions and transformations. I had them everywhere, saw them everywhere, they were my spiritual guide for that time. I still love them and keep their energies around in my home but I seem to have moved on from needing them so powerfully in my life.