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Monday, 9 January 2012

Lunar Blessings

Moon Goddess blessings to you all,

We have arrived at the first Full Moon of 2012 and what a wonderful and strong energy it is! Whenever we encouter a powerful Moon, I always have a strong headache that is always centred in on my third eye. I usually find meditating and working with moon crystals helps release the energy, I don't like saying *pain* as that is not what it is, it's just an excess of channelled energy. So I like to channel it further into a crystal so that the energy can be put to good use.

I made a *resolution*...rather a Wiccan Promise to myself to do at least one part of Moon Magick a month this year, as last year I missed quite a few. So tonight I will be working my magick. I'm very much a positive witch this year and found that 2011 and especially the end part, was particularly a growing period for me. I am a different person and actually very much in tune with who I am right now. It's a nice comfortable feeling for me, very nurturing and, well Motherly. I definately feel stronger with the Goddess in my life and have plans to enhance my Goddess Shrine in my bedroom to aid my magick further and also my focus upon my pathway.

When we find ourselves in the space of powerful moon magick, I never know what spell to do or what magickal blessing to ask for, yet I always know at the right time. That right time for me is when Im sat at my altar with a silver candle and my Goddess incense as I call upon Artemis, the Moon Goddess to bless and prepare my pathway ahead. I have a few ideas of magick that I could do but will allow the Goddess to be my guide.

So what can you do if you do find yourself in the situation of *not knowing* what to do?

I would say, use either a white candle for purity, or a silver candle to represent the moon, magick, blessings and that extra something that magick gives you. I would sit by a window (or outside) in full view of the moon and call upon the Moon Goddess, (I call Artemis or Diana) and ask that she surround you with Moon Magick and Bless your current endevours. You can also ask that she places a blessing upon something or someone in your life. You can also ask her to guide you in certain circumstances and/or help you embrace the Goddess within.

The Full Moon is a superb time to charge all your crystals especially Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Gold Stone, Petalite, Clear Quartz, Selenite. The Full Moon is the only time I am without crystals upon myself, even at night, as I know that the Goddess will protect me, guide my dreams with Queen Mab, and help me relax, so I can be without them in order for them to have *time for themselves*. We can forget that there are elementals within the crystals whom need these Nights/Days away from us in order to recouperate.

So with whatever you plan to do on this Full Moon, may you be showered with Lunar blessings,

Aurora )O(

1 Readers Musings:

  1. oooo love the art around and in your blog. Sister Moon plays an important part in my life and in my practice. Tonight's esbat ought a be great. Blessed Wolf Moon to you! ~)O(~