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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Inspirational Poetry by Aurora Brierley

Merry Meet,

I have been thinking about my writing module for University that I am studying and have recalled some poems that I wrote on Faerie Day in 2006 when I became initiated by the Faerie Queen Mab. I would like to share them with you.

Faerie Blessings

Faerie Faeries with your guiding light,
Lead me to the path that is right
Filled with love, I offer you dear Faerie
A delicate fox glove

Faerie Faeries help me to see,
You as clear as you see me,
With Peace and joy within my heart
You dear faeries, and I, shall never part

Faerie Faeries please cleanse me of fear
So that our communications cause me to not shed a tear
As I would love to not cause you distress
But instead work in your honour and become your Faerie Priestess.

Written by Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer on Faerie Day 24/6/2006 ©

Also the following day I was very attuned to the energy of the Goddess and how we can all invoke her energy within us. Even way back in 2006 I was doing similiar spiritual teaching work like I am doing today. That's one of the reasons why I know this is the pathway for me, the fact that I am still doing it, yet to a higher standard and more indepth and intense than 6 years ago.

I am a Goddess

I am a Goddess, I am a Goddess
with my own unique power
Look deep within my eyes
And you'll see a unique radiant flower

I am a Goddess, I am a Goddess
And you dear one are a Goddess too
If only you still your mind
And let peace and harmony overflow you

I am a Goddess, I am a Goddess
Seeing love and beauty all around
Seeking within, has rewarded me
It is true power and beauty that I have now found.

Written by Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Whisperer, 25/06/2006 ©

I'd love to know what you think of these poems as recieving and working with *nice* critisism is what we as writers adore as it helps us improve our pieces.

Faerie & Goddess Blessings,
Aurora )O(

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