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Monday, 30 January 2012

Finding my Wiccan Heart

Merry Meet,

As I begin reading my 2nd and 3rd Pagan themed book for the Pagan Reading Challenge, I have been thinking about my own pathway and how I felt when I first began on it compared to how I feel now.

When I first began learning about the Wiccan Basics such as Books of Shadows, Sabbats, Esbats, Herbs, Oils, and the term "Wheel of the Year", I would reguarly find myself feeling full of excitement and an optimism for the future, my future. I hadn't felt that inner magick for a long time until recently when I decided that it was time to continue learning on my pathway.

I think for most of my spiritual pathway as I have become the teacher to others I have been caught up in that role so much that I forgot that at just 23 years old, I have so much wonder and magick that I still have the opportunity to discover and find out about. So here I am, standing up in my power saying, "I am Aurora, hedgewitch and psychic, teacher but also learner of the ways of the Goddess."

Right now as I begin new chapters in my life such as those at University with my studies, my writing projects and also my own spiritual pathway, I am embracing the fact that right now my inner witch really needs to indulge in the writtern word...reading them rather than writing them so much. Right now, my inner witch is thirsty for fresh witchy knowledge that will replenish and invigorate my inner witch.

I'm on a quest to find my Wiccan heart that sings with the beat of the Earth below my feet and sparkles with the stars in the sky. I cannot remember the time that I last sat upon my bed with candles, and strong scented patchouli oil mixed with the aroma of sandalwood incense as I drew 3 tarot cards to guide me over the coming week before snuggling down in a seated position amongst my bed throws to continue reading an inspiring pagan book. I spent most of my teenage years doing this. I guess this is what happens as we begin to grow up and take on more responsibilities in life with work and family taking priority.

I am making the decision that each night before I go to sleep I am going to read some of my books that I have sitting on the side table next to my bed...(and on my other half's side) ... as I relax to the scent of some herbal oil and candle light before saying a Goddess Blessing as I drift off to FaerieLand.

This is a small yet effective way that I have found within my life that helps me to remember who I am... who I truly am... a Witch... a Priestess...a Past-Life Sorceress.

What do you do that helps you connect to the Witch Within amongst the average day in the *real* world?

Aurora )O(

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2 Readers Musings:

  1. Best wishes on your new direction. :)

  2. ♥ reading this post I felt a warm stirring within me...I thank you ♥