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Friday, 13 January 2012

Creative Witch Inside ~ Fiction Works in Progress

Merry Meet,

Many of you will recall how Im studying creative writing at university, well I haven't really posted any of my work lately connected to my fictional author dreams and thought that Friday 13th would be the lucky day to do it. You may be reading some of my poetry soon as my module is focusing on poetry right now, but I simply love the written word. The magick of those words dancing across the page stringing sentences together and before you know it you have a story of magick within your hands that is the manifestation of a spell once cast by an author.

This is a piece im currently working on and wanted to share the character sketch of the main character and also a short extract from the fiction I am writing on her. At the moment I have no plot or name for this piece of work but I have a feeling that it will be a short piece of fiction about a young lady stepping out in the world, finding her way to success.

I'll let you have a read and would appreicate it if you could let me know what you think.

" Ariel took a deep breath and smiled solemnly to herself. She’d done it. She’d signed on the dotted line and the house was now hers. She had finally purchased her dream home, and here she was standing in the dreamiest house of all history; Hartlebury Castle. She was in the area for work so she had arranged to meet the estate agent at this exquisite home. From a child that used to visit on weekends with her parents, to now as she was standing in the grounds surrounded by the velvet grass and stone benches lined along the walls like soldiers on duty. In the spring, she planned on creating a Victorian style garden where she could section off the areas like dividing troops. There would be the herb garden, the rose garden, the vegetable garden, and then the wild garden.

Just then Ariel noticed the swarm of bees happily attending to the nearby roses and she felt their energy of excitement and sheer joy at doing a job that was natural and joyful to them. That buzz of energy rippled throughout her as she realised that the world was at her feet now. She could create a little corner in the vast Universe that was Ariel-Ville. Everything that she had been doing over the past 4 years had consequently resulted in her being exactly where she was right now. The joy and passion she had experienced in life had all bottled up and suddenly exploded in her life as she signed on that piece of paper. She had transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly and it had simply just taken patience and determination. The determination to succeed had served her well. "


This is a character sketch of her (Ariel)
"Ariel Briany is 5ft 5 inches tall, with a curvaceous body that tended to change shape depending on how she felt. Some days she was a pear when her hips simply would not lie, others she was an hourglass as she slowly worked, not against, but with the clock on fulfilling her dreams as a writer. She’d always been a sickly child which thankfully since she had entered adulthood had ceased to occur, unless you counted last winter when the flu epidemic caught her unawares.
People always commented how softly spoken she was, along with being fluently ‘posh’, but to Ariel, she was just…well Ariel.
Ariel was sometimes described as perfect, she had the perfect life, and the perfect parents, the perfect home, perfect friends…she was perfect. Yet every day as she gazed into the mirror she didn’t see any of that, she only saw what she wasn’t perfect at. She didn’t have that amazing romantic relationship, or the stable and steady income other twenty something’s had, or the confidence. She wasn’t all that good at drawing, or cooking (She could burn water!), and she wasn’t the owner of the perfect catwalk model’s body. To her she was too chunky, had no prospects, had nothing worthy to give to others, and lacked the passion to wake up one morning and simply go for her dreams full throttle. Sure in her head she could see herself right in front of her, miles ahead. She could see her hair shimmering in the tone of daylight, a sparkle in her eye as she sat at the breakfast bar with her laptop ready to write, she could even see the confident Ariel standing in front of people teaching about modern day spirituality. But to her it seemed like a distant dream destined to remain as such. She sat day after day, hour after hour, teaching others about the benefits of positive thinking, to go for their dreams, to always be happy, yet she simply could not manage to do it herself.
Her lack of faith in life wasn’t down to her not being the brightest star in the sky; she had always been an intelligent girl. She started Nursery being able to recite her home address, spell her full name and address along with knowing all her colours and counting forward and backward to and from 100. Needless to say it was no surprise that she’d gone onto study accountancy at college before opting for University to fulfil her dreams of gaining a degree. She’d studied Psychology, business, social sciences and education for her degree. She’d also touched upon Writing in her degree which is where her childhood love of the written word had taken off like a rocket to mars.
As a young child Ariel’s passion didn’t lie in playing with ‘Mummy’s clothes’ or ‘playing with the latest toy’, she simply was the happiest girl in the world with her long naturally wavy hair if she had a book, pens and paper. She would read, write and draw until her heart was content. Weekly her Mother would purchase at least 5 books that were well above her reading age but not above her ability. Her life was spent reading books; consistently absorbing each and every word she read which was then filed away for reference. She still has each and every book that was ever brought her. She’s NEVER given a book away! Ever!
Ariel has long waist length thick dark auburn hair that shines in the daylight as though each strand of hair is a carefully chosen thread of pure silk. The tone of her hair perfectly matches her skin tone and brings out the intrinsic details of her golden hazel eyes that glisten as though inside a settled snow globe. Her lips were perfectly formed which had given her the nickname as a young child of ‘butterfly lips’, as she thought of that nickname she smiled at just how often the symbol of the butterfly appeared in her life. "

So what do you guys think?

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