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Thursday, 24 February 2011

2011 ~ Sink OR Swim?

Merry Meet my darling little Witchlets,

Hasn't it been a looooonnnng time??? 13th November was the last time I spoke to you all, I bet you all thought (hoped) I'd fallen off my broomstick from a very great height!!

Well in one way I did!! Now who's psychic???

Since Boxing Day Ive been ill with one thing or another, first a cold that transformed into swine flu for 5 weeks, then I had a scare with Potential liver damage (No i dont drink, which was why it was sooooo scary) But am PLEASED to say that MY ORGANS ARE HEALTHY!!! Then My damn tooth had an abscess and had to be extracted.... and Ive been dealing with the psychological aspects of that. Needless to say Im suffering from exhaustion and panic attacks (quite severe ones as well).

So I havent been ignoring you all, Ive just been dealing with myself and my thoughts..... its intense!! Its been hard and still is but have been assured by my GP that im 60% there, only 40% to go!

I've been given the all clear though yesterday, full bill of good health, I just need to cheer up now and get positive.

So this year I sense is going to be a Sink or Swim year as we approach 2012, but I fully intend on doing everything I can to SWIM!!!!! I shall tap into my inner mermaid to help me with transformational healing, and vow to be a happy witch inside once more.

More exciting news!!!

FAE Magazine Spring issue is out, with my *mug* in, and I hope it goes from strength to strength and I hope to have more written in the next column....

CHAT ITS FATE are in talks about potentially publishing 2 of my articles, so watch this space,

MORE TO LIFE MAGAZINE want more articles off me about the afterlife as apparently "WHERE IS MY LOVED ONE?" has been a huge hit,

THE SPIRIT GUIDES have lots of my articles on there and want more and have even named me as one of their COLUMNISTS!!!!

I really have nothing to be gloomy about do I? Yes I fell, but its time I got back up and tried to walk again.

I love you all dearly and thank you for still being a "follower" of mine and not abandoning me :-)

Oh yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!! lol.

Blessed Be my witchlets xxx