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Monday, 26 December 2011

Witchy TV

Merry Meet,

Me again!

I've finished recording and uploading the last psychic readings of 2011 :( But then it means that next week I would have finished recording and uploading the first psychic readings of 2012 :D
You can view them on my You Tube Channel Faerie Whisperer TV You can view the Goddess Reading , Angel Reading , Spiritual Guidance Reading and Faerie Reading for the current week.

There is also a special THANK YOU video that I recorded for you all!

Now in those videos I spoke alot about moving forward and planning for next year, I also spoke of the wonderful Personal Journal my good Witchy Friend WitchLyn has created. Along the left hand side of my blog you will see the Button for WitchLyn's blog - The Witch Blog!

Now, my blog posts are going to get even witchier... yes I know, It's about time!!! My good friend and sister Pixie Allen and I were talking *GODDESS* talk earlier, mainly because I recorded the Goddess Reading aqnd we both said how we think that that is my pathway.... so Next year I am going to try and attempt to empower you all to find *THE WITCH INSIDE*... that INNER GODDESS! So keep checking back for more information! (Remember this is all copyrighted! - I won't go there again but... remember!!!)

Now, what else was I going to say..... Hmmmmmm (rimmages through her witchy brain box) ahhh yes. PLEASE COME AND JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK AT MY WITCH INSIDE PAGE Click *Like* on *The Witch Inside* I'd love to see you there!!!

And while you're viewing my YouTube videos, why not subscribe to my Channel... go on... you know you want to! Be warned though, since yesterday when I recieved my new Iolite pendant.... Boy have I felt my inner power...I think it comes across on my videos this time! But it feels good.

No doubt i'll be blogging again soon! So toodles for now!

Blessed Be xxxx

2 Readers Musings:

  1. Thanks for the link, Aurora. I'm really excited about the journal and I'm really hoping that we can all make small changes in 2012. I love the fact you're aboard with the project - personally, the more support the better :-)

    Love and blessings to you,


  2. Awww Absolutely Lyn. I sat Christmjas Day just wanting to work on planning next year cause I know i'm going to be busy *getting on with it all* next year. It feels so powerful that 2012 is the year for it to be done. *It* being whatever you want to acheive. I can't praise your project highly enough! Ive flashed it on my videos, printed it off for friends and family... lol.

    Love your stuff, love u xx