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Friday, 23 December 2011

Re-Opening the Broom Closet!

Merry Meet,

I'm going to be honest with you all. I haven't been myself lately. I've had days where I've been *me* but on the whole, 9 out of 10 days I've been someone I'm not. Let me explain.

When I created this blog I was at an all time high on my Witchy Pathway, but then slowly my energy depleted and my posts began to show that. Yeah you know the wingey, whiney, moany ones! yep they're the ones. Well, it wasn't really fair of me to post them, but my blog was my little room in my witchy house where I could moan until my heart was content. I did try to moan until my heart was content, but that was the problem...moaning doesn't please me! Yes, guys! Im afraid MOANING does NOT PLEASE me :D haha

So I have been under going a form of therapy... it's called Loved Ones! Well My Man, My Friend and My sister have been working with me tirelessly over the past couple of weeks to help me finally look in the mirror and see the Mess I got myself into. (NO I have not turned into an alcoholic, depressed dirty housewife - for one thing, Im not married...YET!)

Well, Yesterday while my Man was busy and my Sister was out shopping, I stood up and looked in the mirror Not an actual mirror...c'mon you know me by now! I'd break it! I don't need another 7 years of bad luck :D And I took my time to process all the things my loved ones had said to me. They were concerned that I'd literally turned my back on my Witchy Roots...(yes My Man is from a Catholic family... he's Italian..but he was concerned I'd not practiced Magick for a while)and that I'd let my work with Faeries rule my life. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't my normal chirpy (CRAZY!) self. Counselling was mentioned... but I have decided not to go down that road... not unless I really need to.

Anyway, Something sparked an interest in me. So I looked back at some of my old hang outs online *Children of Artemis* being one of them, and even though some of the posts were either old, basic or too advanced for me, I felt such an immense feeling of calm and *homely-ness*. So it got me thinking, what about books I used to read... when I was a teenager... and I thought about when I began working with Tarot professionally..."I haven't used the tarot enjoyably for ages!!!". I can't even tell you the last time I enjoyably worked with had all become a chore and a 9-5.. ok a 24/7 job that was weighing me down :( As a Libran, balance is important to me, and is one thing that I'm here in this incarnation to acheive - balance in my life.

So I made a decision. I will continue with my work with the Faeries, they are a huge part of my life, but they do need to stop being so much in the forefront of my life as I have no room for working with the Angels, Goddesses, Tarot or anything else. OK this sounds a little bit hard to take in doesn't it?
Let me see if I can explain a little better.

I want to embrace facets of myself that have been pushed to oneside and hidden in my Broom Closet for the past year. I want to work more actively with crystals, spells, Moon Magick, Herbs, The God & Goddess, Angels, Tarot. They are all a side to me that has been neglected this year which has caused me to be unbalanced and unhappy. I really enjoy my work as *The Faerie Whisperer*, I get to connect to so many wonderful people and of course my column in FAE Magazine is a blessing and well, I'm very grateful for that aspect of me. But what about *The Witch Inside*?

So my target for 2012? To become a more balanced witch and person.

To give me a helping hand I have created an additional Facebook Page called..... *The Witch Inside* where I will post Goddess Magick, Candle/Colour/Crystal Magick, Moon Power, Herbal Hints, and so much more.

Why create an additional page?

Good question! Well, I wanted something separate to my faerie whisperer page where I could share with like minded people my Witchy Ways. Now I will still post SOME elements for my Faerie Whisperer page, but I'd love it if you would *like* my New page too... Pwetty Pwease! <3 xxxx

So onto other areas in my life...

How's the Kabbalah?

Really good actually. I'm wearing my Red String, in fact I had it tied to me by my Mum last night and then I had crazy dreams... my spirit guide visited me and to cut a long story short...he's looking after me.

I have recieved 2 more Kabbalah books I ordered from Ebay, I didn't purchase them brand new as I figured if this turns out to be something Im not interested in, I'd like to have not spent tons of money on books. So I got them all for under £10!! One is about the Red String, and basically helps you notice what could be attracting negativity into your life and the called *God Wears Lipstick*. Ladies.... Buy a copy! Seriously. It doesn't matter what religion you are, you can benefit from this book! it helps you work on manifesting your life as you want it but without engaging your EGO into the manifestation process, it also works with your romantic life and relationships. I LOVE IT!!!

Also One thing to note! I have a stalker! Yes, they may even be reading this right now! Freak!

You see, Since I became *The Faerie Whisperer* I have been CONTINUOUSLY copied by this person and to be frank I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT! They need to grow up and stop being so damn SPITEFUL! Yes that is what you are! Spiteful because someone else is succeeding where you want to! It is NOT FAIR, it is not GOOD, and it certainly is not adhering to the AN HARM NONE!!!! Rule!
You have literally ruined for me what should be a wonderful pathway! You consistently copy, use my work to inspire *your so called original* work... darling, there is nothing ORIGINAL about you!

I have readers of my work EMAIL and MESSAGE me about you and your copying of my work, but just because you word it slightly different to how I have done so, or you literally take my idea....SNOW QUEEN, JACK FROST, CUTTING TIE WITH FRIENDS, READING NEW BOOKS, FAERIE MESSAGES, FAERIE you want me to go on... because I can.... I have a whole year's worth of your copying off me here! ... Leave Me Alone! Stop Stalking! Stop CYBER BULLYING me! and STOP using my personal experiences to massage your ego so you come off sounding good using my insights!!!

Seriously DARLING!!! You have picked the wrong Witch to P**s off! So do everyone a favour and just QUIT IT! Its not good!

No doubt you'll crawl back to your page and blabber on about "being original... and not copying others... and that your the victim... and your being copied..."BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Seriously! Grow up, Admit you're in the wrong and STOP IT!!!! ©

Happy Christmas!

Oh and another thing STALKER!!!! ALL MY WORK IS COPYRIGHTED!!! © <<< See COPYRIGHT!!!! And TIMED!!!!! So everyone can see who wrote it first!!!!!

Au Revouir!

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