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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blessings of 2011

Merry Meet,

This will be my final blog post of 2011 and in a timely fashion I would like to share with you all my gratitude for everything I've learnt and achieved in this past year.

I began 2011 poorly with Swine Flu and was completely off my food. I had to endure quite a lengthy recovery which didn't fully leave me until the end f February. :( During this time I really learnt the power of positive thoughts and affirmations. My mantra became "I am in perfect and divine health. I have a strong and healthy body and immune system."

March onwards I decided it was time to LIVE my life to the full. I embarked upon a health and fitness regime which has seen me lose around 3 stone in weight this year. A huge acheivement for me, and one that I want to continue in 2012.

I gave my all to everything I've done this year, and as my work at a primary school has developed, I acheived something rather big in my eyes. I found the confidence to stand up infront of a class of 33 children and teach them every week for Religious Education. Something I will be continuing into 2012 also.

My spiritual career as a writer and as a psychic has seen me achieve so much that I am proud of. It was during 2011 that my very first magazine columns were printed and delivered around the world in FAE Magazine, as I became their exclusive Faerie Whisperer. I also was lucky to be given a column in online magazine; Magickal Media where I write about my witch pathway. I have also featured in Lightworkers Magazine in their *Once upon a time...* feature where my Faerie Pathway was the highlight. Chat It's fate magazine published and printed a Crystal Quiz I wrote in their annual, a topic and style of article I'd never written before.

Lately my spiritual path has taken a dramatic turn as I focus more on my pagan pathway, working with the Goddess more closely (whom has guided me to work with Mermaid Energy in my teachings...more about that next year), and even the interest of Kabbalah has guided me to a pathway of self control and the knowledge that I can work on the areas of my life that I have neglected. For me it's all about taking full control of my destiny.

I simply cannot wait to begin working on my destiny, and would normally begin around the 3rd or 4th of Jan... not this year (2012), I am starting on the 1st because I simply have so much to do and cannot wait to see the results of it all.

So to end 2011, I want to say THANK YOU to you ALL

I will see you in 2012!!!

Lots of Love & Goddess Blessings
Aurora, The Witch Inside & The Faerie Whisperer

2 Readers Musings:

  1. Oooh, Mermaids?! I love mermaids!! I will be definitely sticking around to hear more of that!

  2. mer-tastic! I will be posting up a Mermaid Article soon!