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Monday, 21 November 2011

Finding the Artist Within

Well, I've been thinking recently about just how much I miss being creative.

I was brought up helping my Mum make bedding and curtains for our home using a sewing machine, watching Dad paint and sketch, and we were always doing something creative of some sort. I always had one of those games or kits at christmas or on my birthday like "Mosiac at home", "tapestry", "Cross stitch" and my favourite was "Ancient Eygptian Archaeology kit" where you had to did in the sand to find the pieces and then glue them together and restore it to a perfect standard by painting it. I loved it. I was always actively encouraged to express my creativity.

Lately my daily routine has become so uninspiring and ... well literally dreadful that I thought about all the things I miss. I miss beginning a cross stitch and seeing the picture develop before my eyes knowing that the picture has been created with tiny 'Kisses', I miss sketching and appreciating my talent...which is minimal I can assure you, I miss sewing and making homemade objects that add extra warmth and personality to the home. But most of all, I miss being able to get up on a morning feeling refreshed, ready to start my day with morning pages, before settling down to write for an hour or two. As a primary school Trainee Teacher, this is just impossible. I simply cannot do it. Which has left me feeling rather inadequate and a 'failure' to be honest. I LOVE writing, absolutely LOVE it, yet I'm finding that I have no time to do it. I know it's easy to say "MAKE TIME", if I could I would but we are all only presented with 24 hours in a day, 2 hours on a monring are spent waking up, smelling the coffee and getting ready for work, then Im at work for 6-7 hours, I come home end up planning for the next day's lessons, having something to eat, an hour to relax before showering and getting to bed. Then the day starts all over again. How sad is that? Like really, heart wrenching sad?

That's without attempting to work happily on my Faerie Whisperer career.... a whole different story.

Well I grabbed a couple of hours last night and wrote in a speedy fashion what I call a character sketch of Ariel (She's in my previous writings) and Im keen to develop her into an amazing young woman. And I actually attempted to sketch a goddess and today I've started to paint her up, but the skin tone is NOT going to plan... suprise suprise hey?

Well, I just wanted to share the sketch come painting with you, I call her Moon Goddess© very original I thought :P

Let me know what you think xxx

Taken from my Sister blog : The Creative Witch Inside

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