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Saturday, 12 November 2011

A busy Faerie Witch

I realise I haven't blogged on here since the 16th October and that really makes me sad. I remember creating this blog as a way of spreading my voice and then slowly I began to find less and less time to blog, so you became less and less able to know what's going on in my life. So do we ever 'make' time to continue working on things that have strong meaning for us? Can we 'make' time?
I believe we can, but I also know how hard it is to go to work, come home, have family time, work on your writing career, relax and then find time to update websites, social media sites, and then blog. Sometimes blogging is just too much hard work...I even think sometimes that I've forgotten how to blog so I may use some time this weekend to have a travel around your blogs and re-coach myself on how to blog!
I love my blog and know that I really should make time for it, and hopefully I will one day be able to manage my time more effectively...(I am learning...I'm slowly getting there...I promise).

So what have I been upto?

Well, I've taken on more responsibilty at work as a teacher, I'm now not only assisting in the classroom but am teaching the lower ability children Numeracy (maths) and Literacy (English) 4 days a week with no input from the main class teacher. I also teach the whole of year 4 RE which I enjoy, especially this term as we are learning about Christmas and I'm able to sprinkle in some info about Yule...I had to!

I've had another column published with *Magickal Media* where I am *The Faerie Witch Inside*, I mainly share my faerie wiccan beliefs through a type of diary entry...well, sort of. I write from the heart about what I feel readers will be interested in.

FAE Magazine, the Winter issue is out now, so make sure you Purchase a Copy to read my latest column all about the Snow Queen and how she can help you over the coming months.

I haven't been able to write my Morning Pages since going back to work, I simply haven't got time :( well I haven't organised my time correctly.)

I had an amazing experience with 11/11/11 yesterday, you can read all about it here

I'm also spending time writing my first ever book about faeries. It's exciting and rather cleansing as I write about my journey, it can also be raw at some times but I trust in the process.

Please come and join my Facebook Page if you haven't already, it's the one sure way that you can connect with me on a daily basis!

Right, I am off to read your blogs and learn how to write a blog properly again haha.

Lots of Faerie Blessings,

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