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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Busy Witch Without Her Broom!

Merry Meet my lovely witchlings,

I cannot believe it's been so long since I last posted in August. You can definately tell that I am back at work. With me posting again now, you should also be able to tell that im due a holiday soon! I should quickly express my sincere and huge gratitiude and elation that I have Samhain off work this year!!!! I am so happy!!

Right let's get down to business, what have I been upto? Well to say that I am without broom right now is an understatement. I know like I have a hole in the head that when you live your *Earthly* life you are to face strains, struggles, happiness and stress. I also know that you are supposed to, as a Witch, draw upon your belief system, that magick within to keep you stable, happy, comfortable and stress free. So why is it that everytime I have extra responsibilities placed upon me from work regarding my teaching, personal relationships with friends, romantic stirrings, and University activites and assignments, so I still NOT use that knowledge I have????? Hmmmm???? "I'm waiting!..." (By the way, that was me asking myself, not you...)

Seriously no wonder broom got up and left lol. Well, I have a nice witchy feeling going on inside me, I think due to the approaching holiday season of Samhain, and I want my broom back. I've seen a couple of books I want. Whenever I think of books I want and talk to others about them, I imagine myself as that witch in "Hocus Pocus" when she squeals "Booook!" out of the window lol. I even have the sound of her imprinted in my mind.
Well the ones im thinking of are; Silver Ravenwolf's 'Hedgewitch' (it really is quite good!), Silja's 'Green Book of Shadows' (there are lots of delightfully witchy spells in this one and its in full colour and illustrated which to me, provides stimulating insteadof a boring book with just words on white pages... I like a bit of something different now and again.

Other news, work. I have lots of new responsibilities. I am now in charge of distributing "Maths Packs" to 46 children in the school. It's basically a maths themed game that the children get to take home on a weekly basis and play at home. It's really good, the only downside is that every Monday I have to trawl across the school getting 46 children's games and then taking them new ones. :( ho hum.
I'm also being set free on teaching Religious Education every week to year 4 from after the Samhain holiday. And for my first proper Half term of teaching the subject, i'm delighted to be teaching "Angels". We're covering Guardian Angels, proving their existence, and their belief in them. I'm really excited. Also I will be teaching once a week a Literacy Skills lesson where I literally boost their english skills such as understanding non-fiction & fiction, their differences etc, and things like how to write more exciting sentences. Along with those skills I'll be doing Numeracy skills. Along the same lines.
ALSO ( I should have warned you it was going to be a long one!) I am in charge fo teaching Year 6 children (10-11 year olds) Level 6 Mathematics as no-one else in the school can do it. Im in charge of how I do it, as long as I get them to a level 6! No pressure hey?!

Right, more news...... oh yes!!! I have a new man in my life... Alex. He's italian/Portuguese and completely handsome. It's really good. Im really happy and we have lots fo fun together. The past two weekends I've stayed at his home and it's been lovely to just be with each other doing normal stuff. We even changed the bedroom round today. He's older than I am, but it's perfect, he's a grown up and not an immature idiot. I love him and he loves me. That's all i'm saying, as unlike before when I've shouted about my relationships from the rooftops, I'm wanting to keep him all to myself lol. (possessive or what!) lol.

Well, that's it for now, but I plan on updating you next weekend as I'll be on my jolly Samhain holidays!!!

Peace, Love, Happiness and Faerie Blessings,
Blessed Be
Aurora xxx