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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sacred Art

Merry Meet again,

I'm back! After having a day where I've literally thought about everything as at the moment I'm very wary of myself, I am here to have a little moan, well ok, more of a rant for what it is right!

Ok so let's say that someone out there has seriously caused a huge tidal wave today in my family. Yes a tidal wave, which right now can I say "How dare they!!" This tidal wave has caused me to turn into a complete and utter ass, and really rock the boat of the relationship that is between me and my sister! Ok it's not all this person's fault, I take responsibilty for not being at peace with who I am and really jumping the gun.

My extremley talented sister, Pixie Allen over at Red Pixie's Fantasy Art has worked so bloody hard with everything she's done. Everything. I've literally watched her art grow from the tiniest poppy seed into a whole Woodland filled with the most beautiful and fragrant flowers imaginable. Seriously she's freeking fab at what she does. So fab that I swear Dad's helping her art wise... In fact I know he's commented on her art from Spirit a few times. I know that he'd love her for everything she stands for! Well, I've been there when she's played with new art techniques, tried and failed (She never fails), and been overcome with enthusiasm for her art as much as she's felt like throwing the towel in. To be there everyday watching your sister grow like that as well as facing sheer shite in her life and I mean shite. She's so so strong! She might not think so sometimes, but she is! She's been a rock to me in my absolute darkest moments. She didn't have to be, but she chose to be!
Well anyway, as her art grew more and more beautiful with every brush stroke, we all began bugging her to sell them! I hope this idiot who sent the tidal wave over knows exactly how many times I (along with so many others) have had to convince this talented lady that YES YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO GO PROFESSIONAL!. Well, she finally did it! She was estatic with joy over this and has since grew a whole 'nother woodland full of beauty since. Some of this is still in the growing seed/germination stages but we know they will grow.
Now to find out that someone has copied her art that she came up with on her own, from her heart and soul, and has has the sheer audacity to set up shop like hers and sell it!!!! Well that PEEVS me off! It really does.
Well, how did this set me off on upsetting my sister? Well she told me via text about this...ok she told me in riddles but still, I shouldn't have assumed things. I thought she was on about me copying her! You see, I know she's been doing morning pages for a hile now and it was only this week that I enrolled on my Creative Writing course that covers morning pages. Until yesterday I had no idea what they were! I've also joined up to an art studion online that she's been a part of for ages. (Do you see where my paranoia came from?) And also we've both taken a huge step in a healing pathway, we've done our Reiki Master's and I came up with a art idea for my Reiki. Well I put 2+2 together and came up with 456!!! Seriously. My own insecurities as a person who's been on the recieving end of someone copying ever move I've made online with my *Faerie Whisperer* career got the better of me and I got seriously paranoid. (I now know that I need to sort these issues once and for all). I thought Id become the horrible person that can stoop so low as to take from another that what does not belong to them! So I removed her from my friends on facebook. (My sister that is) It caused a bit of a barny, and needless to say, we've both ended up hurt and extremley raw!

Now I hope she can forgive me, I really do, because I love her lots. I respect her, I admire her and she INSPIRES ME daily!

So I am saying, from the deepest ocean of my heart, Pixie, My lovely sister, I am so so so sorry for hurting you, I never meant to and I hope you can forgive me and that we can move forward from this. I love you so much.

And to the person who dared to set this tidal wave off, perhaps you didn't know it would cause this much heartache! But you need to look in the mirror and really think about what you see. Think about your morals and standards. Because I really don't know how you can sleep at night. To copy someone's hard work is the lowest of the low! I don't know who you are personally, but I have no respect for you. If you only knew what it feels like to have someone copy your work and try to clone you, you'd realise it is so painful to live with it. To be constantly hurt becuase someone has the cheek to take that which is not theres, to take your hard work and iterally trample on it, well.... I have no words for that. Your seemingly *innocent* actions have caused more trouble than you'll ever know today. I hate myself for allowing you to have done that! I'm to blame for my part. I should have been comfortable with who I am. I accept that, but you need to take responsibilty as well. Appologise and stop it!

All art is sacred, whether it is your own, a family member's, a friends, or even someone you merely know. That art is sacred whether it be music, art, writing, a design of some sort, or even the way you wear your clothes.

Also, one last word, Pixie, you said to me today "Nothing is Sacred". Well my lovely, you are sacred. Do you know why? Because there is only 1 of you and I wouldn't change you for the world. Im proud of who you are! Im proud for what you are! So, you see, something is sacred. YOU!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

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