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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reiki & Creativity

Merry Meet all,

Today's blog is a happier one. I want to update you all whats happened in the past 24 hours. Well I had been carrying an almighty headache from what I don't know. I had suspicions that it was Full Moon Energy mixed with my Master Reiki Attunement and added to it my new Moldavite energy. Which by the way did I tell you I had new moldavite? No!! How naughty of me. Well, here it is. My Moldavite... Is it me or does it look like a frog?....Just me.... oh well ok.

Well over the past few nights i've used my reiki healing to do a bit of self healing. I've only invoked the energies of the symbols and didn't take any notice what they actually did. I wanted to play with them a little. Well, now I've worked with the Silver Fir, Birch and Heather energies of level 1, and have really been ushered forward in my life by the Sea energy that came to me as my Master Level. More on that sea energy soon.
Well, the Silver Fir energy worked really well on my base and solar plexus chakras, it didn't seem to want to know my sacral chakra. I didn't get as far as my heart chakra with it as I fell asleep. I researched in the morning through my manuals and found that it works with the two chakras that I mentioned it really worked with me on. (Sorry for this dodgy blogging, im in the middle of watching *Twilight*) This morning I woke up after being told by my reiki guide to invoke the heather energy. I followed this guidance and this morning found it was perfect for healing headaches and migraines. So I've been headache free all day, and my eyesight has been perfect.

Im excited about all the blog parties happening. Im up for the Gypsy Dreams party and of course the Practical Magic Blog Party. I already have a fantastic idea for both.

My morning pages are going well, seeing as im only 2 days into them. lol.

I've also set up a Sister Blog to this *Creative Witch Inside*, you can follow my University journey with Creative Writing and my Artisitc side there. i'd love it if you did join me there. This is all down to the Sea energy that I encountered during my attunement. It's the master energy for moving your life forward into unknown terroritories. I had no intention of focusing more on creative writing and art... yet here I am! It sure is one powerful energy.

Well, thats it for now. So tell me, what have you all been upto? I miss hearing from you all!

Aurora xxxx

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