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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Planetary Healing

Merry Meet,

You are about to be spoiled today. Yes, truly and utterly SPOILED!. Why? I hear you ask. I'll tell you why. This is going to be Blog Number 1 out of the 2 blogs I'll write for you today. So I'll get on with it.

I fell asleep last night and communicated with Archangel Metatron who gave me some loving guidance on my ascension pathway. It was amazing to visit his Ascension Chamber in Luxor.

I've become aware that we truly need to send positive feelings & thoughts to the 2012 Olympics as it will be taking place in London, the Earth Star Chakra location portal that will begin to bring in the energies for ascension in 2012, 21 December. Its important we continualy pray and bless the event, the people, the area, for the energies to be anchored in time for the energy shift that takes place.

Of late I have really been very deeply enthralled in the learning and development of Ascension. I have been teaching others about how they can move forward on their ascension pathway, and I too have been commiting myself to my own ascension. Yesterday, I decided to do a medititation outside to connect to some of this Planetary energy and try and send a little to the World itself.
So I imagined myself as a Cosmic Tree, I was the trunk (NO jokes... I know I'm huge anyway...I'm actually 2 stone lighter now so HA!) Anyway, I was the trunk and I saw my roots reaching deep down into the Earth until they anchored in the Earth Star Chakra. Next I saw branches of the tree growing from my head and reaching right up into the Silver Ray of the Universe. I allowed 12 colours of planetary energy to travel through my branches, through my body, through my chakras, and down into the Earth Star Chakra of the World. These colours were; Red, Pale Pink, Dark Yellow, Gold, Violet, Indigo, Pure White, Emerald, Yellow, Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz blue, Cerise Pink (my favourite colour) and Silver.
When these energies reached the Planets Earth Star Chakra they fed along all the inner Ley Lines to new portals that are in the process of awakening in time for 2012. They travels through the portals and Burst open like a water fountain. It was like Silver Rain. However this fountain reached so far up into the Universe that it covered the whole world with the Silver Rain. I saw each and every country rejoicing in this Silver Planetary rain, then I got the vision of my life. I saw this rain pouring down on the Famined Countries where everyone who lived there suddenly regained complete pure health, were on their feet dancing and rejoicing in the rain. Then they looked around themselves and saw green emerging from the ground and crops began to grow. Even though the sun was shining, the Earth was bountiful for them! It was amazing to see. Then they fast-forwarded a few months where I saw a Mother and Her two sons, one about 7 years old, the other only a baby wrapped in material carried by her, were cutting down the Corn, harvesting their first bountiful crop. The smiles, the happiness, the sheer joy on their faces and in their hearts was truly amazing. It made water sting my eyes, I realised I was crying! Crying tears of Love & Joy for them. It was then that I truly realised just how lucky we are! We are so so so SO damn lucky!!!

I also realised that we need to do this meditation as often as possible to help the world, help the Universe, and help these truly amazing and grateful people living in these countries. Wouldn't it be so amazing if we could each do this and the results appeared? To see images like that ont he news, rather than the ones we see right now! I have shared this with you, not only because it was an amazing experience for me, but because it really could happen if we hold this vision in our hearts and minds with unwavering faith. Please Please Please, try and do this. Not for me! But for the World, for these people, for the future genrations. We deserve to do all we can to Help Earth be the Best and abundant she can be. We can do this, We have the Power in our hearts and in our minds to create miracles.
Are you with me???????

Blessed Be,

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