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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Onwards & Upwards ~ Ascension Style

Merry Meet my lovely little Witchlings,

Well You will be pleased to hear (at least I hope will be) that since I decided to take back my own power two days ago, my life is getting truly amazing!!

I got up this morning with such a spring in my step I haven't been able to stop smiling! Seriously. I even texted my Sis Pixie Allen over at Pixie's Musings this morning with my excitement at how positive I am feeling. <<< Did you see that? I said "I AM FEELING" not "I was feeling" !!! Seeeeeeeee I told you I was feeling fabulous, bet you didn't believe me did you??? Ahh well anyway, It all began when I started reading a Law fo Attraction book, And I really read it. I even stuck post it notes in the best parts. They are still stuck there to be honest. Then I decided that I wanted to not just teach about Faeries and nothing else. Yes Faeries are huge part of who I am, but not the whole complete package. I wanted to teach about crystals and herbs and ascension! So I took back my power and started doing just that on my facebook page. (Which by the way you are all most welcome to come and join. Click here to *like* my page and join)
Since this my own personal energy has dramatically improved to the state im at now. I can't wait to fly higher on this wonderful energy Im experiencing right now. Im attracting more and more people to my page & profile, new friends who are of the higher spiritual energy. Then it clicked *CLICK* (LOL) I'm not supposed to teach all the basic stuff... of course I can drop the odd bits in to help those of the Lower-Higher energies, but I'm supposed to teach about the Ascension Process and how all these spiritual beings are there helping us. To do this I HAVE to incorporate my Faerie Wiccan pathway. All this equals a hugely happy me. In fact when I say I feel happy, *happy* doesnt even touch it.

Today I was thinking about ascension before having a bath (as you do!) and I found myself becoming aware of all this new faerie energy, more powerful and elightened that I'd experienced before. They were of the Elemental Masters Soul Group and they communicated to me all about the ascension process and how they are helping us and Mother Earth to ascend. So I'm going to write about it. Not just yet, but when they ask me to.

Right now, Im refreshing my memory on all the things I know about ascension and am teaching people through my page on facebook and through my writing. Thoth visited me last night to tell me that he's here when I need him to help me with my writing. I feel so peaceful knowing that The Goddess is looking out for me, and that Thoth is there guiding me.

I will tell you the 5th dimensional chakra colours that you can meditate with instead of the *normal* colours. If you feel ready, you can now open the related chakras to the following colours;

Base Chakra ~ Platinum
Sacral Chakra ~ A luminous Pale Pink
Navel Chakra ~ A glowing Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Gold
Heart Chakra ~ White
Throat Chakra ~ Royal Blue
Third Eye Chakra ~ Transparent (like a crystal ball)
Crown Chakra ~ Crystal of the thousand Petalled Lotus
Causal Chakra~ Pure White (located above & slightly behind the crown chakra)
Soul Star Chakra ~ Magenta
Stellar Gateway ~ Gold

On a more normal front, yesterday was my beautiful Princess Pepsie's 12th Birthday!She had a gorgeous Pink Princess tent bought for her and even her very own star wand. No im not crazy... or a parent... Pepsie is my little Kitty!! So Happy Birthday to her!!! She had a fabulous day and is all party pooped out! To be honest, we're all quite tired. Im tired because Ive been up since half 5 this morning. I slept downstairs you see... oh don't ask, it involved a huge black moth flying around my room the night before that I happened to have thought was a bat!!

Ahhh well, there you go, another update into the Witch Inside's life.

**Ooooo if you have my Blog Button on your page, can you please change it to the new code. The page address here has changed. It's no longer AuroraRevelaed... its TheWitchInside!!!! YAY!!!!!

Oh and before you all go and leave me again, 2 things. 1) please share my blog with anyone who you think will enjoy it anmd encourage them to follow it (THANK YOU!!!!!) and 2.) This whole entire blog post is Dedicated to PIXIE ALLEN at PIXIES MUSINGS !!!! She'd never forgive me if I didn't LOLOL

Happy Sprinkles xxxxxx

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