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Saturday, 27 August 2011

The New Me ~ The Real Me

Well Hello my lovelies,

I think my last post was about me embracing this new energy that I was attracting to me. I distincly remember posting photos of the kinda style that used to be me until it wasn't and that I wanted to reclaim it. Well reclaim I have! I even piccies to prove it.

As you can see I have totally lush wallpaper... and yeah I guess I've embraced the feminine curves the Goddess gave me.

I have real issues with a couple of areas on my body... my arms!!! Goddess my arms... I am on the thinking boat on how I can tone them to perfection quickly. I read once that they are the easiest part of your body to tone, (Yeah right!!) I won't be defeated though! I will be 2 dress sizes smaller come my 23rd birthday on the 5th October!! Oh and the other areas of concern.... my hips...jeez I had to inherit the huge wide child-bearing hips the females have in this family!!! And of course like every female out there.... my stomach. I've got that under control though. Stability Ball is amazing.

It's wierd cause when I look at those photos of me I see the REAL ME, I kinda remember being that person, I like the look of that person, I just need to feel like that person...

I keep having second thoughts (Ok we musy be on like the hundredth second thought right now) about my teaching career. I know it's probably cold feet but apart from enjoying teaching, I really just enjoy the 13 weeks of holiday a year! Jeez that sounds soooo shallow. Not very Goddess-like of me I know but I need to vent these frustrations or they'll bug me.
So what would I do instead? Well Im trained in accounts (even though I don't enjoy it that much) It scares the hell out of me haha. I also have a recent Certificate in Business Studies (Level 4 qualification from Uni) and I covered Human Resources and Marketing in it. I really enjoyed Marketing and got my highest score on that. Could I be one of those high-powered Marketing Executive type women? I guess with the right opportunity and support from employers and colleagues Yes I could... but Can I find a job like that?
Well If you've read *The Secret* or anything like it, you'd be screaming at me that *If I can think it, then I can create it*.....

Maybe I will, But I'm not going to throw in the towel with teaching until I am absolutely sure 100%

Other News::

I'm really really enjoying my arting and writing. I haven't felt so alive in ages. Sure I'm having trouble finding time to fit things in and I'm still having my bad days but as I was writing my Morning Pages this morning I realised something. I started writing these almost 2 weeks ago, and when I first started I was moaning for 3 full pages about my life. This past week... A page of moans if that!!!! RESULT!!!! I literally don't have much to complain about in my life. Sure Im single (So wish I wasnt), Im on a weight loss regime, Im debating careers, and Im struggling slightly financially... but in all honesty who isn't??? And all of those Moans can be sorted and won't end my life. So, Miss Aurora needs to remember this when she feels sad and needs to stay the hell happy!

Life is what you make of it and I fully intend on making it MY DREAM LIFE.

Toodles xxx

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