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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Insect Free Witch

Merry Meet,

Well Ive had an eventful week! All is restored in Familyville with my lovely sister I'm very pleased to report.

My reiki has been going well as far as self healing is concerned. Tomorrow I'm going to perform a healing on my Mum which will be very nice to do. It will be good to compare how it goes with how it used to feel. My Sis, Pixie Allen was telling me how her hands feel hot when doing Reiki, and I've been experiencing this too. I remember when I was attuned to my level 1 and level 2, everytime I even thought of *Reiki* my hands would heat up. It's happening again people and it feels wonderful. I'm really looking forward to being able to attune others to the Celtic Reiki system, but I have no plans on sorting all that out any time yet. I'm far too busy with my writing and new hobby of arting, which you can read all about at my *Creative Witch Inside* blog).

Can I just say that if I never see another insect in my life, it would be too soon! We've been having attacks of huge black moths attacking us at night. I think my Dad used to call them "Bob-Howlers8 or *Night-Howlers*. Well whatever they are, I wish they'd kindly sod off and leave me in peace! Whenever we try to get the good old vacuum out to suck the little bleeder up it goes into hiding. No idea where it's bleeding gone. Searched everywhere for it.
I went to bed thinking about the man of my dreams.... and what happens at 3:40am this morning????? heh???? can you guess???? No!!! i'll you! That bleeding Moth decided to land on my mouth... LAND!!!!!!!! ON!!!!! MYYYYY!!!! MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!
Well I threw a huge hissy fit, grabbed the duvet covers, hid underneath them, almost suffocated myself to death, rummaged for my phone and text my mum. I swear those 10 minutes were the longest of my life! I couldn't breathe I had an asthma attack and I had a huge Panic Attack!! Wouldn't you if a rotten moth (sorry to anyone who loves these things) landed on your mouth all sweetness & light... bloody thing!

I just wanted to share that with you! I knew you'd be pleased! :-D

In other news (she says like a professional tv reporter),

I am sorting out my dress style... Im thinking back to when I was in a good relationship with a guy...Craig, and how I used to dress. When i dressed like that back then (I'll show you how in a min), I was soooooo happy and content with myself. So I'm going there again ladies!

This is now my new style! (See piccies below)

So what do you think??? Well I like lotsy!! As much as it pains me to say that Coleen rooney is now my style inspiration... she looks good in these pics! And to be honest, she was around when I was with craig so it kinda tricks my mind a little. Nah, anyway.

My Morning Pages are going really well, I'm really enjoying them (even if I am slightly sarcastic with myself on a morning). I almost thought I'd lost my Moldavite yesterday!! I know!! But I found her. I'm feeling she's a she you see. haha say that when your drunk! :-D

Well that's a little updatey for you.

What's been going on with you? I miss you all.... are you all even still reading? ?????? Pop by and say "Hi" so I know you're all still with me. xxxxxxx

Rora Loves ya, xxxx

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