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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Former Lost Witch Returns a Located Faerie-Witch

Merry Meet my darling little witchlings,

I have so dearly missed you all more than you realise. I have been a rather lost witch inside of late flitting from project to project and straining to pop by and leave a post. Very bad Witch!!

All that is now going to change. I have missed you for far too long, I've missed this part of me. You see, I have allowed other aspects of my life to consume me and take over *who I am*. Yet I was not being the true me.

Today enough was enough, I ceased writing Faerie-Scopes as they are far to common in my eyes, and I'm not a common Faerie Witch, I don't behave like one, and I'm certainly not going to begin following the crowd of sheep.
Yes I am a writer, Im a teacher in a Primary School, and I'm a witch yet I was missing out the latter to focus upon the Faerie side of me. To a certain degree it was fulfilling me, but not of late. I realised that I'd been neglecting the witch inside and by doing so I was giving away my own power, no one has been taking it, I've been giving it away to people who don't deserve to be told the time of day in my eyes. Not anymore, I am in my own power again, taking back is rightfully mine, no doubt I'm going to have a few wobbles, but hopefully you'll all be there to catch me if I start to fall. But I am determined to be the True Witch Inside once more.

Blessed Be

Aurora MoonMaiden ~ Faerie Name ~ Butterfly SilverStarDragon xxxx

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