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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cleansing Update

Merry Meet,

I can honestly say that until today I have never felt void!

Let's rewind....

I woke up this morning after having a very bad migraine last night with my new *morning pages* journal next to me. The whole intention of sitting in bed writing my first ever morning page came down to earth with a heavy thump! Like literally. My cat, Magick Jumped right on my bladder with a thud! hehe He's so good at just being there at the right time to cause havoc! So *mummy* gets out of bed visits the ladies and then heads downstirs with her little dumpling in toe. Out comes the fine china and a tin of fresh tuna.... no not for my breakfast, this is Magick's breakfast.

So then I eventually make myself a cuppa, switch the tv on, grab my morning pages, snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa and begin writing.... and write I did. Babble was most of it, but it was good to actually vent them out. Can't say it was negative or even positive. It was neautral psycho-babble! (yeah, nothing new from this witch). All the time I have to admit Banana's in PyJamas were playing in the background!!

After this Mum came in from her cuppa outside and asked me how it went (the morning pages). So I told her what I knew about them and she was really interested and is even going to give them a go too! I've printed some info off for her on them and then I talked to her about my Creative writing course at Uni, she wants to have a nosey at those too. I told her she'll have to wait until the materials come haha. If you are interested in knowing exactly what my Uni Course intails you can have a look at the link here Creative Writing-A215

After this I decided to check out the Reiki Symbol I used last night before bed. i connected to the Birch tree and found that the energies really lapped it up at my Base and Solar Plexus Chakra, but more so at my base chakra. Sacral chakra just wasnt interested. I didn't manage to get to my heart chakra as I fell asleep. So I checked this morning which chakras the energy works best with. Yep, low and behold, the base and solar chakras. I was so chuffed about this. I had finally connected with the energy and let my expeirence guide me and not my manual.

I have had some fantastic art ideas to help me connect with myself and my dad. Im particularly excited about one that concerns my Reiki. I'll hopefully get it done today and post a pic for you later.

I don't really want to go into why I feel void, but let's just say I hope it hurries up and goes away. I don't like it and im not a fan of it.


Aurora xxx

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