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Saturday, 27 August 2011

The New Me ~ The Real Me

Well Hello my lovelies,

I think my last post was about me embracing this new energy that I was attracting to me. I distincly remember posting photos of the kinda style that used to be me until it wasn't and that I wanted to reclaim it. Well reclaim I have! I even piccies to prove it.

As you can see I have totally lush wallpaper... and yeah I guess I've embraced the feminine curves the Goddess gave me.

I have real issues with a couple of areas on my body... my arms!!! Goddess my arms... I am on the thinking boat on how I can tone them to perfection quickly. I read once that they are the easiest part of your body to tone, (Yeah right!!) I won't be defeated though! I will be 2 dress sizes smaller come my 23rd birthday on the 5th October!! Oh and the other areas of concern.... my hips...jeez I had to inherit the huge wide child-bearing hips the females have in this family!!! And of course like every female out there.... my stomach. I've got that under control though. Stability Ball is amazing.

It's wierd cause when I look at those photos of me I see the REAL ME, I kinda remember being that person, I like the look of that person, I just need to feel like that person...

I keep having second thoughts (Ok we musy be on like the hundredth second thought right now) about my teaching career. I know it's probably cold feet but apart from enjoying teaching, I really just enjoy the 13 weeks of holiday a year! Jeez that sounds soooo shallow. Not very Goddess-like of me I know but I need to vent these frustrations or they'll bug me.
So what would I do instead? Well Im trained in accounts (even though I don't enjoy it that much) It scares the hell out of me haha. I also have a recent Certificate in Business Studies (Level 4 qualification from Uni) and I covered Human Resources and Marketing in it. I really enjoyed Marketing and got my highest score on that. Could I be one of those high-powered Marketing Executive type women? I guess with the right opportunity and support from employers and colleagues Yes I could... but Can I find a job like that?
Well If you've read *The Secret* or anything like it, you'd be screaming at me that *If I can think it, then I can create it*.....

Maybe I will, But I'm not going to throw in the towel with teaching until I am absolutely sure 100%

Other News::

I'm really really enjoying my arting and writing. I haven't felt so alive in ages. Sure I'm having trouble finding time to fit things in and I'm still having my bad days but as I was writing my Morning Pages this morning I realised something. I started writing these almost 2 weeks ago, and when I first started I was moaning for 3 full pages about my life. This past week... A page of moans if that!!!! RESULT!!!! I literally don't have much to complain about in my life. Sure Im single (So wish I wasnt), Im on a weight loss regime, Im debating careers, and Im struggling slightly financially... but in all honesty who isn't??? And all of those Moans can be sorted and won't end my life. So, Miss Aurora needs to remember this when she feels sad and needs to stay the hell happy!

Life is what you make of it and I fully intend on making it MY DREAM LIFE.

Toodles xxx

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Insect Free Witch

Merry Meet,

Well Ive had an eventful week! All is restored in Familyville with my lovely sister I'm very pleased to report.

My reiki has been going well as far as self healing is concerned. Tomorrow I'm going to perform a healing on my Mum which will be very nice to do. It will be good to compare how it goes with how it used to feel. My Sis, Pixie Allen was telling me how her hands feel hot when doing Reiki, and I've been experiencing this too. I remember when I was attuned to my level 1 and level 2, everytime I even thought of *Reiki* my hands would heat up. It's happening again people and it feels wonderful. I'm really looking forward to being able to attune others to the Celtic Reiki system, but I have no plans on sorting all that out any time yet. I'm far too busy with my writing and new hobby of arting, which you can read all about at my *Creative Witch Inside* blog).

Can I just say that if I never see another insect in my life, it would be too soon! We've been having attacks of huge black moths attacking us at night. I think my Dad used to call them "Bob-Howlers8 or *Night-Howlers*. Well whatever they are, I wish they'd kindly sod off and leave me in peace! Whenever we try to get the good old vacuum out to suck the little bleeder up it goes into hiding. No idea where it's bleeding gone. Searched everywhere for it.
I went to bed thinking about the man of my dreams.... and what happens at 3:40am this morning????? heh???? can you guess???? No!!! i'll you! That bleeding Moth decided to land on my mouth... LAND!!!!!!!! ON!!!!! MYYYYY!!!! MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!
Well I threw a huge hissy fit, grabbed the duvet covers, hid underneath them, almost suffocated myself to death, rummaged for my phone and text my mum. I swear those 10 minutes were the longest of my life! I couldn't breathe I had an asthma attack and I had a huge Panic Attack!! Wouldn't you if a rotten moth (sorry to anyone who loves these things) landed on your mouth all sweetness & light... bloody thing!

I just wanted to share that with you! I knew you'd be pleased! :-D

In other news (she says like a professional tv reporter),

I am sorting out my dress style... Im thinking back to when I was in a good relationship with a guy...Craig, and how I used to dress. When i dressed like that back then (I'll show you how in a min), I was soooooo happy and content with myself. So I'm going there again ladies!

This is now my new style! (See piccies below)

So what do you think??? Well I like lotsy!! As much as it pains me to say that Coleen rooney is now my style inspiration... she looks good in these pics! And to be honest, she was around when I was with craig so it kinda tricks my mind a little. Nah, anyway.

My Morning Pages are going really well, I'm really enjoying them (even if I am slightly sarcastic with myself on a morning). I almost thought I'd lost my Moldavite yesterday!! I know!! But I found her. I'm feeling she's a she you see. haha say that when your drunk! :-D

Well that's a little updatey for you.

What's been going on with you? I miss you all.... are you all even still reading? ?????? Pop by and say "Hi" so I know you're all still with me. xxxxxxx

Rora Loves ya, xxxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reiki & Creativity

Merry Meet all,

Today's blog is a happier one. I want to update you all whats happened in the past 24 hours. Well I had been carrying an almighty headache from what I don't know. I had suspicions that it was Full Moon Energy mixed with my Master Reiki Attunement and added to it my new Moldavite energy. Which by the way did I tell you I had new moldavite? No!! How naughty of me. Well, here it is. My Moldavite... Is it me or does it look like a frog?....Just me.... oh well ok.

Well over the past few nights i've used my reiki healing to do a bit of self healing. I've only invoked the energies of the symbols and didn't take any notice what they actually did. I wanted to play with them a little. Well, now I've worked with the Silver Fir, Birch and Heather energies of level 1, and have really been ushered forward in my life by the Sea energy that came to me as my Master Level. More on that sea energy soon.
Well, the Silver Fir energy worked really well on my base and solar plexus chakras, it didn't seem to want to know my sacral chakra. I didn't get as far as my heart chakra with it as I fell asleep. I researched in the morning through my manuals and found that it works with the two chakras that I mentioned it really worked with me on. (Sorry for this dodgy blogging, im in the middle of watching *Twilight*) This morning I woke up after being told by my reiki guide to invoke the heather energy. I followed this guidance and this morning found it was perfect for healing headaches and migraines. So I've been headache free all day, and my eyesight has been perfect.

Im excited about all the blog parties happening. Im up for the Gypsy Dreams party and of course the Practical Magic Blog Party. I already have a fantastic idea for both.

My morning pages are going well, seeing as im only 2 days into them. lol.

I've also set up a Sister Blog to this *Creative Witch Inside*, you can follow my University journey with Creative Writing and my Artisitc side there. i'd love it if you did join me there. This is all down to the Sea energy that I encountered during my attunement. It's the master energy for moving your life forward into unknown terroritories. I had no intention of focusing more on creative writing and art... yet here I am! It sure is one powerful energy.

Well, thats it for now. So tell me, what have you all been upto? I miss hearing from you all!

Aurora xxxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sacred Art

Merry Meet again,

I'm back! After having a day where I've literally thought about everything as at the moment I'm very wary of myself, I am here to have a little moan, well ok, more of a rant for what it is right!

Ok so let's say that someone out there has seriously caused a huge tidal wave today in my family. Yes a tidal wave, which right now can I say "How dare they!!" This tidal wave has caused me to turn into a complete and utter ass, and really rock the boat of the relationship that is between me and my sister! Ok it's not all this person's fault, I take responsibilty for not being at peace with who I am and really jumping the gun.

My extremley talented sister, Pixie Allen over at Red Pixie's Fantasy Art has worked so bloody hard with everything she's done. Everything. I've literally watched her art grow from the tiniest poppy seed into a whole Woodland filled with the most beautiful and fragrant flowers imaginable. Seriously she's freeking fab at what she does. So fab that I swear Dad's helping her art wise... In fact I know he's commented on her art from Spirit a few times. I know that he'd love her for everything she stands for! Well, I've been there when she's played with new art techniques, tried and failed (She never fails), and been overcome with enthusiasm for her art as much as she's felt like throwing the towel in. To be there everyday watching your sister grow like that as well as facing sheer shite in her life and I mean shite. She's so so strong! She might not think so sometimes, but she is! She's been a rock to me in my absolute darkest moments. She didn't have to be, but she chose to be!
Well anyway, as her art grew more and more beautiful with every brush stroke, we all began bugging her to sell them! I hope this idiot who sent the tidal wave over knows exactly how many times I (along with so many others) have had to convince this talented lady that YES YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO GO PROFESSIONAL!. Well, she finally did it! She was estatic with joy over this and has since grew a whole 'nother woodland full of beauty since. Some of this is still in the growing seed/germination stages but we know they will grow.
Now to find out that someone has copied her art that she came up with on her own, from her heart and soul, and has has the sheer audacity to set up shop like hers and sell it!!!! Well that PEEVS me off! It really does.
Well, how did this set me off on upsetting my sister? Well she told me via text about this...ok she told me in riddles but still, I shouldn't have assumed things. I thought she was on about me copying her! You see, I know she's been doing morning pages for a hile now and it was only this week that I enrolled on my Creative Writing course that covers morning pages. Until yesterday I had no idea what they were! I've also joined up to an art studion online that she's been a part of for ages. (Do you see where my paranoia came from?) And also we've both taken a huge step in a healing pathway, we've done our Reiki Master's and I came up with a art idea for my Reiki. Well I put 2+2 together and came up with 456!!! Seriously. My own insecurities as a person who's been on the recieving end of someone copying ever move I've made online with my *Faerie Whisperer* career got the better of me and I got seriously paranoid. (I now know that I need to sort these issues once and for all). I thought Id become the horrible person that can stoop so low as to take from another that what does not belong to them! So I removed her from my friends on facebook. (My sister that is) It caused a bit of a barny, and needless to say, we've both ended up hurt and extremley raw!

Now I hope she can forgive me, I really do, because I love her lots. I respect her, I admire her and she INSPIRES ME daily!

So I am saying, from the deepest ocean of my heart, Pixie, My lovely sister, I am so so so sorry for hurting you, I never meant to and I hope you can forgive me and that we can move forward from this. I love you so much.

And to the person who dared to set this tidal wave off, perhaps you didn't know it would cause this much heartache! But you need to look in the mirror and really think about what you see. Think about your morals and standards. Because I really don't know how you can sleep at night. To copy someone's hard work is the lowest of the low! I don't know who you are personally, but I have no respect for you. If you only knew what it feels like to have someone copy your work and try to clone you, you'd realise it is so painful to live with it. To be constantly hurt becuase someone has the cheek to take that which is not theres, to take your hard work and iterally trample on it, well.... I have no words for that. Your seemingly *innocent* actions have caused more trouble than you'll ever know today. I hate myself for allowing you to have done that! I'm to blame for my part. I should have been comfortable with who I am. I accept that, but you need to take responsibilty as well. Appologise and stop it!

All art is sacred, whether it is your own, a family member's, a friends, or even someone you merely know. That art is sacred whether it be music, art, writing, a design of some sort, or even the way you wear your clothes.

Also, one last word, Pixie, you said to me today "Nothing is Sacred". Well my lovely, you are sacred. Do you know why? Because there is only 1 of you and I wouldn't change you for the world. Im proud of who you are! Im proud for what you are! So, you see, something is sacred. YOU!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Cleansing Update

Merry Meet,

I can honestly say that until today I have never felt void!

Let's rewind....

I woke up this morning after having a very bad migraine last night with my new *morning pages* journal next to me. The whole intention of sitting in bed writing my first ever morning page came down to earth with a heavy thump! Like literally. My cat, Magick Jumped right on my bladder with a thud! hehe He's so good at just being there at the right time to cause havoc! So *mummy* gets out of bed visits the ladies and then heads downstirs with her little dumpling in toe. Out comes the fine china and a tin of fresh tuna.... no not for my breakfast, this is Magick's breakfast.

So then I eventually make myself a cuppa, switch the tv on, grab my morning pages, snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa and begin writing.... and write I did. Babble was most of it, but it was good to actually vent them out. Can't say it was negative or even positive. It was neautral psycho-babble! (yeah, nothing new from this witch). All the time I have to admit Banana's in PyJamas were playing in the background!!

After this Mum came in from her cuppa outside and asked me how it went (the morning pages). So I told her what I knew about them and she was really interested and is even going to give them a go too! I've printed some info off for her on them and then I talked to her about my Creative writing course at Uni, she wants to have a nosey at those too. I told her she'll have to wait until the materials come haha. If you are interested in knowing exactly what my Uni Course intails you can have a look at the link here Creative Writing-A215

After this I decided to check out the Reiki Symbol I used last night before bed. i connected to the Birch tree and found that the energies really lapped it up at my Base and Solar Plexus Chakra, but more so at my base chakra. Sacral chakra just wasnt interested. I didn't manage to get to my heart chakra as I fell asleep. So I checked this morning which chakras the energy works best with. Yep, low and behold, the base and solar chakras. I was so chuffed about this. I had finally connected with the energy and let my expeirence guide me and not my manual.

I have had some fantastic art ideas to help me connect with myself and my dad. Im particularly excited about one that concerns my Reiki. I'll hopefully get it done today and post a pic for you later.

I don't really want to go into why I feel void, but let's just say I hope it hurries up and goes away. I don't like it and im not a fan of it.


Aurora xxx
Monday, 15 August 2011

Master-Ship not Sinking-Ship

Merry Meet,

I am very excited about my life right now, I seem to have somehow organised my life into sections and now only have 2 sections left to completely organise into a tidy and clear wave.
In my life, certainly in my head I have little compartments, there's the work compartment that's split into two; Spiritual Career, and Primary Teacher career, then there is personal space, which consists of me, my boudoir, my health, my appearance, literally, the *me time* space, then there is home and family, and lastly there is the *my Dream Life* section.

I can safely say that I am clearer about the *my dream life* section, I am finally putting into action my thoughts, my dreams, and find using visual techniques are helping me. The space that consists of *me* is getting there, I am working on my appearance and putting together a whole new image of me, my boudior is well, WOW, fantastic and feels so positive & happy in there. (No I don't have a man hiding under my bed....I WISH!! ), my health is ongoing, as I'm still trying to shift the pounds.
Now, my career section is where I feel most organised and least organised at the same time. Let's do my teacher career first. I have sorted out the modules for Uni in October. I am doing a Creative Writing module where I will have to look at creating morning pages (no idea!), a daily writing journal, poetry, and biographies and autobiographies. I will also be touching upon fiction writing. I'm really excited about this module as writing has always been something I've enjoyed since I was at school. The other module is one that focuses on teaching English, Maths and Science to Primary children. I'm really looking forward to this one too. It starts in February so I have lots of time to prepare for that. I also realised that I only have 2 more years and I can register for the RTP (Registered Teacher Programme) where I am employed as a Trainee UnQualified Teacher to teach a whole class (yes a whole classroom of my own), while I finish my final two modules at uni. Then I become an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher), I do 1 year at induction where an Advanced Skills Teacher looks after me and helps me with my planning etc. Then I am a fully fledged teacher. Gosh, seeing it written down is so exciting!!!! So that part of my career is all nice and organised! Yay!

My Spiritual career is where the clutter begins to trip you up so mind where you walk. I am a columnist for 3 forms of magazine. One in print, two online. Which I love, don't get me wrong. I'm also teaching alot about ascension, angels, faeries, and crystals. (I'm already feeling cluttered). I am trying to write a book, and also I have to admit, but I think that me writing feature articles are now going to become extinct. It's just not where I am supposed to travel. I'm a great believer that if it's meant to be it will flow easily. Now my columns are flowing easily, articles are not. I'm a little sad about this, but I know that I will be heading somewhere fantastic as one door closes, more open.
I have also just completed my Master Degree Celtic Reiki attunement!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I had an amazing experience during the attunement. (I will blog about this separtely). So, yours truly, Aurora Brierley, The Faerie Witch Inside is now a Celtic Reiki Master!!!!!!!

As you can see, I'm finally on the MASTER SHIP of my life and am finally nowhere near the SINKING SHIP! Wow, I worked really hard to get here. I am really proud of myself. I really am. Well done Me!!! (Applause)

So where from here?

Well, I really want to try and capture that artist that I used to be, My Dad was a fantastic artist and he passed it onto me but only in a tiny small dose. He went to art college and did some amazing pieces. We still have a few of them. I will try and post them up here for you. So I would like to try and attempt a little art. I'm not expecting to become a best selling artist, that's not where I want to go with this, its more of a hobby. I used to be quite a cross-stitcher, I want to try and get back to that also. (Out comes my shopping list; sketch pad, acrylics, watercolours, brushes, pastels (my fave), aida, thread, cross stitch patterms) LOL.

Writing wise, i'm literally just going to take it day by day and see where it leads me. I'm thinking of trying to do a writing challenge where for 30 days I write things, any thing, poetry, stories, journals, etc. We'll see how that goes.

Gosh, This has been one long post. I've spoilt you rotten!!!

I am now going to pop off and sit in the garden, pray that inspiration strikes and write my columns. Focus on my life, and be happy.

Blessed Be
Aurora xxx
Saturday, 6 August 2011

Planetary Healing

Merry Meet,

You are about to be spoiled today. Yes, truly and utterly SPOILED!. Why? I hear you ask. I'll tell you why. This is going to be Blog Number 1 out of the 2 blogs I'll write for you today. So I'll get on with it.

I fell asleep last night and communicated with Archangel Metatron who gave me some loving guidance on my ascension pathway. It was amazing to visit his Ascension Chamber in Luxor.

I've become aware that we truly need to send positive feelings & thoughts to the 2012 Olympics as it will be taking place in London, the Earth Star Chakra location portal that will begin to bring in the energies for ascension in 2012, 21 December. Its important we continualy pray and bless the event, the people, the area, for the energies to be anchored in time for the energy shift that takes place.

Of late I have really been very deeply enthralled in the learning and development of Ascension. I have been teaching others about how they can move forward on their ascension pathway, and I too have been commiting myself to my own ascension. Yesterday, I decided to do a medititation outside to connect to some of this Planetary energy and try and send a little to the World itself.
So I imagined myself as a Cosmic Tree, I was the trunk (NO jokes... I know I'm huge anyway...I'm actually 2 stone lighter now so HA!) Anyway, I was the trunk and I saw my roots reaching deep down into the Earth until they anchored in the Earth Star Chakra. Next I saw branches of the tree growing from my head and reaching right up into the Silver Ray of the Universe. I allowed 12 colours of planetary energy to travel through my branches, through my body, through my chakras, and down into the Earth Star Chakra of the World. These colours were; Red, Pale Pink, Dark Yellow, Gold, Violet, Indigo, Pure White, Emerald, Yellow, Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz blue, Cerise Pink (my favourite colour) and Silver.
When these energies reached the Planets Earth Star Chakra they fed along all the inner Ley Lines to new portals that are in the process of awakening in time for 2012. They travels through the portals and Burst open like a water fountain. It was like Silver Rain. However this fountain reached so far up into the Universe that it covered the whole world with the Silver Rain. I saw each and every country rejoicing in this Silver Planetary rain, then I got the vision of my life. I saw this rain pouring down on the Famined Countries where everyone who lived there suddenly regained complete pure health, were on their feet dancing and rejoicing in the rain. Then they looked around themselves and saw green emerging from the ground and crops began to grow. Even though the sun was shining, the Earth was bountiful for them! It was amazing to see. Then they fast-forwarded a few months where I saw a Mother and Her two sons, one about 7 years old, the other only a baby wrapped in material carried by her, were cutting down the Corn, harvesting their first bountiful crop. The smiles, the happiness, the sheer joy on their faces and in their hearts was truly amazing. It made water sting my eyes, I realised I was crying! Crying tears of Love & Joy for them. It was then that I truly realised just how lucky we are! We are so so so SO damn lucky!!!

I also realised that we need to do this meditation as often as possible to help the world, help the Universe, and help these truly amazing and grateful people living in these countries. Wouldn't it be so amazing if we could each do this and the results appeared? To see images like that ont he news, rather than the ones we see right now! I have shared this with you, not only because it was an amazing experience for me, but because it really could happen if we hold this vision in our hearts and minds with unwavering faith. Please Please Please, try and do this. Not for me! But for the World, for these people, for the future genrations. We deserve to do all we can to Help Earth be the Best and abundant she can be. We can do this, We have the Power in our hearts and in our minds to create miracles.
Are you with me???????

Blessed Be,
Thursday, 4 August 2011

Onwards & Upwards ~ Ascension Style

Merry Meet my lovely little Witchlings,

Well You will be pleased to hear (at least I hope will be) that since I decided to take back my own power two days ago, my life is getting truly amazing!!

I got up this morning with such a spring in my step I haven't been able to stop smiling! Seriously. I even texted my Sis Pixie Allen over at Pixie's Musings this morning with my excitement at how positive I am feeling. <<< Did you see that? I said "I AM FEELING" not "I was feeling" !!! Seeeeeeeee I told you I was feeling fabulous, bet you didn't believe me did you??? Ahh well anyway, It all began when I started reading a Law fo Attraction book, And I really read it. I even stuck post it notes in the best parts. They are still stuck there to be honest. Then I decided that I wanted to not just teach about Faeries and nothing else. Yes Faeries are huge part of who I am, but not the whole complete package. I wanted to teach about crystals and herbs and ascension! So I took back my power and started doing just that on my facebook page. (Which by the way you are all most welcome to come and join. Click here to *like* my page and join)
Since this my own personal energy has dramatically improved to the state im at now. I can't wait to fly higher on this wonderful energy Im experiencing right now. Im attracting more and more people to my page & profile, new friends who are of the higher spiritual energy. Then it clicked *CLICK* (LOL) I'm not supposed to teach all the basic stuff... of course I can drop the odd bits in to help those of the Lower-Higher energies, but I'm supposed to teach about the Ascension Process and how all these spiritual beings are there helping us. To do this I HAVE to incorporate my Faerie Wiccan pathway. All this equals a hugely happy me. In fact when I say I feel happy, *happy* doesnt even touch it.

Today I was thinking about ascension before having a bath (as you do!) and I found myself becoming aware of all this new faerie energy, more powerful and elightened that I'd experienced before. They were of the Elemental Masters Soul Group and they communicated to me all about the ascension process and how they are helping us and Mother Earth to ascend. So I'm going to write about it. Not just yet, but when they ask me to.

Right now, Im refreshing my memory on all the things I know about ascension and am teaching people through my page on facebook and through my writing. Thoth visited me last night to tell me that he's here when I need him to help me with my writing. I feel so peaceful knowing that The Goddess is looking out for me, and that Thoth is there guiding me.

I will tell you the 5th dimensional chakra colours that you can meditate with instead of the *normal* colours. If you feel ready, you can now open the related chakras to the following colours;

Base Chakra ~ Platinum
Sacral Chakra ~ A luminous Pale Pink
Navel Chakra ~ A glowing Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Gold
Heart Chakra ~ White
Throat Chakra ~ Royal Blue
Third Eye Chakra ~ Transparent (like a crystal ball)
Crown Chakra ~ Crystal of the thousand Petalled Lotus
Causal Chakra~ Pure White (located above & slightly behind the crown chakra)
Soul Star Chakra ~ Magenta
Stellar Gateway ~ Gold

On a more normal front, yesterday was my beautiful Princess Pepsie's 12th Birthday!She had a gorgeous Pink Princess tent bought for her and even her very own star wand. No im not crazy... or a parent... Pepsie is my little Kitty!! So Happy Birthday to her!!! She had a fabulous day and is all party pooped out! To be honest, we're all quite tired. Im tired because Ive been up since half 5 this morning. I slept downstairs you see... oh don't ask, it involved a huge black moth flying around my room the night before that I happened to have thought was a bat!!

Ahhh well, there you go, another update into the Witch Inside's life.

**Ooooo if you have my Blog Button on your page, can you please change it to the new code. The page address here has changed. It's no longer AuroraRevelaed... its TheWitchInside!!!! YAY!!!!!

Oh and before you all go and leave me again, 2 things. 1) please share my blog with anyone who you think will enjoy it anmd encourage them to follow it (THANK YOU!!!!!) and 2.) This whole entire blog post is Dedicated to PIXIE ALLEN at PIXIES MUSINGS !!!! She'd never forgive me if I didn't LOLOL

Happy Sprinkles xxxxxx
Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Random Ramblings

Didn't really know what I wanted to discuss on here tonight, so thought a Random Ramble might be in good order. I just wanted to connect with you all again, and as my super sis said, I just wanted to *Write from my heart*.

I'm working more with crystal energies which is fantastic as I havent felt comfortable with them for a long time, but now, Im discovering a new love for Tigers Eye, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Moldavite and Black Tourmaline. Oh and Moonstone. I cant seem to get on with Rose Quartz at the moment, I'm very receptive to it right now which is a shame.

The past few nights, I've been having strange dreams, last night I dreamt my postman (who is very friendly) decided to send me a note to let me know he wasnt doing his rounds for a week or so cause he'd got Man-Flu.... seriously what was that dream about?!! LOL Crazy Faerie Witch!

On a hugely positive note, University have contacted me today after like 3 months to tell me I can in fact resubmit my last assignment to gain another 30 credit points!! WooHoo!! That has seriously cheered this witch up.

Mum & I are getting on a heck of a lot more, not that we have huge rows, just that we can get quite ratty with each other. We're making plans and having a laugh now.

I got a new WormWood plant too!!!! Im in love with this beauty. Its definately male, and is coming along lovely, so quickly. I am hoping to go back and get another one... no not for me, Im not greedy, but to send in the snail mail all the way to Blackpool to my lovely sis.

im becoming a lot more domesticated of late too! I know, thats a tough one to picture isnt it? I can now boil a kettle and switch the washing machine on LOL

I feel that I want to work more with Ascended Masters, and have been *playing* with my Ascended Master cards, and jotting down writing ideas for articles I want to write. I now need a good kick up the witchy bum to write them lol.

Right well I hope this blog has been of interest to you, and that you're still awake, if you are, well done!!

Blog Soon!!

Witchy Blessings,
Aurora xxx

The Former Lost Witch Returns a Located Faerie-Witch

Merry Meet my darling little witchlings,

I have so dearly missed you all more than you realise. I have been a rather lost witch inside of late flitting from project to project and straining to pop by and leave a post. Very bad Witch!!

All that is now going to change. I have missed you for far too long, I've missed this part of me. You see, I have allowed other aspects of my life to consume me and take over *who I am*. Yet I was not being the true me.

Today enough was enough, I ceased writing Faerie-Scopes as they are far to common in my eyes, and I'm not a common Faerie Witch, I don't behave like one, and I'm certainly not going to begin following the crowd of sheep.
Yes I am a writer, Im a teacher in a Primary School, and I'm a witch yet I was missing out the latter to focus upon the Faerie side of me. To a certain degree it was fulfilling me, but not of late. I realised that I'd been neglecting the witch inside and by doing so I was giving away my own power, no one has been taking it, I've been giving it away to people who don't deserve to be told the time of day in my eyes. Not anymore, I am in my own power again, taking back is rightfully mine, no doubt I'm going to have a few wobbles, but hopefully you'll all be there to catch me if I start to fall. But I am determined to be the True Witch Inside once more.

Blessed Be

Aurora MoonMaiden ~ Faerie Name ~ Butterfly SilverStarDragon xxxx