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Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Witches Tardis

Merry Meet my gorgeous Witchlings!

Well, I am a huge Doctor Who fan ... Ok Ok you got me, Im a HUGE David Tennant fan (who is no longer the doctor) and it got me thinking about how we as witches chose and cope with coming out of our tardis (Broom Closet)at work, with friends from the past and even family. Let me take you on a spin of my tardis opening!

As I work at a primary school which happens to be a Christian school (nope, not yet a Wiccan/Pagan one, but Im working on it! haha) and am based with a Sikh teacher I asked myself whether I felt that I should wear a Cross with an angel on it (to represent my belief in angels) or whether I had the Strength to wear my Faery Pentacle! Well after much umming and ahhing over the situation I plucked up the courage to wear the latter for all to see. My head saw it, my teacher saw it, the children saw it and alas no one commented! So I was happy with that, whether it be because they accept me for who I am, what I can do, and not what i believe in, or whether they are just not saying anything as they have nothing nice to say, I'm really not fussed. I've since gone on and wore crystals to work and the children quite openily discuss them with me, such as Jade (which seems to be a favourite of the childrens) amethyst, rose quartz and Selenite. When I wear Selenite I tend to feel like I need to know something at work, like they are hiding things from me and throughout the day whilst Im wearing it, all becomes clear to me! The teachers have also started wearing crystals jewellery too now. **Result!!**

Now with regards to friends, Im very open about who I am, and what I believe in...with my current friends. With people whom used to be friends such as old school friends, im not so open about it. There is one friend whom was my bestest friend all the time we were at school who knows about all my psychic abilities and even work with the faeries! She's accepted me as I am and doesn't bat an eye-lid (Please excuse the pun) She comes to me for psychic guidance and trusts me. She sees me as I am, as I always have been. We even discussed the other day after work how when we were kids we would rip out the latest Spell in Mizz! Magazine... and try them out! We even discovered that we kept a so called "Vision Book" all these years ago where we'd write in it what we wanted, (ok Who we wanted) and how we'd use it to focus on things of *importance*.
My other "friends" from school know nothing of this side fo me, not because I am fearful or because I am ashamed, but because I simply know that they would not understand and any witch worth her broomstick wouldn't give an ill-informed person enough rope to hang the poor Witch with!

And as for family, well, All my family know I'm a witch and Im a Psychic as thats what we Brierley's are! Well thats what we "Belewski's" and "Barnett's" and "Webbs" are! 4 generations each different from the previous. (There are many more before us 4 generations but it's easier to count to four ... I suffer from Lazi-Witch-itus at times hehe)

So how have you come out of your Witchy Tardis? Or do you prefer to stay there with certain people?

2 Readers Musings:

  1. Hell no Im out and Im proud lol. I think my hubby always knew and always encouraged me to be true to myself, as did his mama and pops. They are really open people and I know I can be me around them. His sister knows but doesnt say much on it I thinks shes a bit freeked incase her daughter whos a teenager wants to follow suit lol I openly encourage her to be true to herself and to find her own way.
    My family on the other hand, I have no dealings with (long story) but I still have a relationship with my brother and his family and they all know my chosen path and actually come to me for readings and healing on a regualr basis. So I know they have accepted me.
    Friends tend to take me as they find me in all honestly, my best friend that I have known all my life isnt suprised or shocked the day I came out to her, infact she has turned very spiritual in recent times and she is having fun finding her path.
    I think its importants to be true to who you are, and if they don't like it then thats their energy to own and not yours. I work for myself so coming out at work was real easy hahahahahaha When I worked for my last company they knew, I used to go crystal shopping with my manager in Leeds lol it was lovely she herself is very spiritual. I think people get scared about our path through misinformation and think we are all devil worshippers, as we know, we are not and we do not believe in the devil.
    I live by the rules - Be true to yourslef and you will always shine brightly xxx